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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Just Me

Civil War! Lets break up America and form our own country. United we stand divided we fall.

Re: Mary

NO ONE is questioning that insurance needs the reform. The issue is the unconstitutional way the FEDERAL government is telling us to purchase health care of else. Car insurance is required at the STATE level, not the federal. It is up to the states to require insurance, NOT the federal government. That is the point of the constitution. If you don't like a state's requirements you can move. To force this at the federal level nails the middle class. This bill is the right concept but the wrong way to tackle the problem.

Legal Scholar

Hasn't anyone in Utah heard of the Supremacy Clause? This case has NO chance of surviving a Motion to Dismiss.

This wastes tax-payer's

dollars and is not wise. I may not like paying my auto insurance, my home owners insurance (or even wearing my seatbelt), but I know it's for the best. A person that is healthy and doesn't want health insurance is understandable, but not wise. And the Healthcare Bill will be most efficient and money saving if everyone has it...but it will survive if not (but the uninsured would continue to eat up tax-payers money when they get sick). So, how likely do you think these law suits will go anywhere?


two words for Utah republicans



Re: mark

Yeah, I guess the republicans are kind of like sore losers. Just like the Baltic States were sore losers when they became occupied by the Soviet Union.

News Flash: Just because you "won" doesn't mean you're right. Sometimes the bad guys win.

Health Care score so far:
Socialists: 1
Americans: 0


One more way for UT to demonstrate how wrong-headed it is and how much of UT's and federal money it can waste on tilting at windmills.

Utah Republican Grammar Police

"mark | 7:49 p.m. March 24, 2010
two words for Utah republicans



Since there are more than one of us in Utah wouldn't that be "SORE LOSERS"?

And, yes, I enjoyed correcting you...


Sore losers? I seem to recall Al Gore suing over the results of the 2000 Election. I remember whining that Bush cheated again in 2004 when he beat Kerry by 3 million votes.

Re: Anon 8:08

Why is UT "wrong-headed" when at least 13 other states are doing the same thing? It's not just Utah. People all over the country are upset about this.

For: Narrow Minded Lib @ 6:12 |

"@Stupid Is As Stupid Does | 6:12 p.m. March 22, 2010
And I bet you and your ilk voted at least 10X in that poll. And I do understand that you truely believe your opinion is worth 10 votes. It's a repug thing. The only poll that counts is the one we had on Nov. 4th, 2008. 70,000,000 of us voted for Obama and WON. I've never felt more proud to be an American patriot."

Gee, why am I not surprised you'd be so blind as to claim that????

Actually the survey software does not allow you to vote twice. It recognizes your computer and does not let you vote more than once even if you turn off your computer and re-visit the site.

So, my blind liberal friend, as of Wednesday night, the #s on the same survey are now:

0.9% Other
6.3% Dont Know
25.2% Yes (for it)
67.5% No (against it)


Is that a big enough sample for you?

(at msn newsvine)

Answer This, Liberals (waiting)

This bill is flat-out, absolutely un-Constitutional.

NOWHERE in the Constitution does it say that the Federal Government has the authority to make people buy a particular product.


And, please, don't give me the 'commerce clause' argument or the car insurance argument.

The 'commerce clause' was not meant to punish (that's what a fine is: 'punishment') people for not buying a particular product which is EXACTLY what this disaster of a health care bill does: it punishes people for not buying a particular product.

Vehicle insurance argument: Yes, if you drive you must, by law, buy car insurance.


if you don't want to buy car insurance you are free to not buy a car but THERE IS NO SUCH 'OPT OUT' CLAUSE IN THIS BILL! (and somehow I don't think 330 million of us are Amish so don't go there....)

My question, which I've asked repeatedly but have never had it answered by any liberal, is if the government can order you to buy healthcare insurance then what will stop them from ordering you to buy a 2010 GM vehicle to spur the economy??????????


What? Still no takers?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm a moderate Liberal

with an answer. Just like your car example (yeah, I guess a very few people don't have cars) there will be people that would be exempt from having to buy insurance. They would be people that couldn't afford it, people that have special situations such as disability. They would possibly qualify for some other program and not realize it and in that case a qualified person would be able to help them. I have, in the past, helped people that would possibly qualify for something (this is not all that uncommon)...you should check out all the details before you make your accusations.
But in the case of the average person (that own cars, have homes) they need health insurance too and this is common sense.


Go! Fight! Win!!!!!!

I want my freedoms back!

We did "go, fight and win"

And we won! Why don't some of you on here analyze (if you can) what you've been fighting against. We have brought a bill to help people with their healthcare needs! That is wrong? You guys are sad.

to Cautiously Optomistic:

Your logic is nonsensical at best. You say that auto insurance isn't really mandated, because you could choose to not drive and therefore health insurance shouldn't be mandated either. So, are you suggesting that you could choose to never get sick or get hurt in any way? WOW. I thought all humans got sick and died at some point, but not you. You will soon be a gazillionaire once you start selling your secret to 100% never getting hurt or sick--ever. WOW. All sarcasm aside, what your argument actually shows is that health insurance has more reason to be mandated than car insurance. You can't "opt out" of having a human body that could get sick at any time even if you do yoga and eat granola. You hypocrites that don't want this bill that prevents insurance companies from dropping you when you get sick, would sure as heck want it if you actually got sick and had your coverage dropped. I'm surprised and disappointed with how selfish and short-sighted some people can be.


Any first year law student knows that these lawsuits will not succeed. So what's the purpose? To keep hope alive until the November elections! Be not fooled!


To: Answer this, Liberals.
Obviously you have not worked in a public hospital administration office. If you had, you would realize that YOU are the one being forced to pay for OTHERS free health coverage.

The Decline of America

I'm sad to be alive to witness the decline of America. I'm afraid to say our best days are behind us. The principles that made this country great are being dismantled. Our freedomes are being taken and thus our inginuity and incentive to be successful. Farewell to a free America, the socialist America has been ushered in. Get used to spreading poverty and worsening econmic problems. Private businesses and those who are successful will be robbed blind to pay Obama's bill. There will be no wealth left to create jobs. What happens when there are no more successful people to pay the bill? Welcome to the new America that some of you are so proud of.

And your old America

was better? By whose standards? (yours I assume) Ahh the "good old days" is always a story. I can remember some of them too. But then I realized:
The "good old days weren't always so good"!
This is what's great about America....we can always try and make things better. And in this case we did too! Just because people have sometimes had it so rough in the past and survied doesn't mean that we can't try and make things better for the future!

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