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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If you're thinking of bashing Utah for such a bold move, I suggest moving to a so called "more progressive" state.
Enjoy the future with more gov't control, more taxes.


It's sad that with the majority of americans not in favor of this bill that the people who were sent to DC to Represent us did not. I do belive that this law is unconstitutional however getting the courts to strike it down will be very difficult but worth the effort. I can only hope that this law is not the straw that breaks the back of our great nation.

Mike in Texas

Political garbage. Insurance mandates have been in place for many years. The automobile insurance mandates are the classic example. This lawsuit will cost the taxpayers of Utah and will gain nothing.


Everyone needs to buy auto insurance or face a penalty. What's the difference? Does forcing you to have auto insurance violate the U.S. Constitution and infringe on individual and state rights? This lawsuit is an expensive embarrassment to Utah.


Although I understand and agree that something must be done about Washington's lack of representation of the will of the people, what will suing the government accomplish?

I hope that it helps politicians realize that they are there to serve us, but today I'm having a hard time believing that they listen to our voices at all.


Nice, another lawsuit on principle to waste Utah taxes on.

Legislators should use their own money for these frivolous lawsuits that will fail out of the gate.

I wonder where they are going to take this money from?

For the idiotic eminent domain case for federal parks, they plan on taking 3 million from the school trust fund.


This is another reason why I'm glad I left Utah. Why would the people of Utah not embrace health care legislation that improves on what is available now? Republicans just make no sense. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.


What happened to my comment - It was on topic and relavent. We need to join together and oppose all the repos who are against our right to have afforable health care. Vote them out and put in someone who is willing to fight for the rights of the people not supporting their own agenda. Come on Utah vote out once and for all the Senators and congressmen who really do not care about the people of Utah. It is time we get a spine.


I guess the State of Utah loves paying for everyone's medical bankruptcies. Also, people need to start looking at the benefits that this bill gives the people. What if you have a pre-existing condition and get laid off, under the current system you have to wait 6 months at least to get coverage again. If you have Cancer, Diabetes, MS, etc, that will bankrupt you in that time or at least put you in a serious financial condition that will takes years to get out of. Stop supporting the insurance companies and start looking out for the people. That is what this bill does.


Let's see, Judicial Activist Judge's, the ACLU, passing law's from the Bench, and I thought only liberal's do this. Utah will join several other states (that's called a class action lawsuit, it'll be tossed because you can't mix the government's, it's used this way to build more federal court house's in the area fileing), in a lawsuit challenging the health care reform legislation passed by the U. S. House of Representatives and is already signed into law, while it sits 10 days before Official. Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said (what does he know), the mandate requiring every U.S. citizen to buy health insurance or face a penalty, along with other provisions of the bill, violate the U.S. Constitution and infringe on individual and state rights. We know you can't take something Civil, as this is, and without finding out first, the ability for one to pay, then turn it into a criminal contempt, without due process of law, to enforce the Civil contempt, but they do it daily in child support back payment's, liberals got away with it for 35 years. Right?.

The Law Suit Is...

The law suit is needed. It is not about health care. It is about Socialism and dictatorship VS. freedom. I am pleased that Utah will join in the law suit.


if you don't WANT ins...you'll be FINED. where's the freedom now? :(


This is a great idea. Why not spend our states money to lose a court case just so you can turn to the most moronic of your constituents and claim your are a conservative.


Interesting how big words like communism and socialism are used! These people have no clue as to what they are talking about.

I'm glad that we finally got the right to health care regardless of pre-existing conditions. To be free from the abuse and yoke of the health insurances.

New Yorker

It is about time. yomama and the rest of his marxists need to be stopped through the courts. That is the only change I can believe in.


Whether you like or dislike the health care bill- the bill itself does infringe upon the 10th amendment rights of the states. States govern their own commerce. Read the amendment yourself. States are sovereign and should be.


Yep. The US is beginning to embrace communism and will fall into a burning ash heap just like Britain, France, Canada and Australia to name a few.

And the geniuses shall lead

Good ol' Utah, forging ahead with a truly moral cause!!!

You know...Utah....with their moral government...

Oh, nevermind.


Instead of using the money to help people in Utah actually get health care. Conservatives without all the pesky compassion.


It's a huge waste of funds. We are required by law to own car insurance if we drive a car. We all know that everyone must use health care in their lifetime. Why should I have to pay for someone to go to the emergency room because they have not been able to pay the health insurance company deductables.

Think about it. What are the current choices? Someone who can't afford the high premiums doesn't even have the opportunity to buy health insurance so we pay for their health care with either medicade or emercency room care. Other's buy cheap plans and they can't afford the freakin deductables so they go to the emergency room anyway or wait too late and or go bankrupt which causes us all to pay more. The only ones who get rich are the health insurance companies.

Give everyone a chance and help to buy a decent plan, and it helps us all out. The lack of understanding on this matter is ridiculous. The mandate is something like a tax. We all need health care, we already pay for it. We should get our money's worth.

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