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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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As a liberal, why should the ignorant childish behavior of conservatives embarrass me? I don't have the power to end stupidity. In my values being educated and trying to best one of the best is a goal. I wear 'intellectual elitist" as a badge of honor.


This lawsuit is an unfortunate necessity. For too long the Federal government has been stepping over its constitutional boundaries. It needs to be stopped.

real smart

some of you who make comments are REAL SMART! Wow!

As per Shurtleff, I think I'd rather have him go after the BCS again? That seems to be the new lesser of two evil ideas!


Republicans have painted themselves into a corner.

By framing the issue as a choice between socialism/totalitarianism and "freedom/free-market capitalism" etc. there is no room to negotiate. Listening to Glen Beck, no Republican leaders in their right mind would be interested in working with the "Hitler" (ie Democratic) party. So, they locked themselves out of the room.
People will figure out, this bill is not a govt.
"takeover" of healthcare--and there are good things from this legislation. LDS families will see they can now keep their missionaries on their policies--and missionaries with pre-existing conditions now won't have those healthcare cost issues.

The Republican Party has let the fringe take control. They're invested in Obama's failure but have nothing to offer except the policies which nearly destroyed our economy--"trickle-down, de-regulation, survival of the fittest.

I think you have

to understand that we are going to end up paying for a program that we will never use. I read in the paper (I wish I could remember the article) and heard on the news that %75 of America are going to be paying for %20 of America that do not have health care. Instead pass a bill creating a program that people can afford. Fix it within not by mandating.

bob monkey

so if we are all required to buy health insurance and do no have the money for it,we then get fined for not having it and how are we gonna pay that? If the larger companies are forced to shell out extra millions of dollars for coverage or pay a fine, I believe they will choose option C move their company over seas. Then what do we have when all of the companies that can choose to leave do so.

Re: Lori G | 12:23 p.m

Read the 10th Ammendment. Research why it was so important and why the founders insisted on the States retaining their sovereignty.

Education started out being strictly a State matter and not a federal mandate. The Feds have their fingers too deep into the education systems of all 50 states as it is, but that is another argument for another day.

Education is a matter up to the states, and car insurance is up to the States as they according to the Constitution have the sovereignty and right to do so.

Federal insurance imposed upon states and the citizens of states is a violation of the 10th Ammendment and the very purposes for which it was included in the Bill of Rights.

The separation of powers that protect states rights from the Federal Goverment is as equally important as the freedom of the press, Congress not writing laws that establish a religion or interfering with the free practice thereof, freedom from illegal search and siezure and the second ammendment as well.

The US needed lower health care costs through more competition, removing the parasitic tort actions, dealing with the big drug company defacto monopolies.


Reply to Re; Silly Republicans

I'm just curious. How did you feel in the 80s when Reagan rebuked the Supreme Court on the issue of school prayer in his 1988 State of the Union address. Oh, he also openly critiqued the Court's ruling on Roe v. Wade in an 1983 article from the Human Life Review. Obama shalt not do what the great conservative pillar did twice.

Tea Party Losers

The sum total of their information comes from the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin! Uneducated, illiterate losers!

That's it!

I will no longer pay state taxes here if the money is to be wasted on a pointless battle against my own government. Apparently Utahns are very cavalier about how their tax money is spent. What a joke.


The new definition of charity:
Having 15,000 new IRS agents requiring you to pay for someone else's health care.

Most of the good in this country is done by individuals and groups of their own FREE WILL.

No government ever MADE anyone charitable.

Keeping people dependent is the new definition of charity.

BYU alum

This is almost the same bill that Mitt Romney passed in Mass. Hard to see what's illegal about it. It does doom his 2012 candidacy though.

Extending health care to 30 million americans and reducing costs for everyone else? Preventing insurance companies from cutting your coverage after you get sick? Sound like great things to sue over. Gook luck with that.


Speaking of lack of education about the Constitution, what can be more ridiculous than wasting Utah taxpayers' money on a loser lawsuit challenging a lawful exercise of the separation of powers clause?


To all those saying that the representatives in Washington didn't listen to the voice of the people you are wrong. Utah is strongly opposed, and all of your legislators voted against it. Here in Ohio, some constituents wanted it and others didn't, and their representatives voted accordingly. What you can't seem to understand is that just because everyone around you in Utah agrees, it doesn't mean that Americans do.


Wasting our tax dollars...

Once again, Utah throws away money on unnecessary lawsuits. Other Attorney's General have already filed suit, so, why in this time of tight budgets and budget cuts are we wasting money to be on the front lines of this lawsuit?

Perhaps Mr. Shurtleff could use less money in the AG office while letting other states pay for it, after all, the rulings by the appeals court will apply to all states, not justthose who file suit.

This is a huge waste of taxpayer money on in a place that is supposedly fiscally responsible.

This is a discgraceful waste of money.


now the democrats can begin work on the "fat kids bill." I agree with the problem with obesity however the federal government has no business telling my kids or anyone what they can eat " Don't tread on ME" We need a revolution to protect our freedoms from the democratic party within. Our freedoms are disapearing faster then you can say President Obama


Nobody cried about the WAR Mccain brain and his cronies they have really got this country pulling at unrealisisms. That have split the country. Wakeup Republicans!!!! Whoaaa me poor me I did'nt get my 100 yr war. Keep sitting and sulking.

Shurtleff, you're a fool

You're wasting Utah's money when we don't have any money to waste. All you're doing is enriching lawyers (and trying to destroy this country). If you give a fig about the country and about this state, you will cease and desist this ill-founded lawsuit. Please -- for the sake of us all -- STOP THE FOOLISHNESS!

Thumbs up Grover

Grover asks; Do we gain anything but expense by joining other States in the suit? Wouldn't we get the gain if the suit is successful?? Of course we would, but this isn't about our state loss or gain, it's about spending our taxpayer dollars for political gain. "Look at us fighting big government, never mind what it costs. "Now don't pay any attention to the guy behind the curtain as we continue to erode your individual freedoms on the state level, and don't even think about reeling us in with those silly voter referendums". What did Mark have to say about those?

Sue Shurtleff!

Can Utah citizens sue Shurtleff for being an idiot by deliberately squandering taxpayer dollars? Probably not.

Unfortunately this will just be the first of our A.G.'s fruitless lawsuits against the federal government. None of them will succeed. But the attorneys involved will be greatly enriched at the taxpayers' expense.

Our only recourse is to wait and not vote for whatever office he seeks next time. Too bad we don't have a recall law in Utah.

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