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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I am so tired of the government in Washington D.C. telling me what to do. What ever happened to freedom of choice? Freedom to choose whether I want insurance or not? Talk about partison politics, this proves that Obama does not care what the people want. I predict he will not be re-elected because of this.

Iraq war unconstitutional

You will lose on this law suit; even GOP appointees on Supreme Court don't vote for state rights on federal issues.


TO --- Re: Car Insurance | 11:34 a.m

["You need to understand that mandatory car insurance is a product of the state government. The federal government has no such authority. The federal gov't was created by the original thirteen states and those states came together and decided what they would allow a federal government to do. Those limitations on the power of the federal government are what we call the Constitution. That document is a set of limits."]

and those limits have been construed to mean this insurance bill is acceptable....

do all you "original states" people really think that we could survive using your limited view of the constitution? we are a NATION, not a bunch of independant states.

the sooner you figue that out the better off we'll be...


Where do these people come from that think someone else should pay for their health care? When did we start to believe that others should buy us a car, or educate our children or pay for our food? Where does it stop? Everyone should take care of themselves, their families and then look out for their neighbors. Individuals should do it. Churches should do it. Non-profit groups should do it. NOT THE GOVERNMENT! America is the greatest nation on earth because of our individual freedoms and generosity. Not because of Obama, the progressives and their welfare state. If you want to spend your money on wasted government programs-do it! But let me decide how to spend mine. That's what freedom is all about.

re - Constitution? | 11:10 a.m

["We have seen from day one that Obama and Pelosi have no respect for our Constitution. They are stomping on it, treating it like a laughing stock. They are so egotistical, and they care more about their names in history that about being humble leaders. Are there any humble leaders anymore?"]

like bush? LOL


Don't you love health insurance companies. they've just convinced nearly the whole of Utah that they want to continue paying into the same system that causes more bankrupcies in this state than any other one thing. By the way, the bankrupcies just lowered your house value, adn cost the state a ton o bucks.

They are marvels of advertising and misinformation. Those who are terrified of having the government intervene should instead be terrified that they will soon be priced right out of their insurance. They will be paying deductibles in the thousands soon where the insurance agencies will pocket all of the profits and pay nothing out because you all will have to head to the emergency room to get your care because you will never get the deducible off your back--then the rest of us will pay for you too.

How big businesss gets you all to vote against your self interest is truly genius.

To AMA | 3:59

I can tell by your comment you're not an actual member of the AMA.

The lawsuit is not against "reform." It's against the illegal appropriation by government of a large portion of the economy, the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of health care professionals, and the destruction of the health care system that will be wrought by such a radical communitarian socialist agenda.

No one currently insured will EVER see an improvement in their coverage. ALL currently insured will see an immediate cost increase, and over time will see their current plan converted to a one-size-fits-all rationed-care government plan.

Further, over time, there will be fewer and fewer health care professionals to provide care, fewer and fewer institutions in which care is provided, fewer and fewer medications available

Though it denies it, the AMA is aware of the destruction about to occur, but chooses to lie about it, as the bureaucrats within the orgainzation are in the tank for Obama to the extent of selling out AMA's membership.

Romneycare at its best

Utahns didn't mind a pro-choice Romney on social issues, neither did they mind he ran in 2008 on "health care for all," but since a Democrat is pushing it forward, it must be bad. Law suits will put Obama in on landslide in 2012.

Freedom to not

pay for free loaders. When you take my property (money) to pay for someone else's health care you are taking my freedom to do with that money as I deem fit. You are therefore infringing on my freedom. I am sure the founders would consider it unreasonable seizure to seize my money to pay for some free loader.

re -- Helen Selander | 11:42 am

["Health insurance is not a right. It has never been a right, and it will never be a right. The care of your health is your personal responsibility. Be careful, America."]

no one said it was a right.... we said we were tired of paying for the people that go to the ER with no insurance. now they have to have insurance.

just like auto insurance...

count me in!

What ever we as utahns need to do to stop this insane health care bill, I'm all for it! Go for it Shurtleff!!!!


I say make it simple... if you get sick and you don't have insurance and you can't pay for your care then they should wheel your gurney out to the parking lot and give you one phone call to have someone pick you up...

that ok with you all? Because I am tired of my insurance rates going up simply because some of you don't want to have to pay for insurance.

and those arguing it isn't like car insurance - it is exactly like car insurance. If you don't drive, you don't need car insurance. if you don't go to a doctor, you don't need medical insurance...

you only get fined for not having insurance IF you go to the doctor and don't have insurance... so don't go to the doctor - don't get sick. works for me...

but don't go to the ER and say you have no insurance and make it so my rates go up... that's not acceptable..

re -- Car Insurance | 4:28 p.m

["The reason we are required to have car insurance is in case we hit someone and cause damage to them. That is the minimum you are required to get. Health insurance is totally different"]

you have to do better than "health insurance is totally different".. from where I sit, they look the same. both are mandated so the costs are evenly spread...

you want to elaborate?

Re: Try to Understand | 4:34 p.m

Make your case why Obama care is not socialism. Deliniate each point of difference. Also make your case in the context of the 10th Ammendment. In your great and all knowing wisdom and constitutional expertise, define in detail the difference between your so called social contract and socialism. Also explain yourself in the context of all the behind close doors dirty deals and veiled threats to all legislators who did not go along with Obama the neocommunist.


Frog's vision | 12:59 p.m. March 22, 2010
Frog's vision | 12:59 p.m. March 22, 2010
Oh my fellow Utahns, this is the vision and metality of a toad in the bottom of a dry well, who sees and believes that the sky is only a light bulb!

Healthcare is a human right, part of the rights to freedom and happiness. Because of this historical event, The United States of America has become a better country for her entire citizens generations after generations, which include Utahns.

Remember only with a healthy life can one pursues freedom and happiness.

This legislation puts the health concerns away from every American's mind and let every American pursue their dream, even though there is a dollar cost or some personal lose to it.

What do our state government want - not to pay for the tax and not to receive the benefits of this healthcare reform?

Only with money and a fast car can I pursue freedom and happiness, but I don't consider them a human right. Get the point...

great move

sue the govt. that is trying help the poor, the disenfranchised, the unemployed, the sick, and the people with previously conditions that cannot get coverage. We, us you and me, pay emergency rooms for their care now...

how utterly stupid to be suing. WWJD? WWJS?

Are there any Christians out there?

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Any liberal that proclaims that the majority of Americans want THIS kind of health care is NOT being honest in the slightest degree.

Virtually EVERY poll, be it from Fox News down to more Democrat-friendly polls, clearly shows that the majority of Americans DO NOT WANT OBAMACARE!

Health care reform?




I saw Alan Combs (sp?) on Fox today and he said "Yes, most Americans don't like the bill but that's misleading because when the bill is explained they like PARTS of the bill.", to which I choked on that line of stupidity and the Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly intelligently replied "Alan, the bill is the bill. You can't pass just part of it."

In other words, if there's good things in the bill that are outweighed by the bad parts of the bill (which is the case) then the bill is not a "good" thing.

msndotcom has a voting poll open to the public right now in which it is:

0.9% Other
6.4% Don't Know
26% Yes
66.8% NO!

There are currently 594,912 people who voted in the survey!

That's no small number...

Republican Healthcare Reform

1 - Interstate insurance company competition

2 - TORT REFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 - Make it illegal to drop existing insurance company customers simply because they get ill or hurt

4 - Get the federal government OUT of health care

THIS is the kind of common sense health care reform that most Americans want.

Pre-existing Conditions

Covering people with pre-existing conditions sounds nice but if the government mandates that a person cannot be turned away for health insurance because they have cancer, what is going to stop the government from telling my insurance company that they can't NOT pay you when your house burns down but you'd previously chosen to not pay for insurance????

Am I really supposed to cover you (in the form of higher premiums I'll be forced to pay) just because you were an idiot and chose to not get insurance?

Again, I ask, what's the difference between pre-existing health conditions and pre-existing damage to your home or car?

What's going to stop the gov't from mandating THIS?

Sometimes, folks, bad things happen to good people. That's just the way life is!

To those who are Anti-Socialist

Don't like it?

What about your Social Security?
What about your Medicare?

Please tell me you don't consider those evil Social programs either.

And if you hate Cosicalism and Communism.

I hope and pray you NEVER EVER buy anything from those evil, wicked countries as well.

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