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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dear Mark,

Please do not waste money that Utah does not have on such a ridiculous law suit.

Thank you.

A concerned citizen.

Re: More GOP Whining

"The constitution clearly grants the federal government the right to overrule the states, which means the state measures are "irrelevant." "

Ummm.... If you think that is true, then you clearly don't know the constitution. The constitution specifies certain rights to the federal government, and the rest goes to the states. Yes, the fed. govnmt. overrules the states, but it must be within the bounds the constitution has set.

Utah against healthcare...


Whats worse...

than a Utah republican winning something?


Let the lies from the right kick into ludicrious speed! Warp drive is too slow.


You have to buy auto insurance IF you want to drive a vehicle you own. If you choose not to buy an automobile you don't have to buy insurance. This is due to the damage you could possibly inflict upon others. This is not the same, you have a choice int the matter, you can choose not to drive and not pay for auto insurance. But the Federal government wants me to pay for insurance I DO NOT use. I have been to see a doctor once in the past 15 years, and that was due to an accident at work, where they paid for everything because it was a work-related accident. Why should I have to spend $100's a month for something I do not need? This is not correct and I will fight for my rights any way I can. That my friends IS the American way.

Embarrassing-Thats All

Once again the reddest of the red, puts it's name on a list of stupidity. Yea all of the Repubs say we need reform with our health care, but why hasn't it happened or even got to serious talk when they were in control? What a bunch of jokesters! What the "big business boy's want is more illegal low wage employees, low wages for others and more part time jobs. Get what you want Repubs and who just who is going to purchase and use the products your big businesses make? No "mon" no fun, or buying. Do you get that? Now where is your dream economy? Wake up GREEDS!

Dr. Bob

Sad day for Americans when we became more Socialists!!!

Way to go Utah!!!

Personally I applaud Utah and all the other states opposing this unconstitutional act.

It is the right thing to do. There will more states stand up for our rights!!!

Why doubt their cognition?

Dr Bob you never had to take political science? Please explain how buying insurance from publicly owned insurance corporations is socialism? Is it the insurance exchanges that will let purchasers of heath care decide the best insurance options for them in a free market socialism in your view?


The states have no "standing" in this issue.

This "law suit" is all about politics.

However, Utah taxpayers will be paying the bill.

Individuals will have "standing" in 2014 when the mandate to purchase insurance becomes effective.

At that point, individuals can file bona fide law suits.


This is sheer political grandstanding. Either--

1) the supremacy clause trumps these State laws so the State law has no effect; or

2) the relevant provisions in the new federal health insurance law are unconstitutional, in which case there is no need for these State laws.

Talk about a waste of taxpayer money!! How fiscally conservative of those bringing this pointless lawsuit!

Its a majority

"I am embarrassed to say I live in Utah. Come on people get rid of the Repos who are hindering your right to health care. You had better believe I will definately be voting to out these obstrustionist! "


Utah is following the majority of the country. Thirty five other states are also going to be filing law suits against this unconstitutional bill. This is going to go all the way to the Supreme Court if the lower courts turn it down.

to Its a majority | 2:38

"Thirty five other states are also going to be filing law suits against this unconstitutional bill."
-citation needed


What a bunch of losers!
Utah is going to protest for the right to be uninsured. Way to go!
I have the right to be uninsured while I'm young. Then, I have the right to be seen for free if I'm in an accident. I have the right to become an expense to the state of Utah. Of course, because Utah doesn't have money, then the Federal government should intervene.
I have the right, I have the right, I have the right.
Why don't you say instead that you have the responsibility as a citizen to make the whole of society a better place.
Your patriotism is a joke and an embarrasement.


Move to California. PLEASE. You will not be missed. The grass is always greener on the other persons dime.


Thank you, Obama, for doing in 2 years...

what Bush could not do in Eight.

I am all for it...

I think letting insurance companies being able to cancel you policy if you make a claim is a great thing. If you have a pre-existing condition, tough deal for you but I am not paying for it. Cancer patients.... get a more affordable problem, because you just cost the rest of us to much.

And while Utah is at it, repeal the unconstitutional requirement for car owners to carry insurance. In fact, the minimum wage is an unconstitutional over reach into my right to pay what I want. Medicare tax, socialism at best. Old people should have saved more money - its their problem. And laid off.... you should have worked harder... I am not bailing you out.

In fact, perhaps we should change the name of the state from Utah to MeTah.

Squirm, Utah!!

Ha! Look at all the silly republicans crying!

Evil Insurance Guy

Yes, I sell insurance. A single young person can get medical insurance with a low deductible for about $80 a month. A little less than a cell phone bill for those who have a student out there.

A family can get medical for $350 to $400 a month. Yes, that's a chunk out of the budget, but I've read the average family pays nearly $100 for satellite/cable TV, $300 a month eating out, and $200 a month on cell phone usage.

I don't know what our CEO makes - he has degrees from Ivy League schools and I guess he makes 7 figures. About what that gift to humankind Miley Cyrus makes in a month.

I'm not saying our industry is perfect. But Americans seem bent on spending money on other less important things which got us into this mess.

Maybe I would like to bring

a lawsuite because I don't want to have to pay care insurance....but I'm a big girl and I know it's for the better good...

To: Maybe I would...

Save your money and invest in spelling lessons :)

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