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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Angela Rose

I feel any law that forces me to buy something I don't want is wrong, what will they do next, tell me I have to buy a certain car they want to move along? This is dictorship. Some people don't see what is happening and will be controlled by the government.

Mildred Abramski

I don't like the way they voted on this healtcare reform bill by making deals with people and buying them off, shame on them. Why can't the people vote on it, being it will be controlling them. Socialism at its fullest. Let us all remember this when voting time comes, they had their votes we will have ours.

re - Where? | 5:01 p.m.

["Where do these people come from that think someone else should pay for their health care?"]

I don't know... but we are all paying for these uninsured people now - at least this way they have to pay for some of it themselves...

couldn't tell if that was your point or if it was the other way...


my memory...why did the Prime Minister of Canada come to the US for his surgery? Was it because many of the doctors there don't WANT to be doctors anymore?

Fewer doctors (their freedoms will be impeded by this bill), means fewer choices (our freedoms will be impeded) and fewer avenues for care (i.e. rationing.) Is that a good enough lesson on how this will take away freedom?

RE --- To AMA | 3:59 | 5:02 pm

yes, and Obama is a commie that wasn't even born in the usa. no one ever walked on the moon and dinosaurs are a big conspiracy...

well, thanks for the laugh anyway...


TO --- Re: Try to Understand | 4:34 p.m | 5:20 p.m

["Make your case why Obama care is not socialism"]

?? make your case how it IS socialism. because it simply looks like spreading costs and making people pay more of their fair share to me. and if that's your idea of socialism, then stop using MY hiways...


I agree that this bill should be compared with Social Security. Social Security is a mess. So will be the results of this bill. I disagree with everything to do with social security. I should not have to pay social security because I am planning my own retirement. I don't need the government's help. If they do force payments down my throat (this is assuming they keep it going until I retire), I will probably just donate my payments to a charity of my choice. Of course the government probably wouldn't like that, since they think they should dictate how everyone's money is "donated". One last thought, Obama just might have passed Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever with this thing. I would say for sure, but I hate to take that away from Jimmy.

OK so quit thinking of the mandate thing as a mandate--think of it as liability insurance. You have said you think liability insurance is OK it keeps drivers from hurting other drivers without being able to pay right? Well the mandate to have health insurance is liability for yourself and your family, it keeps me from having to pay for your care should you or yours have to go to the emergency room.

Liability people. Or we could drop the mandate and we could drop all free rides in the emergency room. Don't get health insurance, you pay for your own ambulence ride and emergency room out of pocket, no protection under bankrupcy. You who choose to opt out, can do what you want and pay your own way. Or you can go to Mexico, or you can hire the dude down the street to do your emergency appendectomy or your kid's brain surgery. But don't ask for any handouts.

By the way all you Republican Romney lovers, you can kiss your Mormon Pres. goodbye. Health Care is based on his plan--your protests kill him as a candidate.

@Stupid Is As Stupid Does

And I bet you and your ilk voted at least 10X in that poll. And I do understand that you truely believe your opinion is worth 10 votes. It's a repug thing. The only poll that counts is the one we had on Nov. 4th, 2008. 70,000,000 of us voted for Obama and WON. I've never felt more proud to be an American patriot.


Yo Jennifer, Utah isn't the only state that is doing this. Get the facts before you run off at the mouth.


All you tort reform fans out there, did you notice that the Conservative Georgia Supreme court ruled that the medical malpractice limits in their state tort reform law were an unconctitutional infringement on the right to a jury trial.

Remeber, that was Georgia where the people elect their judges and the home of people like Newt Gingrich and other notable conservatives.


The US is falling apart fast. I hope we can reverse this obomanation!


All insurance is corporate socialism. Socialism for profit. Either you are paying for someone who is sicker than you are, or they are paying for you if you are sicker than they are. I doubt you could come up with a lot of people who come out even with their premiums.

The difference is, that the insurance companies are doing their best to insure they pay out the least amount possible to line their own pockets. They'll drop you as soon as look at you if they can come up with any reason if you get sick. If you are on medicare, they'll happily let you be wards of the state dropping you for being old even if you never got sick.

Get off your anti-socialist high horses. And for you who say Shurtliffe isn't against the pre-existing conditions stipulatations--it's the same thing. Think about it. One cannot exist without the other. And those of you who have become process moralists--do you even know how government works. Look at how the Patriot Act was passed if you think the Republicans are such bastions of purity.


Let's see, First, a bailout for the GOP's banking pals un W.; then a stimulus for both sides Wall St. slackers, and now a Jobs Bill for GOP lawyers who will get rich suing against this bill instead of actually coming up with and working toward some common goals. Thanks consrvatives!

Bye Bye

Susan - feel free to leave Utah any time.

BYU 71

This nothing but political grand standing. Health care reform is long overdue. Without health care reform, for-profit hospitals, insurance companies and greedy doctors will continue to bleed this country dry.

Mario Andretti

Auto insurance and health insurance are not the same. Auto insurance is for a car. If you don't want to pay auto insurance, don't buy a car. Nobody is forcing you to buy a car.

trying to understand

The UT government is upset that this bill is unconstituional and outragiously expensive, so they're filing lawsuit. Thus spending even more taxpayer money. Am I the only one who finds this strange?

pat b

Best news I have heard all day!



Amen. Love the propaganda for the Repubs at my expense.

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