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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Answer This, Liberals!

This bill is flat-out, absolutely un-Constitutional.

NOWHERE in the Constitution does it say that the Federal Government has the authority to make people buy a particular product.


And, please, don't give me the 'commerce clause' argument or the car insurance argument.

The 'commerce clause' was not meant to punish (that's what a fine is: 'punishment') people for not buying a particular product which is EXACTLY what this disaster of a health care bill does: it punishes people for not buying a particular product.

Vehicle insurance argument: Yes, if you drive you must, by law, buy car insurance.


if you don't want to buy car insurance you are free to not buy a car but THERE IS NO SUCH 'OPT OUT' CLAUSE IN THIS BILL! (and somehow I don't think 330 million of us are Amish so don't go there....)

My question, which I've asked repeatedly but have never had it answered by any liberal, is if the government can order you to buy healthcare insurance then what will stop them from ordering you to buy a 2010 GM vehicle to spur the economy??????????


Personally, there are some days I can't wait until you liberal left-wingers are destroyed by THE 'Big Guy' himself.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I've got nothing against you personally but when your stupid ideas continue to destroy the country that is a gift from God, I take issue with that.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.....


Lets see if Comrades Obama, Reid, and Pelosi can pay off a few judges to complete their crime and perfect the rest of their corruption in this unlawful deal. I hate to suggest it and give them the idea but these three criminals have probably already thought of it. I hope all of you fools who voted in Karl Marx as President feel really intelligent right now. Even his own base is turning on him. Good job fools!

@answer this, liberals

I guess you assume only far left fanatics want something done with health care.

I agree that this bill is far from perfect but republicans only seem to care about rich people. They had six years of solid majoirtiy and all we got was a tax cut for rich people and two endless wars.

I believe this is a starting process and hopefully cooler heads will prevail and amendments to the law will come later.

What has Utah done

All these fanatic legislators say this is a state right issue. What have they done to help bring down cost?

Start a health exchange that hasnt even worked by their own admission.

They do not care because they are bought and paid for to keep the status qou.

This federal bill is far from perfect but you know what? If a you act as an moderate or independent in Washington D.C you are commiting political suicide because some one in your own party will say you are not conservative or liberal enough and run against you.

The party delegates who are usually the fanatics get to decide who we vote for. This process has to stop.

This forces all politicians to polarize. Look at Sentor Bennett. I wouldn't even say he is that moderate and he is being attacked for not being right enough. Same with Matheson. The hard core democrats want him out.

The Republican and Democrat parties control America and are destroying it. We need independant people to run on middle of the road politics


OK, there is insurance that is corporate insurance and then there is insurance that is mandated or you go to jail. Am I wrong?

Which do you prefer? Where is the free agency?


We believe in being subject to Kings, Presidents ... magestrates...and in HONORING obeying and sustaining the law.

Which in this country is more-or-less the law of majority rule. The tea party movement is seditious.

This state above all others should see it that way and reject the party of greed and disruption. If you want to see a real revolution; don't expect a democracy to reemerge soon - our last civil war over states rights issues cost us dearly. The South may be foolish enough to rise again, but we will not be party to it.

The existing health care laws - already socialistic and extremely capricious - bankrupted many; while making many more weathly. The party of Bush had many years to address the unfairness of the health care system but they elected not to. We honored their decision up until we duely elected a new government. We can do that.

Bad law or good, it is the will-of-the-people's chosen representatives and our president. It is their charter to Protect the General Welfare, not just the welfare of the lucky few. A court challenge is supremely stupid.

Jon Allen

Do NOT under any circumstances waste Utah taxpayer dollars trying to sue Congress over it's recently-passed health reform bill. Whether you agree with this bill or not, it's naive to believe a lawsuit of this sort has any chance whatsoever at repealing the law or changing it in any substantial way. Any reforms will be legislative, not judicial. PLEASE do no waste money Utah does not have on what amounts to a frivolous lawsuit. If you proceed with this lawsuit Mr. Shurtleff, you will lose LOTS of votes in the next election. Stop trying to score political points and focus on what is best for Utah taxpayers.

Lame reasoning

Uh, where were you liberals!!! We did get upset with Bush for passing the Bank bailout bill. Also, we know health care reform is necessary, but allowing the government to run it is the problem!!! The politicians don't care about you or myself, they care about their power and benefits. They are just as bad if not worse than these so called 'Evil' Corporations. Atleast corporations know how to run a company. Government can't run a company worth a squat. Bash all you want, but I WILL NEVER AGREE WITH MARXISM.


I hope that this bill will help combat global warming(I mean climate change)and reduce our indepenence on foreign oil!


Pathetic waste of money.


What a waste of money. This will never win in court. As for Shurtleff, I am sure he is aware that Federal law supersedes state law. HB67 is nothing more than political maneuvering.


*Sigh* I had a lot more respect for Shurtleff than this.

Before President Obama picked up the banner of health care I can't hearing remember one person that thought our current healthcare system didn't need a serious overhaul. But because it is the *other* side that is advancing it, it seems all the stops are being pulled to keep our clunky, painful, client-gouging healthcare system solely in the hands of the private sector that has brought us the clunky, painful, client-gouging system in the first place. C'mon Shurtleff, you don't need to play the stupid obstructionist game, too.


The health bill will save the US money. How many of the uninsured end up filing bankruptcy because they cannot afford their medical bills? Who pays for that? How much money is lost to hospitals who have to write-off medical debt? Who pays for that? Health insurance carriers lobbied against it, I wonder why? Health care is a human right that should be accessible to each and every American, regardless of their ability to pay for it.


to all of you people who crirtcize the wars in Iraq and afganistan, you are forgetting that the reason we are safe here is because they are there. other wise there would be fighting in the streets. Which there may well be soon. for all of those who dont care about liberty or freedom, you are welocme to go to the middle east were they live in fear everyday. :PS Myh ancestors die dfor freedom and for what they believed my great-grandfather being one of them in world war 2

Mario McCash

For seemingly bizarre and strange reasons, Utah is an all-Red State, vastly dominated by conservative Republicans; I assume this to be over 90% of the voting population.

As such, Utah is against health insurance reform because Republicans are against the bill and its reforms. And Utah is so pro-conservative Republican, it wants to repeal the bill and use the Courts to become exempt from its provisions.

Why would Utah do this? What is the alternative?

The goal for Utah is to not change anything really. Keep the status quo at all costs.

So what's the message?

We would rather be cut-off due to pre-existing conditions.

We would rather have lifetime caps.

We would rather have our children cut-off for pre-existing conditions and lose coverage at age 18/19.

We would rather be terminated from our policies due to illness.

We would rather have the less fortunate not have any insurance.

We care more about "cost" and money than we care about people's lives.

We would rather have for-profit insurance companies make our health care decisions for us, and allow insurance bean counters determine who lives and who dies.

Is Utah heartless?

american patriot

i am gratefule for my great-grandfather who was killed defending freedom at the battle of the bulge. he got a purple heart and silver star for courage in the face of the enemy. I will continue what he left in defense of my fellow americans freedoms.

The point of no return is near

Our freedom is being taken away, little by little, a little here and a little there. Go Utah stand for something.

Thank God

Thank God for this so-called socialism. Parents with little money will now get proper care for their child with a serious genetic disorder. Workers who now cannot afford exorbitant premiums will be able to purchase affordable healthcare. Old people will not be thrown out of their plan once they get seriously ill. I'm wealthy and am glad that my taxes will contribute to the well-being of so many others in need.

What nonsense when I hear people shout "constitution" and "freedom" and "the Communist States of America"... Pathetic.


It is hilarious to me that people compare Health Insurance to Vehicle Insurance. They are not even the same in any way. Vechicle Insurance ensures that you are protected against an accident that cam pccur everytime you drive. Health Insurance is only protecting yourself against high bill cost. It is a lot less expensive to have car insurance than it is to have health insurance. Just ask all those who pay up to $700 per month for it. How will the federal government force you to own up to it? What happens when you don't have employment and can't pay the premiums? If you think you are in a hole now, wait until the start collecting against you, putting liens against you so that they can pay for the insurance that they will be forcing on you. Good luck. Those who wanted it got it which was the majority. Wait until it hits your pocket book that is already too small in today's economy. Got to love Socialism, welcome to Canada.

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