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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sorry, those who wanted it were the minority, not the majority.

Narrow Minded?

I'm getting quite sick of the liberals accusing conservatives of only listening to Fox News or AM raio. The underlying suggestion is that any sound-minded person with the REAL FACTS would obviously be "on their side." It is intellectual arrogance of the highest degree.

There isn't anything more narrow-minded than to say that the conclusion YOU reach is the only possible conclusion an "open-minded" person would possibly come up with.


Time to vote Shurtleff out.


Classic political battle Utah! Throw good money after bad! What a waste! Thanks for throwing my hard earned tax money right into the gutter!

you know

it's hard to know which way to believe because I for one have not read the lengthy heath-care reform bill front to back. I also haven't heard any congressman or senator step up and explain the whole thing to us either. The President himself told a news reporter he would know what was in the bill the same time as the reporter would find out! What does that say for our leader. If one person who voted for this bill can tell me how this whole reform works, top to bottom, I would be shocked! I do know that there are a lot of people out of work and to have to chose to spend money on health-care over food or rent or be fined is ridiculous.

@8:57 P.M.

The point of no return is near | 8:57 p.m. March 22, 2010
Our freedom is being taken away, little by little, a little here and a little there. Go Utah stand for something.


What Freedom?

Right to keep and bare arms?

Name it!

If this about money and taxes, you are confused.


I'm sorry your great-grandfather died in WWII. I served in Iraq as a modern-day soldier three years ago before I retired, and I truly believe it has been a complete waste of money, time, and lives. Billions have been spent on a country that doesn't want us there, they detest our very presence in their country. I have been there and it is true. We have gained nothing there and in fact, we have made the world more dangerous by our presence.

It is time for health care reform. I have a brother with cancer that can't get coverage since being laid off from his job. He will surely die without surgery and treatments that he is putting off until he has coverage. Pre-existing coverage. I guess he can just die.

@you know

Shouldn't the fact that the president himself can't (won't) explain the bill to us in clear terms be enough for you to be against it? The bill has been outlined in a number of places online, if you just did a little research you could figure things out for yourself. You shouldn't be relying on Congress to explain politics to you or you will never know what you believe because you'll never get a straight non-partisan answer. That is the whole problem with people now is nobody takes the time to figure things out for themselves and they just hope that whatever party they vote for is going to represent them. People you have to be your own guide, nobody is going to hold your hand because they don't care about you.


I wish the Utah attorney general would quit wasting taxpayer dollars and take on something worthwhile -- like ending the BCS.

no wonder why America is broke.

We are the only country in the world where the government sues itself. I'm not worried though, the chinesse are lending us the money that will be paid with interest by the time 'm dead.

The important thing

The most important part: "The government will provide tax credits to help millions of working families buy coverage they can't afford now."

More people having basic health care coverage is a good thing, if you ask me.

Whether this was the right way to go about achieving it...I don't know. That's a different question.

Who knows if it'll work...maybe, maybe not...and considering that the whole bill won't go into action until 2014, there's plenty of time for the whole thing to be either rescinded or altered in the meantime.

Still, I think a lot of people are missing the point: SOMETHING has to be done to fix the health care system. Even if you don't think universal coverage is that important, the pure truth is that the system is (was?) economically unsustainable for the entire nation in the long run.


You have my 100% support. This is a valid and worthwhile use of State of Utah funds. As anyone who has thought this through can see, this was not about health or health care of citizens; but it was/is all about federal power, compulsion and intrusion. It's another step toward complete socialism and it needs to stop for the good of the country. Go get 'em.



Bill unconstitional

To comply with a corrupt bill is to tear down the Costitution.

We must oppose such corruption to keep the nation we have and love.

Homer Forbes

Equating auto insurance to health insurance is absurd!! If you don't own a car you don't have to buy auto insurance. If you own a car you do have to have auto insurance for the privilege of driving on public roads. Doesn't sound like heaalth insurance to me. If you don't to use public health facilities why should you have to pay for insurance.

Good for us

Anyone who can possibly think that the federal government's utopian budget projections submitted to the CBO will result in solvent universal health care is high on the drug of denial.

Folks, the federal government is broke. You can't deny that and be taken seriously. It can't administer a program of this scope efficiently based on its miserable track record and lack of profit motive.

AG Shurtleff is doing the right thing by fighting this grossly overreaching legislative leviathan. The states have serious economic stakes in protecting its citizens from punitive programs masquerading as altruism.

Just remember, the federal government ain't your daddy. Once you get cozy in the culture of dependence, you've become dead weight to the Republic.


God Bless America!

And God Bless the President!

Thank you to Obama, Reid, Pelosa who worked on change in America to Benefit all of the American Families.

Healthcare bill is Un-American

There are several problems with ObamaCare, but one that stands out on its own is the requirement that all Americans have health insurance. The only way you get out of not having health insurance is to die. Liberty has no place in this bill, it is "comply or die." In a nation that values "Liberty or Death," this bill is un-American and un-Constitutional because it eliminates Liberty from the American equation. I choose Liberty, not death.



I would rather have a government go broke by helping families with healthcare...

instead of going broke killing in a war abroad...

Utah has the highest rate of bankruptcy because of current healthcare costs to families... so what are they complaining about...


I thought conservatives liked "personal responsibility"? In another universe, the thought of everyone doing their patriotic duty by participating in a plan to lower premiums would be a reasonable and responsible thing that conservatives would like? They would slam the "liberals" because they would not relinquish the freedom to choose to participate. Demonstrate personal responsibility for the good of the culture and nation? But, now, it must mean that everyone needs to demonstrate personal responsibility "except me". The True Conservative: Forcing me to have personal responsibility would be infringing upon my rights to be selfish. I'll sue you if you infringe my Strict Constructionist Interpreted Rights of self expression of selfishness.

I want a country with citizens who care about the good of NOT just their own family, but who care about the larger family of humanity, even if that means I have to give up something to help my neighbor. Speaking religiously, isn't that what true Christianity is all about???? The more I listen and read and watch, I am finding myself become less conservative because the root of conservatism seems to be a selfish disregard for anyone but "myself".

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