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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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flip floppers

Nice flip flop republicans. Sure, in Mass. it's personal responsibility thing keeping people from getting medical services they never pay for.... NOW since Obama has come around to YOUR way of thinking you flipped to the other side and cry unconstitutional.

Get some values and stick with them.....

re: flip floppers

Get a clue! No one is trying to keep people from getting medical services. We just don't want to pay for other people's healthcare. Especially those who want it for free so they can spend their money on frivolous things like cell phones, tatoos, booze and cigarettes.

Re: RE flip flopper

Read my post THEN you get a clue. Romney said that he mandated insurance in Mass to keep people from going to the emergency room and getting services they have never contributed to financially and never intend to.

He called it a matter of personal reponsibility.

This means you. Get insurance so I don't get double billed when I go to the hospital.

That's flat out republican sounding. That's what you all are against now. Flip flopppers.

GOP for paying illegals insuranc

The GOP apparently prefers the current system where illegal imegrants go to the emergency room and get cared for and then the hospital double or tripple bills the next guy that can afford to pay.

That's what the GOP is voting for. Bunch of flip flopping flopper flops.


Are you really willing to spend the State's money on a lawsuit when money is needed else where so badly, like education. Does this mean that Utah can no longer require everyone to purchase car insurance? Will this then allow residence of Utah to sue the State to be able to obtain health insurance Hopefully you are smarter than that and hopefully you care more about the people in Utah than just doing what you think will re-elect you. I will never vote for you again...

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