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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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you obviously have no idea what socialism is if you think this isn't it.
I am originally from Finland (now a US Citizen) Finland is socialist and one of the reasons I left. High High taxes, people getting too much for free. They sit around and don't work but yet get the benefits of those who do thanks to the super high taxes everyone else pays. The quality of medical care is poor, due to the fact that the government is paying it, You think the government will pay for the best medical care? You are wrong! If this goes through, our taxes will increase, premiums will increase, quality of care will decrease, and people who are lazy, or illegal and can't get work will mooch of everyone else tax dollars. This my friend is socialism. The US is....well..was, not Socialist!


I agree with Utahs actions 100000000%. This lawsuit is in no way saying that Utah is against health care reform. It's instead saying that they are for smart health care reform. And this monstrosity isn't. I'd rather see our state spend the money on lawyers fighting this thing than spend it on internal "spread the wealth" programs any day. This is a huge discission for the american people and reform needs to happen which benifits us not punishes us.

How do you like being forced to take health care at gun point? Because as of sunday. You belong to a country fully capable of doing just that. You don't solve health care by mandating it. That's the quick fix, brush the real problems to the side solution. Not a real solution. We americans want REAL solutions.


In California you don't even need insurance, or registration, a drivers license, or even be a legal citizen to operate a motor vehicle. There is no way the federal government can fine an individual for not buying their government health boondoggle. This law will easily be found illegal.

Anonymous | 11:09 a.m.

So what are we calling socalism. The military? Roads? Schools? oh i know, you meant healthcare.

Jennie Richards

It is an OUTRAGE those health insurance company conglomerates won't be able to fleece their customers anymore! Utah is defending the health insurance industry's perceived right to deny patient coverage. Quite pathetic.


Mark Shurtleff couldn't argue his way out of a wet paper bag. He's a know nothing politician positioning himself to run for Senator or Governor. Let him file his silly lawsuit.

SoJo Resident

re: JMT | 12:24 p.m.

"Obama went after the Auto industry, got about half of it. Banking industry. Now health care."

I'm pretty sure the auto industry as well as the baking industry came groveling on their knees to the US government asking for money. Nobody "took them over" the begged to be bailed out. Remember?

And heaven forbid that we have national standards for education.(sarcasm) Do you really want to continue to pay taxes for schools that do a bad job of educating YOUR children? I'd rather have the standards, thanks.


Because Utahns are not smart. They are too republican and can't see beyond their noses.


I find it amazing how our country has allowed the politicians to take away our right to poor health. They have subverted the constitutional process and the American way by passing this socialist legislation. I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.


["Where in the constitution is it allowed to force people to buy products "for their own good"? What will be next?"]

lol... you do realize you already "buy products" when you contribute to medicare and social security from your paycheck, right?

and if you don't have insurance, I have to pay for your healthcare when you end up in the emergency room with no insurance...

so what you are really saying is you don't want to buy insurance - you want everyone else to pay for you..

by the way - doesn't Utah have mandatory car insurance laws? is there really a difference?


I can't believe we will now have death panels telling us whether or not Grandma will live or die.

Frog's vision

Oh my fellow Utahns, this is the vision and metality of a toad in the bottom of a dry well, who sees and believes that the sky is only a light bulb!

Healthcare is a human right, part of the rights to freedom and happiness. Because of this historical event, The United States of America has become a better country for her entire citizens generations after generations, which include Utahns.

Remember only with a healthy life can one pursues freedom and happiness.

This legislation puts the health concerns away from every American's mind and let every American pursue their dream, even though there is a dollar cost or some personal lose to it.

What do our state government want - not to pay for the tax and not to receive the benefits of this healthcare reform?


I am so glad for America. Even the poor can receive proper medical care. It took a lot of courage from Obama to make this change.

Cautiously Optomistic

Isn't it a shame that as a nation we have moved more an more towards 'state-determination' as opposed to self-determination. There is a groundswell coming of dependence upon the federal government as opposed to making our way in this world and working towards independence.
Those looking for 'signs of the times' might be led towards seeing this dependence and outcry of the need for Christian Socialism as the very Anti-Christ that is supposed to herald the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Especially when considering the originally meaning of Anti-Christ as a replacement of Christ, rather than in opposition of Christ.
It is mildly distressing to consider that as a nation we are choosing to put ourselves into the hands of the government, rather than the hands of God and good moral judgment.

JD McKenzie


Just what we need...

... to waste more of Utah's money on lawsuits that it can't win. Stuff your messages, and do what's best for the people.

British and proud of it

"I can't believe we will now have death panels telling us whether or not Grandma will live or die".

errr..Pedro- you won't. There is no such thing as a death panel. So you can relax your disbelief.


What is wrong with people??? Seriously, why do these republican jerks want people to go without health care,you can obviously tell with each comment who has never had to struggle just to pay your medical bills, just to stay alive. You people disgust me and I am embarrassed to say Utah is the state I live in, time to move.

Succeed from the Union

You have my vote. Then let all of you USA losers pay for the losers that already go to hospital emergency, and get free health care. And the guilt trip about not practicing Christianity??? What about the Commi/Democrats that want tax payer funded abortions?? Wow!!!!!!!!! Is that Christian? What a joke. If we succeed, you can move to wonderful downtown Detroit. Now that is a Commi/Democrat dream destination. Right in the heart of give all your christian money to those losers.


Good, the Gov. has no business telling me I have to buy something, just so they can find another way at my hard earned & not enough money!

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