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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fetchin Shirtless

Waste of time and money.

The party of NO strikes again (on our dime).

American Medical Association

Mikey likes it so why won't you?

“By extending health coverage to tens of millions of uninsured, improving competition and choice in the insurance marketplace, promoting prevention and wellness, reducing administrative burdens, and promoting clinical comparative effectiveness research, this bill will help patients and the physicians who care for them. There are increased payments for primary care physicians caring for Medicaid patients and bonus payments for physicians in underserved areas.

Those who have insurance will see improvements right away: lifetime caps on coverage end; children can stay on parents’ policies until age 26, and insurance companies can’t cancel coverage except in the case of fraud.

Re: 3:45 & Phillip Diller

Re: 3:45 - The basis of liberal thought tends towards action at all times. For better of for worse, the consequences be damned, just act. there is a time an place for sound and swift action. I just don't think that now is that time.

Re: Phillip Diller - I haven't chosen to use the words freedom or liberty, but the moment that those words don't mane anything any more is the moment that our nation is truly lost. While I don't think this is a freedom or liberty issue, I do believe that it is a constitutional issue and that our current president has lied in his oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution.

Re: Everybody that is going to say, well, you probably supported Bush - the truthful answer is that no, I didn't. I didn't like the fact that those decisions were based in fear and terror, just as I don't like how the recent decisions have been backed by fear mongering and declarations of being unpatriotic.
I salute the flag, say the pledge of allegiance at every opportunity, and love our country. Mr. President, please keep your change.

To those against this lawsuit:

I have a few points to shoot down your arguments:

1. Shurtleff is mainly challenging the part of the bill that requires everyone to have health insurance. In other words, he is not challenging the parts that require insurance companies to accept those with preexisting conditions.

2. It is not just "wing-nut Utahns" that are doing this. If you didn't notice, 9 other states (including mostly Democrat swing states Florida and Pennsylvania and mostly liberal Washington) are doing it as well. The Bill was not bipartisan. The opposition to at least a certain part of it is.

Next time, read an article before you comment. Please.



"Our freedoms are disapearing faster then you can say President Obama "

What freedoms have you lost? Can you name one?

Waste of time

What a gigantic waste of time and money by the AG to ensure future votes. Perhaps Shurtleff should re-read the U.S. Constitution. A little thing called the "Commerce Clause" and another little thing called "Supremacy" allow the Federal Government to enact healthcare legislation.

Many decades ago, similar complaints and outrage were expressed when the Federal gov't enacted Medicare. Medicare is still here. Many decades from now, this new healthcare legislation will likewise be here. The U.S. Constitution gives the Federal Government the power to do so, and Shurtleff will waste millions of Utah taxpayer dollars in vain.

RE: No thank you

Way to twist the scriptures to mean what you want them to mean. Socialism (or this health care bill if you insist it is not socialistic) are NOT moving toward the Law of Consecration. The Law of Consecration will be voluntarily entered into. Socialism (and this bill) are not voluntary. They force people. I happily freely give part of what little I have (and right now I do have VERY little) to those who have less, but I would rather the government not force me to do it.

Buy some stock now!

Health care stocks -- in particular hospitals -- have started the day with sharp gains as the overhang regarding the uncertain status for the health care bill has now been removed. Shares of Tenet Healtcare (THC) are up 5.4%, Health Management Associates (HMA) is up 7.8%, and Community Health Systems (CYH) is higher by 5.7%.

Why all the complaining from the Republicans. They often brag about their savvy financial deals and making money while others suffer in the pit of despair.

Buy some stock in healthcare companies! Hospitals will have tons of cash now that their customers will actually have the ability to pay them. Write-offs go down, profits UP UP UP.

This could be a great opportunity to make some cash- pull your heads out!

Not Karl

Thank you, Mr. Shurtleff. I appreciate an elected official with the guts to fight for freedom.

People who want this kind of legislation are in the minority, but they still have options. They can move to Massachusetts or another more socialistic state. They might leave America altogether for Canada or England or Greece. But please don't paint me as a bad guy for wishing to be responsible for myself and expecting you to do the same.

Car Insurance

The reason we are required to have car insurance is in case we hit someone and cause damage to them. That is the minimum you are required to get. Health insurance is totally different

Freedom Fighter

Please --

What FREEDOM was ever taken away?

Due Process?
Right to keep and bare arms?

Name one, and I'll listen!

Otherwise - it just more
Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah
Blah, blah, blah
whah, whah, whah,
whining from the pathetic right.


Hello Anonymous, Vehicle insurance is supposed to protect the driver and the victims of an accident. Health insurance is a personal thing. Millions of people don't have it because they are rich enough to pay their doctor and hospital bills. They don't need health insurance. There are also millions of people on welfare, they have lived that way for years and it's so good, they don't see any reason to change. Why should I who carry insurance for both be forced to take care of them? The president and all of his "friends" are socialists and want the country to be like them.


Republicans locally will HATE healthcare reform...oh, except those small business tax breaks, oh, and having kids on their parent's policy, and doughnut holes for seniors, and pre-exisiting conditions. and caps insurance companies will give on certain diseases, and, and, and, and.....

Utah politicians attack these provisions, at your own PERIL.You can be voted out of office just as easily.

Try to Understand

I think there are some people out here that don't understand the difference between social contract and socialism.

The health care bill is not socialism. Everyone who is paying for health insurance and taxes is already paying for everyone else who has health insurance or medicare or medicade. That's how it works. We all pay into the system to spread out the cost over everyone. The probem is that there are a lot of people who fall through the cracks--those who get dumped by their health care providers because face it insurance companies would like nothing better than to only cover the healthiest 10 percent of people.

This way, we all have more of a fighting chance. individual rights are not diminished. We are all paying. If you don't like the car insurance analogy, think instead of highways. Not everyone drives a car on every highway, but we all pay for them. It's part of belonging to a society. None of us are self sufficient. We gave that up a long time ago. If you don't think so, go give it a try.

Priceless Picture

Says it all, doesn't it?


thank you mr shurtleff

One way to handle this

For the people who don't want to be "forced" to have insurance -- let them be responsible for every penny of health care they use. A child falls out of a tree and breaks a bone -- make the parent pay eery penny it takes to heal the child (and if they can't pay to heal the child, eliminate their parental rights, make the child a ward of the state and place him/her with someone who will properly take care of him/her). A person has cancer -- make them pay every penny it takes to treat the disease. Etc., etc., etc.

They don't want insurance? Make them pay the total price for their choice.


What freedom and liberty are you suing for?

Freedom to drop your insurance when you get sick?
Freedom to raise your premium to make more money year after year?
Freedom to decline your daughter because her pre-existing pregnancy?


Freedom to keep your insurance when you lose your job?
Freedom to help you pay insurance when you are struggling (up to $88K, that's most likely including you, get it!)
Freedom to limit your healthcare cost to


"Political garbage. Insurance mandates have been in place for many years. The automobile insurance mandates are the classic example. This lawsuit will cost the taxpayers of Utah and will gain nothing."

WRONG! Nobody is forcing you to buy a car and operate it on the highway. This bill mandates people buy insurance whether they chose to or not.

The Problem

with those of us who are against the bill is not that we are greedy or selfish, as liberals love to default to. Most of us aren't even rich. The problem we have is that we actually weigh options in a cause-and-effect universe. We don't just take things at face value. We would love to be excited about this bill, but some of us, unfortunately, are burdened with logic.

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