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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It hurts me

It hurts me to hear accusations that conservatives are heartless, or greedy, or don't care. A google search shows that conservatives give much more to charity than liberals do on a per person basis. Conservatives simply feel that charity is the responsibility of the individual, not the state, and that state charity is necessarily coercive and less efficient at achieving its purpose.

Social Security is not

constitutional in the slightest.

I say we get rid of Social Security first. Then let's get rid of Medicare.

I want my country back!!!

Right Move

It's odd how on this board and others, those criticizing Republicans/Mormons regularly use offensive terms and language in their efforts to get a rise out of folks. The bill that passed yesterday did so narrowly and many polls show that the majority of Americans were not in favor of the bill. Revamp the health care industry? Absolutely! This bill? No thanks, especially the clause about mandatory insurance. As others have stated, auto insurance is required only for those who operate motor vehicles.

I think this lawsuit is a good move and I'd like to see Utah focus on becoming less dependent on federal funding so that we can continue to choose which programs we want to embrace in this state. In order for that to happen we need to become vastly more prosperous as a state and that means more entrepreneurial activity and taking care of our own.

Fighting the tide of social democracy that is sweeping the land is going to be a losing battle and I believe we have a better chance of creating an environment that resonates with our values by working together as a state to regain our sovereignty.


The DN is accepting comments which suggest people who like the legislation should LEAVE or that states should secede because of the legislation.

Good luck with both of those suggestions.

Car Insurance

SOMEONE Said, "We are only required to have liability auto insurance, to cover hurting someone else. We don't have to cover ourselves! "

NOT TRUE: When you have a car note, you must take out FULL Coverage...

I'm just sayin, just sayin.

My proposal..

Those that CHOOSE not to get insurance and fight the mandate, when they have an unforeseen accident or disease, than they should be REQUIRED to pay cash up front prior to any intervention (they never pay the bill after).

Those w/o insurance can crash their motorcycle or develop lymphoma, thereby costing every one else thousands or even millions of dollars.

More people need to pay into the system to cover the costs..


Utah's lawyer's full employment act in action.


You don't have to have car insurance, just don't own a car! Obama is not "Defending" the Constitution of the United States, so why isn't he being removed from office? He is not defending it, nor is he upholding the Constitution of the United States! It's time to dump Obama as an enemy of the State! I don't mean Utah, I mean the country! On the very Ideals this country was founded on. Time for him to be arrested and be taken as a traitor!

Lori G

This is rediculous. Is mandatory car insurance unconstitutional,too? I suppose requiring children to go to school is unconstitutional. Utah would rather support monopolistic practices of insurance companies, and increase hidden taxes that already support the non insured and illegal immigrants that consume healthcare resources. Bob Bennett you are wrong, why don't you tell people that you would really like to dissolve Medicare and add senior citizens to the uninsured rolls like your colleague Rob Bishop has already stated at the Ogden townhall meeting. You spent 780 billion on a war that killed over 4000 brave Americans and left tens of thousands injured and mamed to steal Iraqi oil, but you won't insure 30 million and save lives. Your 8 years of control during the Bush era, cut taxes but didn't cut government spending, increasing huge deficits, allowed inflation and flat incomes, deregulating and allowing health care insurance to cut coverage and increase profits. It's time to protect americans from corporte corruption. Stand up for our constituional rights, protect human life with insurance reform, and stop insurance greed and profitability from killing more American Citizens.

Re: re: Constitution? | 11:30

"Curious, were you up in arms when our former President, George W. Bush, all but did away with the constitution so he could spy on Americans? Yeah, that's what I thought"

Here are a few simple facts that you either ignorantly or purposely chose to overlook. First, Patriot Acts I and II were passed by both houses of Congress. Only after they were passed by both houses of Congress could President Bush sign them into law. Your comments above prove once again that for all that we pay for public education the US we are not getting our moneys worth

Here is something you should do--turn off the television and ignore your liberal talking head of choice and read the congressional record. You will find a few surprises. Here is one that you will find hard to believe, but perhaps you cant handle the truth. Obama voted for Patriot Act II. Pelosi and Reied voted for Patriot Act I.

For all that the Dems have complained about Patriot acts I & II, what has Obama done to repeal them? What have the dems done to repeal them since gaining control of both houses in 2008.



I hope this works, and think that it will. This will resolve only the individual mandate aspect of this legislation.

We are still in for a very rough road. All other provisions kick in, including massive tax hikes on businesses and individuals. It creates a paper work mess and in time will force insurance companies out of business.

The insurance mandates are the prime culprit for high premiums in the first place. And now with the new mandates costs will increase dramatically.

This bill was designed by pocket communists to take over the entire health care industry. It will take about 10 years to do so.

Obama went after the Auto industry, got about half of it. Banking industry. Now health care. And now we see massive changes on the education front to include national standards.

America has lost the war. We are a Marxist nation. It will just take a few years to realize this. And all without a single shot fired.

We lost!


Do we gain anything but expense by joining other States in the suit? Wouldn't we get the gain if the suit is successful??


What a tremendous waste of Utahn's time and money. The PARTY OF NO should not control this State's resources. I say get rid of Shurtleff and all involved in this charade.

ernesto fiorillo

Even with the new law, the US are still away from a serious reform of health care, in real civil Coutries in the World health care and the instruction from all level of schools are the most important rights of citizens, and, in comppliance with family income, they pay some contributions, for serious illness drugs,doctors anf hospiyalizations are free. The way to arrive to this point of civilization is still too long for Americans. We must insist!

Angry Steve

Any chance of fixing education first? Seriously they pack them in like sardines around here. Good choices.


The health insurance/auto insurance analogy is ridiculous. As pointed out already, it is the state government, not the federal government, which mandates liability auto insurance as a requirement for operating a vehicle on a state owned road. This requirement is for liability insurance only to cover the losses incurred by another person if you cause injury or property damage. That's a far cry from requiring someone to carry health insurance for the privilege of drawing breath in our fair land. By the way, if you have a loan on your car you are usually required to carry comprehensive/collision coverage but that requirement comes from the financial institution that issued the loan, not the state.

Thanks Utah

Those bashing Utah forget that we are one of the best states in the country as far as financial budgets, Health Insurance (Obama praised Select Health), etc..., so if you don't like Utah go live in liberal Cal where your government is running a huge deficit all of the time. If this new plan is so great, why does congress get much better coverage than the rest of us!!! I WILL NOT ALLOW MY FREEDOMS TO BE STRIPPED. I will not be blinded by marxists who make things look good until they have full control. The government is being ran by a bunch of corrupt politicians and infiltrated at every level. That includes republicans too. By the way, I do have pre-existing conditions, but I still don't want the government to run the health insurance.

HERE WE COME TAXES, MARXISM, AND MORE CORRUPTION. We are not Russia!!! The American people will not fall for this trickery and arise to stand for what is right. Where is tort reform!!! Many politicians are attorneys, so they will never do it even though it makes perfect sense. FIX WHAT IS WRONG BEFORE YOU TRY TO DO SOMETHING ELSE.

Giants of Intellect...

Speaking of wasting money, the lack of basic knowledge about the US Constitution on this board is stunning. Wonder where all those education dollars are being spent? It sure as heck isn't on any civics class.

Reply to re: 10:35AM

"You mean like not having car insurance?... Exactly."

Having auto insurance is a whole different ball game from having health insurance. If you are uninsured and were the problem of causing an accident, you are at blame and have put the other people at risk....
with health care, if you do not have insurance, the only person you are putting at risk is yourself. It is your own dang fault. You are not risking a huge financial mess for another person being by having health insurance.

Re: Car Insurance 12:16

The full coverage that you are required to have on a vehicle with a lien, is mandated by the lien holder and is for their protection - not yours. they want to be able to replace the asset that is on their books, in the event that the asset is ruined.
Again - I'm just sayin' that while your statement is true in nearly all cases - it is not for your protection.

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