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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: Constitution?

Curious, were you up in arms when our former President, George W. Bush, all but did away with the constitution so he could spy on Americans?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Republican Moto

Tax us, but only for wars.

Leave us to govern ourselves, unless it comes to gun rights, gay marriage, or abortion.

The rich get righer, and that's really all that matters.

Cautiously Optomistic

While I try to understand the arguments that people make about being Christian and that this is legislation is the right move to make for the country, I need to respectfully disagree.
I need to start by dismantling the argument of mandating health insurance like we mandate auto insurance. The simple fact is that people are given the option to drive or to use public transit (for which they need to also pay) If I made the choice to not drive, I am not required to carry auto insurance. this legislation flies in the face of that.
The federal government has declared that everyone must have health insurance or potentially risk jail time. The choice has been removed. Instead the U.S. taxpayer is now burdened with that costly bill for those that do not have insurance.

Cautiously Optomistic

In addition, the 'Christian' argument is wearing me out. Quite simply put, if we want to follow the model of Christ, then we would go forth and do good on a one to one basis. It is not up to the state/federal government to bring the poor into dependence on that all-encompassing power, but rather it is up to us to make positive changes in the lives of the poor and down-trodden.
I wish that the liberal and/or socialist parts of our country would stop trying to fix everything with government. Individuals are the only ones that really ought to be changing lives and are the only ones that can effect a positive or negative permanent change.

Re: Car Insurance

You need to understand that mandatory car insurance is a product of the state government. The federal government has no such authority. The federal gov't was created by the original thirteen states and those states came together and decided what they would allow a federal government to do. Those limitations on the power of the federal government are what we call the Constitution. That document is a set of limits.

States are a second government, seperate and apart from the federal government. They have retained the authority to require insurance. This is why there States can require the purchase of auto insurance. It is why MA can require the purchase of health insurance.

The federal government on the other hand exceeds the limits set forth in the Constitution when it attempts to require all of her citizens to buy something.


The Free States, MUST SECEDE! This so-called free nation is a walking corpse, that should be buried.
The entire federal government is completely corrupt, and cannot be salvaged.

Read it before you support it!

Health insurance could have been provided for the poor in a simpler, much cheaper way - this bill goes WAY beyond that. Supporters should read it (or at least a decent description of it) before commenting. Your comments are based on what you THINK/HOPE it is. In reality, it's a mess.

Henry Drummond

Come on Mark. You know better than this. Why are we wasting money on constitutional challenges that have no chance just to make a political statement? We don't have the money to do this.

Good job Bro Chuck

Brother Chuck Schroeder | 10:06 a.m. March 22, 2010
hmmmmmmmmmmm Judicial Activist Judge's, the ACLU, passing law's from the Bench, and I thought only liberal's do this LOL. Yea right Utah, we know who you really are now, liberal's. Let's look at this - Utah will join several other states (that's called a class action lawsuit, it'll be tossed because you can't mix the government's), in a lawsuit challenging the health care reform legislation passed by the U. S. House of Representatives and is already signed into law, while it sits 10 days before Official. Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said (what does he know), the mandate requiring every U.S. citizen to buy health insurance or face a penalty, along with other provisions of the bill, violate the U.S. Constitution and infringe on individual and state rights. We know you can't take something Civil, as this is, and without finding out first, the ability for one to pay, then turn it into a criminal contemps, without due process of law, to enforce the Civil contempt, but they do it daily in child support back payments yet.


The decision to sue is one of the most stupid, unproductive ones in the history of Utah. I am sick and tired of the nut cases ruling in this state. It needs to stop!

Helen Selander

Health insurance is not a right. It has never been a right, and it will never be a right. The care of your health is your personal responsibility. Be careful, America. The more you become dependent on government, the more this highly inneficient and corrupt organization will control your lives and steal your money (which you could, in most cases, put to better use--like sharing with those in need). If you're not extraordinarily careful, in time, you will be willing to give up your liberty in order to be taken care of. Do yourself a favor and read up on All the Founding Fathers sacrificed to provide this nation with its God given liberties. Perhaps it will give you perspective.

Another Utah Independent

It isn't going to do any good so why waist the money that we need for Education. Maybe we can raise a generation that listens instead of telling!

L in NSL

Big difference between Auto and Health Insurance. Driving a vehicle is a priviledge. If you or someone else driving your car accidently runs into something, you are liable for that accident. There are some people that can't afford auto insurance, but they will go ahead and drive anyway. So when they have that accident, they will say they don't have any money. Tough luck for the person they just hit? No, that is why we have laws to have and maintain auto liability insurance. I am sure that Anonymous knew you didn't have to have auto collision insurance if you owned the auto outright without a lien holder? Most people will carry collision, especially if they have an expensive vehicle. but they control that option! With health insurance, people should look at their options, especially when they first get out on their own to see how they want to handle their own health issues. With Obama Care, People will not have those options, less qualified people will become doctors, and we will get to pay more for less. How is that for the Constitution?

No not like having car insurance

Mandate to have car insurance it liability insurance only to protect the other people on the road. They don't require you to protect your car. People that don't know need to shut up! Health insurance for you, is up to you. I would rather pay if I have to go to the doctor not pay insurance. It is up to me and the whatever health service I need. When it is more then I can pay then time for me to go. Call it population control! No problems in this county anyone donate to Haiti today?????

@Mary 10:54

You don't have health insurance and you don't want it. Ok,fine. But who's going to pay when you get hit by a bus or have a stroke or cancer or heart disease? You are, I suppose. But who's going to pay after you run out of money, which YOU WILL DO because two days of hospital care is $65,000 on the average. WE WILL PAY. Yep, that's right, all your neighbors -- through higher insurance premiums and higher hospital costs. YOU, Mary, are a menace to the rest of us. And you're a freeloader.


no one is forcing anyone to own a car and if you don't own a car and you don't drive (Keith Olbermann) then you don't have to have auto insurance

re: Anonymous | 10:25 a.m.

Hello? are you daft? auto insurance covers the OTHER guy in case you crash into him. If I could bump into you and give you cancer then I could see a forced insurance issue. Did you know that you could be a perfect driver with NO tickets and NO accidents but because you have an ex-wife sue you and you get bad credit that the auto insurance can raise your rates? It's true, so now we will be facing the same thing in our health care. If you have a ding on your credit then the insurance CAN and WILL raise your rates even though you have never been ill.


Who needs freedom?

re: 11:25AM

I love that you equate a human being having the capability to be HEALTHY, to fire insurance for your home.

One should clearly be a RIGHT shared and granted to all people. Sick, healthy, rich, poor. Living should be a basic right of humanity.

Why can't you see that?



After learning more about this bill, It may actually help me. Businesses with less than 25 employees will get good waivers for health insurance costs.

There are a lot of people that this bill might help.

Lets read it and try it before filing a lawsuit that will cost taxpayers money.

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