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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If I don't want insurance than why should i be forced to pay it? That is insane! I don't have it and i don't want it. LEAVE US ALONE!


World Book Encyclopedia pg 898; 1989 ed.explains: "Why Communism? Communism is the only effective movement fighting for change and reform." Congress and Oboma fighting for and unconstitutionally passing reformed healthcare not only takes away our individual agency for personal healthcare but takes us at rocket speed toward becoming The United Communist States of America. Look at Greece! That's us in 18 months! If you haven't lived in World War II Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin you haven't a clue what you're in for as you watch Congress and Oboma unobtrusively shove Communism through your front door with their change and reform. Good Luck America.

Car insurance a choice

Car insurance is a choice since you don't need to own a car.

The problem with health insurance not being a choice is to be alive we don't have a choice is we have a body or not. So that would mean we will not have a choice to have health insurance or not.

Big differance between the two. Nice try though.

By the way I'm all for everyone being taken care off, just not the government making it a law. It should be people helping people.

Re; Silly Republicans | 10:19

....it what it is. Local right-wingers using tax dollars to campaign to their base"

The whole constutition thing is just a bunch of suggestions to people like you. Obama and the neocommunists hold the constitution in contempt, and he and his circle of neocommunitst are the puppets of the New World Order that is being forced upon us. Obama takes his script directly from the Fabian Society, the private consortium known as the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the TLC and the Bilderburgs.

Here is a little hint for you. The Constitution contains within it structures to keep one branch of the goverment from acting outside their authority and abusing their power. The Supreme Court who Obama insulted like a sophomorish punk (and brought shame to the office of the president in the process) has the ultimate say in this matter.

It is called the Constitution--Read it


It surprises me that so many people in our state think we have so great health insurance wise. How many of us like to pocket out over $7000 in deductibles when we have a baby? Or see our premiums go up by almost $100 every year? We might have it better than other states, but by no means the system is perfect in Utah. I wish more people would welcome the chance of bettering what we have and helping those who have no coverage along the way.


Hey while you are at it, can you then go back and retro-sue the mandated Social Security Tax - where were you guys then, huh? Maybe you can get all of our money back from that, and then we MIGHT be able to afford health care....

Big Egos...

We are only required to have liability auto insurance, to cover hurting someone else. We don't have to cover ourselves! This is totally different. The government is getting too big, and a big government facilitates failure. You'd better believe that a great percentage of people on government assistance CHEAT the system to stay on it! We're going the wrong way! We need to move further away from big government. Come on, people! You really can't learn how to take care of yourselves? You need Uncle Sam to treat you like an infant your whole lives? Those politicians think they know better than we do! Why else do you think they passed this ridiculous bill? They didn't look to the opinion of the American people (whom they supposedly represent). They think they are smarter than we are, passing a bill THEY think is for our own good! I'm sick of the egos of Pelosi and Obama.


"Interesting how big words like communism and socialism are used! These people have no clue as to what they are talking about."
Socialism refers to the various theories of economic organization which advocate either public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources....
what part of this do you now think sounds like socialism???


We have seen from day one that Obama and Pelosi have no respect for our Constitution. They are stomping on it, treating it like a laughing stock. They are so egotistical, and they care more about their names in history that about being humble leaders. Are there any humble leaders anymore?

re: 10:35AM

You mean like not having car insurance?


bill, from delaware

i hope about forty states file. then when the courts rule either way ,the 40 states leave the union. and leave all you progressive, liberal social worker freeloaders to live with obama ,soros,stern and bill ayers. then you liberals can steal money from each other, instead of us. thats the change i could believe in.

Scott McLean

Its worth fighting.

I am perplexed that after fighting for independence from an overreaching government, so many today instead are fighting for dependence. They are led to believe that compassion is no longer the sole province of one's moral agency but that it can instead be outsourced to a government through the use of force.


If this is what it takes, then so be it. Evil must be defeated.

re: Mary

Because, unless you are the character from "Unbreakable," there will be the day when you need medical assistance. And when you as an uninsursed go into the ER, that will be your only choice since no practioner will accept you without insurance, guess who pays for that. I DO. AND ANYONE WHO HAS INSURANCE DOES!!. Our premiums keep increasing so we can cover the losses hospitals and insurance companies are looking to avoid from uninsured patients.

Do you drive a car? If so, you are REQUIRED BY LAW BY THE STATE OF UTAH TO HAVE CAR INSURANCE. Otherwise you face a fine. And do you understand why that is? Because the day you are involved in a car accident, the other driver doesn't get left out in the dust because you are not covered.

Just common sense folks.


I think you're being less than honest Mary or you're 16 years old. Sooner or later we would all pay for your lack of insurance.


Great move !
The fed has become way too powerful.
We must respond with resolve !

re; Car insurance is a choice

No, car insurance is not a choice, it is the law from the good ole State of Utah! If you have a car, you must be insured. Driving a car is the choice. And obviously, if you never opperate a vehicle, you will never need car insurance.

On the other hand, unless you are truly blessed and will never suffer an illness, or accident, you WILL NEED MEDICAL CARE at some point in your life. That is not a choice, it's a fact. So why should you not be required to have health insurace to pay for that care? Because guess who pays if you don't have insurance, I DO. AND ANYONE WHO HAS INSURANCE DOES!!! Our premiums keep increasing to cover costs that hospitals and insurance companies are not going to lose serving the uninsursed.

@ Anonymous (one of ya)

You said:

Anonymous | 10:03 a.m. March 22, 2010
Good. I want my pre-existing condition to stay that way!!!

I suppose that you would sell fire insurance to a guy who's house was burning?

Insurance is a gamble. You are betting you will get sick, your insurance company is betting you will not. Rates are set according to risk.

Paying the medical bills for somebody who is already sick is called Christian Charity, not insurance.


I only hope it works. Some say what a waste of money? Give me a break! Either way it's a waste of money. People make a choice every day on what they do with their life (have children, drink, smoke, take risks, etc) if you want it, then pay for it!! Don't make others pay for your choices!!

re: Big Egos

Question. How many "cheaters" on government assistance programs does it take to equal 1 "cheating" rich American who avoids taxes by any and all means possible?

Just look at how many of Obama's nominees for cabinet positions at the start had tax issues. The damage done by the rich cheating the system is far greater than someone cheating and receiving food stamps.

Just not what Republicans believe in.

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