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Published: Monday, March 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Brother Chuck Schroeder

Now that was a sight to be seen, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is surrounded by reporters after a closed door House Democratic Caucus meeting as the House prepares to vote on health care reform, she was also surrounded by Congress walking to the steps to as the Tea Party yelled out (giggles) well you know, nasty thing's. And if I told them to you, DN would say they are found to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, so I won't. While the hyperboiler's shout that they must throw out the Democrats and replace them with the right kind of Republicans conservatives who actually are conservative, they ignore the people, that's what costed the White House in 2008 and Congress also. And where did it get them?, the transformative health care bill is headed to President Barack Obama for his signature as Congress takes the final steps in Democrats' improbable and history-making push for near-universal medical coverage.

We know Utah to sue over healthcare bill - but ani't that called Jusicial Activist Judges, and passing law's from The Bench?. Just like the ACLU does to?. Is Utah then all liberal?.

David Correct

Right! The GOP will be bragging how they made the bill

right direction, but not perfect

It may not be perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

Medical help should be a human right and I believe that Christ would want this - Give of your riches to aid the poor - when did He ever turn someone away because they had a pre-existing condition or couldn't afford His services? This is more Christ like than capitalism and I fully support it (even if I'm despised in this state for it).

I'd rather my taxes go for someones health and well being than for prolong the war, or carrying out death row executions, or paying politicians egregious wages.

Right Direction? Bah!!

Bribery, corruption, behind closed doors drafting, strong-arming, pervaracating--- is a step in the right direction? Bad process, unconstitutional process -- is a step in the right direction? Spending trillions we don't have -- when Medicare and Medicaid are ALREADY BROKE is right direction? Covering illegal immigrants, paying for abortions (executive order is a ruse and doesn't prohibit them) is step in the right direction? No, of the 1500 pages, about 30 are bi-partisan. Pre-existing conditions, is about it. This is odious. It stinks. this is no way to run a Congress or a nation. To twist the rules, bribery, etc. is just wrong. Throw the Dems out!!!!

I believe in free enterprise

Do you honestly believe that government is more efficient than the private sector? You are truly ignorant to believe that. Everybody complains about government red-tape. How is this different? This bill only creates more a burden for the youth for worse quality health care.

I am a Christian as well, and I want everybody to be insured also. We should providing incentives for people to get health care (ie improve the economy by limiting government influence). Government is always the worst option. The framers of our constitution understood this. This is what makes America unique compared to socialized nations. This is why American is the "city upon the hill." Do we really want to be like those countries? Canadians complain about their health care, and many come to the US for health care.


The Lord is shining down on our country with the passage and signing. Praise God!

Henry Drummond

This is a great day for America.

It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.

For all you Republicans that

think the GOP will just take over in November and change the law just remember:

OBAMA WILL VETO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like Bush did when the Democrats had control of the house and senate before.

See how things work when you have the house, sentate and the Presidency!



You'll be saying in 10 years: "don't take way my benefits", just like you do now for Social Security and Medicaire.


Populism is the appeal to government, a single voice of the people, to counterbalance the influence of big business who are able over time to tilt the rules in their favor. This bill doesn't replace private health care or create a government health care system (nice try I believe in free enterprise), it doesn't cover illegal aliens, pay for abortions or spend trillions (940 billion, nice try right direction).

How can the "moral majority" and their religious convictions turn their back on those who are less fortunate? How can they so easily look away when those without health insurance live shorter lives? What kind of nation are we when we hoard our own little fortune and turn a blind eye to the plight of others in defense of large insurance giants?

I am just one person, but my vote will go against those who voted as the party of no.


@right direction, but not perfect
I have searched and searched but have been able to find nothing in the scriptures that states that the government should TAKE money form the hard-working people and GIVE it to those unable or UNWILLING to work after taking it's cut.
Please explain to me how government forced "charity" is the same as my own VOLUNTARY charity. And while you're at it, since you like to bring Christ into this, I'd like to know where the scriptures are that justify all this government-sponsored charity over private charity.

important dates

Sept 11th
Cec 7th
March 21st
all days that will live in infamy...all days when a group of self righteous fanatics brought great harm on the heads of innocent Americans, all for the glory of their cause. Sadly, Obama's minions will die suffering from third world health care while singing his praises, rather than admit their greivous error.

Obama be careful

The President should be careful where he travels. He should stick to friendly communities. I think he is underestimating the feelings he and his cronies have generated.

Pull Barry

You libs are so funny. You think you have my mindset defined so well. I would gladly give up SS, just give me back my 15% and let me make my own plans for retirement. I would gladly give up Medicare, just let me take care of myself. And I will gladly give up ANY govt program you are so willing to give thanks for. It is obvious to me and any right-thinking American, who is the provider and who is the receiver in this country. You would do well to change your license plate to read "TX4ALL" You seem to forget just who or what 'government' is. It's me and you, not Washington. Well, I guess it's me. And no, you're NOT welcome!


As a CONSERVATIVE, let me stress some of the "GOOD". There are a couple of good things in this bill, a couple, that's about it. Not being able to be dropped for getting "Sick" such as cancer, that's good! Keeping health care if you lose you're job, that's good, however you can already do that if you pay the premium, what's the problem there? So there are a couple good things in it. The COST, NEW TAXES, EXTRA TAXES, GROWING THE DEFICIT, FORCING YOU TO BUY HEALTH CARE, This is BAD!!! Republicans and Conservatives all agree, we need health care reform, but this is THE WRONG WAY TO DO IT!!!!!!!!! Costs will GO UP! This will COST JOBS, not create jobs, use you're head! I collect social security disability, yet I believe Social Security needs to be PHASED OUT! I think it was the Democrat John F. Kennedy who said, "Ask not, what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country!" What ever happened to that great "Democratic Party" Idea? Now it's What will the government give me for free! There is no free LUNCH!


I find it interesting that Obama says "We proved that this government – a government of the people and by the people – still works for the people." and now that he has what he want's he now needs to go "sell it to the reluctant american people" in short obama wants to tell us what we want sounds a little bit to much like communism to me.


I am very proud of the “Party of NO” and all the levelheaded Democrats who voted no on this national disgrace. Kudos and THANK YOU! A lot of lipstick was put on this pig and you saw through it. Electoral death to all who supported this.

Re: Brother Chuck Schroeder

The Supreme Court has every right to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare legislation just like any other law passed by Congress. The funadmental issue here is States Rights, and your comments above illustrate not only your ignorance, but also your refusal to consider the constitutionality of Obamacare.

The States have every right to bring this matter to Court

Regular Citizen

So I read the most I can about this bill. If they are allowing us to have our non dependents until 26, everybody has to have insurance or they will pay fines, and no gap for the coverage, my only question is ..... (drums)

Does this bill set limits for the premiums? Right now I am paying about $500 per month to have a decent health insurance. With these new regulations, it looks to me that the insurance companies will revise their premium fees and then charge us to cover these extra "features" created by the government. If that so, please Obama, don't help me out! And I honestly don't believe the so called tax credits. Either way, that's less money in my paycheck and at the end of the fiscal year, I never see it coming back!

Boiling Over

Our government is not a democracy or even a republic - it is a dictatorship.

Since when can politicians ignore 2/3rds of Americans and do whatever they want. We ask for fiscal restraint and we get spending. We ask for no more bailouts and we get new unfunded, compulsory welfare programs. Now my taxes are going to increase 10% and for what? To pay to insure a bunch of people who don't want insurance?

Interesting point - whites pay nearly all the taxes and blacks/hispanics get all the benefits. This is like reverse slavery. Looks like Obama is taking his reparations without ever calling it reparations.

I'm glad Utah has to guts to stand and fight the bloated Federal Government. I hope more than just 10 states challenge the legality of forcing Americans to purchase something they don't want. This whole system infuriating.


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