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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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let them pass, than ask for reforms in the bill, let parents put their kids (who can't get insurance, full time students, pre-existing conditions) back on theirs until they are 26, not 22.
You can always fix things later, but put the help where it is needed, to the ones who one day will be running this country. My son cannot get insurance, he is 23 yrs with pre-existing conditions and a full time student with a 3.95 grade average

Johny Fairplay

^^^ Pedro nice Dr. Strangelove reference.


Driving is supposedly a privilege (and outside the USA, it still is); hence mandating auto insurance makes sense. Life is supposed to be an unalienable right, at least to Americans. But I guess a healthy life has just become a privilege, too.

Happy dependance day

You democrats and half the Repubs. are so dependant on others that you are NOT paying attention to what is happening. If you had paid attention then you would be outraged by what DC has been doing and is doing. Time to take some action folks and throw the socialists out in the next elections and restore some sanity and commen sense in Washington.

Lynn in TN


Re: re: re: Constitution?

"Here are a few simple facts that you either ignorantly or purposely chose to overlook. First, Patriot Acts I and II were passed by both houses of Congress. Only after they were passed by both houses of Congress could President Bush sign them into law. Your comments above prove once again that for all that we pay for public education the US we are not getting our moneys worth"

Your comments prove how ignorant we have become. People like you pick and choose information you wish to accept.

I could careless who voted for it.

The Patriot act is unconstitutional.

Read it, not what Joe/Jane political affiliate has to say about it.

Two Shoes

Shurtleff certainly has the BCS Bowls running for their lives. This guy is a clown using our tax money for his funny little car.

Monsieur le prof

We are entering a frightening period for our country where representatives of the people are not heeding what their constituencies are telling them.

Insurance and healthcare reform are necessary, but they can be handled in much simpler ways. This bill is a monstrosity and will solve little, if anything. It will, however, introduce a level of bureaucracy which will surpass Medicare in size and cost.

It will cost more, in both the short AND the long run, and will actually decrease medical efficiency. It will lead to corruption because it's being forced on us by corrupt means (and several corrupt people), and will bankrupt us within 20 years.

It's an atomic bomb solution to a mouse problem and will haunt our children and grandchildren for a long time. Obama may go down in history as one of the most damaging presidents of all time.

Re: Anonymous | 12:42 p.m

You aren't from Finland. At most you served a mission there. Finland has some of the highest quality health care in the world. When David Beckham was injured last week he and his own doctors chose to fly him to Finland for treatment because the hospital he used there is the world's leader in orthoscopic surgery. He LIVES in LA but chose treatment in Finland.

As bad as you claim Finland to be the number of emigrees from Finland is extremely low. Even rich Finns don't leave. The Finnish economy is doing well, including industrial world leaders, and the education system there is among the best in the world (PISA Study on the OECD website).

A Canadian's Opinion

Your health care system is broken and adjustments need to be made, this whole issue of pre-existing conditions is ridiculous. But to have government mandated health care is expensive, the majority of our provincial budgets are used up by health care and education. After that there is not much left over. If this is the road you guy want to take that is fine but it should at least be the will of the people and decided by the people perhaps by a referendum! Otherwise the USA will end up being just like Canada with no democracy at all.


Make them go back and come up with a better plan than to penalize everyone for not having health insurance, how ridiculous!

I read

that part of the bill requiring people to buy health insurance or face a penalty. What happened to the right to choose. Hey, if insurance coverage and premiums were reasonable, covered people with preexisting conditions and focused more on insurance companies respecting the rights and humanity of the individual, you would not need to force people to buy insurance because it would be affordable and people would naturally want to be insured, and could be under reasonable terms. But, if someone does not what insurance, forcing them to do otherwise appears to violate their basic "human" rights to decide that for themselves. Apparently "Washington" is not interested in hearing reasonable argumens. It's all partisan politicing once again. For the bests interest of the people right?

Thank you!

We need to fight this government intrusion of our rights. No mandatory health care, No socialized health care.

Stand up and say no to Obama and his gang of thieves.

i keep hearing

republicans complain about the cost of this new health care legislation. so now, what do they do??? well, apparently, they decide to spend lots of money in court! i understand if people don't like this or that about the new legislation. however, please don't cry over the cost of it, turn around and spend even more money in the courts! what's the word for that? oh yeah, it's hypocrite!!!

Re: Michele 1:09

Interesting that you automatically jump to the conclusion that it is all the "Republican jerks" that "want people to go without health care" and that you can "obviously tell... who has never had to struggle just to pay your medical bills..."
I'd like to let you know that I am an independent, a father of three (one of them born without any insurance to cover the birth), middle-aged, and I completely oppose this legislation. My wife has medical conditions that we have had to figure out how to cover and been dangerously close to being in collections - yet I have chosen to fight through the best that I can.
I am now employed and have an employer sponsored health-care plan. While it was a struggle and there were days that I truly didn't know how we'd make it-I figured it out.
In short, I am not a republican and I have honestly struggled quite a bit in having to pay medical bills-yet I still don't like this law. BTW-to show the struggle - I hope to have my 4 year-old's birth paid off this summer, in full.

Entitlements are killing the USA

It's absolutely shocking to see how many losers there are out there that think health care is a right. Entitlements are a social disease and anyone that believes they "deserve" something just because they were born is mentally ill.

Oh, and for all you whiners comparing mandated health insurance to mandated auto insurance: insurance coverage on vehicles is mandated because driving is a privilege and it is to protect other drivers from you. If you don't want to buy auto insurance, don't buy a car and don't drive.

God save us from the "progressives"

Thank You AG

Thank you for taking up this cause. Your reasoning for doing so is spot on! The costs associated with implementation of the health care bill on Utah and its citizens will far outweigh the cost of joining this lawsuit. I truely hope more states sign on to this suit as well.

I also hope the AG office does everything they can to fast track this suit to the Supreme Court and to also halt implementation of the bill until it is heard by the Supreme Court.

Way to go!


Great. The states must assert themnselves to stop this Marxist takeover of the country. Reagan was right in 1964. We do have a date with destiny. I hope Anericans are up to it.

Re: Frog's vision | 12:59 p.m.

I am sure all the readers are impressed with your ad homenin approach. I know I am. However, your attention to the real issue here leaves a great deal to be desired.

It is the Constitution--read it, understand it,
make your politicians abide by it.

I suggest you read the 10th Ammendment and then do the research as to why the authors of the Constitution put it in there and why it was of upmost importance to do so.

Old School

"Shurtleff said the action is necessary to defend the rights of Utahns."
What rights? The right to become ill and lose insurance? The rights for the poor to die and decrease the surplus population" (with apologies to Dickens and Scrooge) The right to flood our emergency rooms with primary care issues?
Utah politicians have adopted the notion that everything our duely elected and Constitutionally authorized federal government says is wrong and we will fight "them" every step of the way. Now THAT is true violation of the constitution.

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