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Published: Sunday, March 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Get Real

People get real. Quit being so self rightous. Mormons are not the promint religion anymore. The Babtist are. I don't hear them complaining! There is 750volts of electricty in those wires that make the trains run. They have to power down the lines so no one get electrocuted. Uta is obligated to fullfill their commitment for the city to provide service for the public. Scedules can't be changed just because a bridge needs to put in place. During the weekdays there is only about 4 hours from end of service to start of service and about 6 hours from end of service to begining of service on Sunday. Therefore the work needed to be done on Sunday morning. There is a lot more people who ride Trax than people who are unhappy for the church working on Sunday.


Great photo's, did they bring it in on truck or rail?


They built this thing right there on Main Street. I was amazed they could do this with the very limited space available and with minimal traffic disruptions. Kudos.

to get real

huh? you might spell check next time and grammar check. what is the diffence between a methodist and a baptist? methodists can read. you proved this point!


I think that first comment is a hoax, written by one of those who love to cause dissension here.

Rocky A.

This looks horrible! They've ruined Main Street again!!!


What is the focus of this article? A cool sky bridge, constructed on site, raised successfully. . .or a Sunday School discussion about the meaning of "keeping the Sabbath holy" and who gets to determine what that is is.

Kudos on the engineering, people!


I just walked past the sky bridge a few minutes ago. It looks great. It really adds a more urban feel to the city. Reminds me of the area near Grand Central Station in NYC, where I used to live.

You can't be serious.....

Do you really these posts are serious? I don't
think so.....

@Rocky A.

HA HA HA HA HA!! That's funny! I was wondering when you would show up.


I never would have guessed putting up a bridge would become a religous debate...wow look how far we've come.

partof the team

The bridge set on Sunday morning was the culmination of thousands of hours of work by hundreds of dedicated workers. From planners, architects, engineers, detailers, project and safety managers, shop fabricators, operators and field ironworkers,and a host of other trades; everyone performed flawlessly to make this incredibly complex undertaking look simple.

I'm proud to have been a part of the team that completed the bridge erection on time, without injury to site personnel, or negative impact to the public and city of Salt Lake. This is one to remember.

I look forward to walking across the completed bridge and shopping in downtown Salt Lake City. The planners behind the City Creek Center are moving Salt Lake City into the 21st century as a world class city. Thank you for making this a great place for my children to grow up and live.

John Pack Lambert

The trax downtime reality make doing this when they did logical.
I also would ask "when does the Sabbath start?" Personally, I think it is the type of issue you need to make on an individual basis.
I am guessing that normally constuction work on this site does not occur on Sunday, or in the middle of the night. However, the Pedestrian bridge is a special case, and so they need to apply special rules.

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