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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is the right move.




woo-hoo! Nice legislation Democrats. #7 states are considering suing the Federal Government challenging it- what an embarrassment


Once again Utah at the fore with stupidity.


I agree with the lawsuit. Our country is looking more like Communism country all the time. Time to fight for our RIGHTS!


I hope it works, otherwise we will be the United Socialist States of America


Good. I want my pre-existing condition to stay that way!!!


Way to go Utah.... This is the right move. At lest there are some people willing to go to bat for the Americans who didn't want this plan.

Crossing Fingers

The only silver lining we have left. Sunday was a tough day for me. It just amazes me how easily our personal freedoms are taken away.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

hmmmmmmmmmmm Judicial Activist Judge's, the ACLU, passing law's from the Bench, and I thought only liberal's do this LOL. Yea right Utah, we know who you really are now, liberal's. Let's look at this - Utah will join several other states (that's called a class action lawsuit, it'll be tossed because you can't mix the government's), in a lawsuit challenging the health care reform legislation passed by the U. S. House of Representatives and is already signed into law, while it sits 10 days before Official. Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said (what does he know), the mandate requiring every U.S. citizen to buy health insurance or face a penalty, along with other provisions of the bill, violate the U.S. Constitution and infringe on individual and state rights. We know you can't take something Civil, as this is, and without finding out first, the ability for one to pay, then turn it into a criminal contemps, without due process of law, to enforce the Civil contempt, but they do it daily in child support back payment's, and got away with it for 35 years. Right?.


Thank you...Keep your grubby hands off my health care! THANK YOU!!!!!


Utah would rather waste money on lawyers, instead of helping citizens of the state get insured. How pathetic.

No thank you

Great, lets waste more money in legal action - can I ask that my taxes not go to THAT.

Ya, it's not perfect, but I'd rather my money go to health care than WAR or the banks or the car industry. For a christian state I'm disgusted at the lack of Christianity I find locally on this issue. I wonder how we'll all react when the Lord institutes a stricter observance of the Law of Consecration... Easier for a camel than a rich man if I remember right.

Hater of Poor Uninsured Losers

Perfect move! With any luck we can keep the law from going into effect and hopefully a lot of those poor low-lifes who don't have any insurance will die from lack of access to health care! We can only hope. That's the good Christian thing to hope for. After all, I've got mine, so who cares about the losers who don't have it.


Margaret Thatcher: "The only problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of someone elses money."


Where in the constitution is it allowed to force people to buy products "for their own good"? What will be next? We are opening the door for any lobbyist who can spread enough money around to persuade legislators that we need the product that lobbyist represents. This is a terribly dangerous precedent. How about this Obama, you lower taxes and let us decide how to spend our money, reform tort laws and open up insurance to interstate competition? Oh, my mistake, those special interests don't pay you enough.

Silly Republicans

call it what it is. Local right-wingers using tax dollars to campaign to their base.
"WoooHoo look at us fighting the man!"
It's over, Americans won yesterday. I've never been prouder of my country.


This could turn into another civil war. It's too bad that I'm too old to be considered for citizenship in Canada because I'd go. But, unlike the U.S. that opens its doors to everyone one way or another, Canada has rules for entering and staying, and one of those rules is that a person has to be between 18 and 54 years old, or they have to have a personal wealth factor of $800,000.00. Why doesn't the U.S. have a plan like this for incoming immigrants?


I am embarrassed to say I live in Utah. Come on people get rid of the Repos who are hindering your right to health care. You had better believe I will definately be voting to out these obstrustionist!

Teri Z.

I agree with Utah and the other States...this is against the US Constitution! Mandating coverage and having a PENALTY is absurb...they (the Dem's) should have listened to the American people and not passed this horrible bill! This was rammed down the throats of the American people. We need to work on other troubled areas in our govt. This is similar to the "threats" we received about the H1N1 vaccine--if we didn't get it we were all going to die from the flu.

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