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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dear Republicans,

I don't know if you were aware, but there was an election in 2008. YOU LOST.

Which part of the bill are you going to try to repeal first? The part about children with pre-existing conditions? Or are you going to start by restoring the medicare donut hole?


This whole debate is not just about health care. It's about control. Is our constitution hanging by a thread yet?


Shurleff and Utah- Some questions to ponder.

Is it legal to torture prisoners? Bush Cheney

Is it legal to wiretap our communications without a warrant? Bush Cheney

Is it legal to go to war without the consent of Congress? Bush Cheney

Is it legal to give open contracts to Blackwater and covert quasi-military organizations? Bush Cheney

Is it legal to bail out banks with tax money? Bush Cheney
The taxpayers are bailing out a big bank while millions of Americans may be losing their homes in the financial meltdown. Where are the conservatives protesting this?

The health bill is not perfect, but stamping on the Constitution is a Republican passtime.

Drink the koolaid and eat the green jello.

Please send Grandma's social security check a couple of days early! Big government saves the day again- I mean what would grandma do?

Oh yes, she wanted freedom from savings as well.


It's not only people in Utah who are unhappy about this bill and the methods used to get it passed, I live in President Obama's home state of Illinois.

Many people who were so happy and saw him as the vehicle for positive change are very upset about this bill, and have lost faith in him. (At least most of the people who have jobs, or use to have jobs are expressing this sentiment, the hard-core partisan democrats I'm sure still think he's going to give them everything they need and/or want).

A family that I know were very supportative of President Obama, going to rallies, calling people to vote for him last Fall, no longer support him because "he wasn't the man they thought he was". And living in the Chicago area are all too familiar with the way politics are done, and now this administration is following suit. Utah, if you think it will do any good to bring this lawsuit,if you think they care about what people think, more power to you.


The state of Utah is run by Republicans!

Republicans are run by insurance companies!

The state of Utah will spend the money to protect the insurance companies!

Only increasing the unemployment

This bill is going to raise the unemployment rate!!!! How is my hard worker father who is a broker supposed to make a average living now? there will be massive lay offs from the health industry. by forcing this bill down everyones throat my harding working father will now possibly lose his job.


Good for Utah. Way to join my native Idaho in filing suite against this socialized mess.

What would the Savior do?

re: "I wonder". It isn't a question of whether the Savior would want healthcare for everyone or not. One thing is for sure however; and that is, He wouldn't use the tactics the democrats used to get there; nor would he pay for it with increaased debt or off of the backs of the "working" class. There's no free ride for anyone! As President Ezra Taft Benson once said, Socialism is nothing more than a lower form of communism. Therefore, do you think the Savior would approve? I seriously doubt it!


My MIL lives in Canada with her husband who is a legal citizen of that country. Guess what!! She gets better medical care there than I get with the PCN Medicaid program here in Utah and she's not a citizen.

I would like for Shurtleff to go without any medical insurance for 10 years and watch him pay for his care out of pocket or have to see social services at the hospital to get help with paying for it.

Personally I would much perfer to pay for someone else to have health insurance rather than see the costs of medical care go up as a way to cover for the loses of the uninsured.

Thank you!

Thank you for standing up for our rights! I'm glad SOMEONE is listening to the will of the people!


It is amazing to me that no one commenting here seems to understand why the insurance is mandated. It is to allow costs to be lower (economy in numbers), and to allow pre-existing conditions to be covered. It would be a nightmare to administer and much more costly if anyone could just wait until they are sick to buy insurance, then cancel when they are better, then buy when they are sick, etc. It is not about communism or socialism!


First, to the WWJD? question. He NEVER forces anyone to do anything. Got that?
Next, this is NOT about insurance, this bill is about taking more freedoms from the people and MORE CONTROL over our lives. Very few of the "appealing" promises will be fulfilled. (Except to elite groups and individuals who helped pass this.) The money isn't there even if we did want to pass such a catastrophe. Before you know it, you will be denied coverage in such cases as for example: Your 88 year old Mom is too old for that surgery to save her life. Denied. You want to be covered for your 3rd pregnancy.....or maybe more than that." Denied. Just wait. Big brother is really out to control our lives.


Re:"Questions" 3:10

Thank you, Republicans do not want those questions asked.

During the Bush War - the people of Utah all supported and said hey lets spend the money.

Now with Health Care Reform - the people of Utah say no lets not help our citizens lets not help the people of our country it is expensive.

There are two ways of looking at this mess - Doing things the same way or trying to improve the way things have been.


At least the Democrats did something! Go work in any hospital and notice how many are uninsured. If you don't think it's a problem...think again. At least Democrats are DOING instead of just BASHING.


Nice to see our AG doing this. This is a real issue as opposed to worrying about the BCS.

JoAnn Jeppsen

It is time we stand up and be counted for the constitution of these United States! This process was not one of rule of law, it was all about how to get around it.


It's funny how so many people don't realize how ridiculous they are being about this. They LOVE medicare, but they can't see any good in Obama's compromised plan.

Phillip Diller

Republicans blame Obama for not even attempting to reach across the isle, but they democrats have sacrificed tons of their original wishes in order to make this happen. Give them credit. And quit using stupid words like "liberty" and "freedom," because they don't mean anything. Thanks.

I call baloney

I don't believe it's "un-Christian" to not have government mandated healthcare. The more we abdicate our responsibilities to the government, the more people feel entitled and the less people feel responsible to care for each other and be their brothers' keepers because "it's the government's responsibility, not mine."

Congress and Obama are passing a bill that most of them haven't even read completely and that most of the citizens do not want. I'm not against reform. I'm against THIS reform. Not all change is good. Only GOOD change is good.

Claiming that if someone isn't insured, taxpayers end up paying their bills ignores the fact that many people pay their medical bills WITHOUT having insurance. Those who go to the emergency room without insurance still get billed, and MANY of them pay those bills.

Claiming it's like auto insurance is a bad analogy. Nobody is required to insure a car that they own outright. Only liability is required. If someone chooses to risk having to pay their own medical bills or not get treatment, perhaps that should be their choice (although probably a bad one), not the government's.


Most of the individuals up in arms about this are the victims of the misinformation campaigns financed by the insurance companies. nothing in this bill represents anything resembling socialism. i find myself getting irritated but need to remember most "ain't smart" and don't understand what is going on. unfortunately the fake christian republican right is very successful in galvanizing those who are greedy and view the poor with derision. read people, get educated.

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