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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm glad to hear it. HURRAY!!!!


Personally I applaud Utah and all the other states opposing this unconstitutional act. It is the right thing to do. It is amazing to me that so many cannot see this.


Those of you opposing this bill are so pathetic! This bill is about health care, not Socialism and Communism. Seriously go and get educated on what these terms mean. Then maybe this country might be great like Britain, France, Canada and Australia to name a few....


How much $$$$ of Utah tax payers is Shurtleff going to spend to fund his ill founded exercise?


what a waste of taxpayers' time and money... and yours too. Grow up, Obama has done the right thing and now the nation moves forward and will only be 100 miles behind the rest of the industrial world in taking care of its citizens.

Stop Pounding your chest Utah GU

the reason Cal has a huge deficit is because of Hugle illegal immigration prob, High taxes, etc etc. All the things that Utah doesn't have to deal with. Did I mention we have 35 million people in the state next to your how many? So before you start bashing someone else's state/home do some research. California is still in the forefront of this nation.


Obama, Reid and Pelosi are laughing at the gullible americans. We have to stop the ponzi scheme!

You don't

know what you want. The democrats know what you want.


I'm saddened to think that Utah assumes it has found a loophole that more than a solid year of debate failed to investigate. This is preposterous and unhelpful. It does nothing to address the problem of health insurance "obesity." Very short-sighted, Shurtleff. Very poor decision.

The Dane

If no health care for the needed ones, then what?

More GOP Whining

The constitution clearly grants the federal government the right to overrule the states, which means the state measures are "irrelevant."


What a sad commentary on Utah and others that can not let democracy win. I for one, am ashamed that rather than embracing something of great value to society. The status quo in healthcare needs fixing, even with the recently passed reforms - the US is not even close to the rest of the western world in taking care of it's people. I have lived in countries with Universal Health care and it is what is needed. Health care should be a right not a just for the priviliged.

Jon Burton

What does it all matter? Russia is getting ready to send the bomb anyway.


Way to go Utah! Glad to see that some one won't let the Federal Government bully us around.

Having lived for 4 years in a country with socilized medicine I know it doesn't work.

Shock & Awe

Only in Utah where there isn't enough money to educate our children would the AG blow $$$$$ on a loosing battle. Why not spend the money on a sure thing; our children!


Who does the goverment think they are to tell us what to do!!!!!!!

You people who run for office are a bunch of liars!!!!! you lie to get in, you have NO MORALS.

You people in goverment offices make me SICK!!!!!
I say we should vote for the mickey mouse and his friends they could do a better job.
And for pres of the United States lets put bugs bunny. He better then what we got now.

Thank goodness I did'nt vote him. And for those of you who did you need to read the books HE WROTE it will open your eyes up more about what he is all about.


To anonymous at 4:32 a.m. - What planet do you live on? This so-called health care reform effort IS one step closer to pure socialism. Why don't you just admit that you are comfortable with socialism and just be honest about it? And the countries you name are good, but not great. America is the greatest country - or was - because of our divine heritage, the hard work of its people and the freedoms that are incorporated into our constitution. All of these are diminished with this legislation.


We can't even afford to pay for basic services here in the state of Utah, but we are going to spend our tax money on a stupid lawsuit for the opportunity to deny health care to our own citizens. This is nuts.


We've elected Socialists in Democrats' clothing.

re:Disgruntled | 10:03 a.m.

Families are Socialist.

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