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Published: Sunday, March 21 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm very disappointed they did this on a sunday. I expect more from my church than paying people to work on Sunday. One of the construction workers was selling passes for people to watch the bridge moving up close, well after 12:01. This disgusts me as a Latter-day Saint. They should feel ashamed for doing this, when they easily could have done this another night.

holy ghost

Hey anonymous, what were you doing up at 12:01? Doesn't the holy ghost go to bed at midnight? And if you were so digusted with the event why did you particpate by showing up?

To Anonymous

Clearly you are a Pharisee. Go stand on some other corner to belt out your self-righteousness.


why did you go then?


Goodness, Anonymous needs to get a sense of what is important! Thank you for doing this over the weekend to minimize disruption to the world that lives in reality. There are many ignorant zealots that do not understand how projects are done. Thankfully most of these nuts live overseas. I would be suprized to find a single individual that was not completly happy to be there. Back to sleep Anonymous.


Maybe it's best if the church allows construction companies some latitude to make their own decisions.

ER in AF

It was the right time to do a job like this. The scripture is not just an adage that people use to do what they want on Sunday. Truly sometimes the ox is in the mire, and it is expediant and right to do something like this on the day that will have the least impact on the most people. I applaud those who made the decision especailly since I know they knew there would be nitwits who don't understand the this is the right way of doing this.

To anonymous | 12:29 p.m

If it makes you feel any better, the Church has to pay for things like Church Security to work on Sundays. As a general rule, the Church minimizes the numbers that have to work on a Sunday. If you had stopped to consider a little more, you may have realized some other factors. Like the fact that there was a Jazz game in downtown last night. By midnight, the bulk of the fans had left downtown. Most restaurants and any other places are for the best part closed. Closing access to Main and the area was best done at this time, for the sake of the SLPD and the people that live/work in Downtown. Think harder before speaking please.

Thank you City Creek

I'm very excited for this new addition to our downtown. My thanks to the construction workers, downtown merchants who have to put up with the construction, the planners, the designers and the funders for making SLC even better.

I'm seriously considering a new condo downtown. What is it they say? Downtown IS rising.

Kemp J

I live in the pacfic northwest and have been watching this project closely. What an awesome project. I only wish we had a project of this magnitude to stimulate our economy.


To "Holy Ghost:" funny, but that makes no sense. There's nothing wrong with being up that late. Also, it's not a "participation" event, and its success is in no way affected by the number of people who show up, so I was not supporting it in any way. I live downtown and was woken up by all the commotion (specifically the helicopter flying around in circles above my building), so I went and watched.

To "To Anonymous(1):" I don't see why I shouldn't stand up for what I think is right. Usually people are criticized for blind obedience. In this case, I'm just pointing out that the church fell short of the expectations of one of its own members.

To "Chuck:" I'm sorry if my beliefs aren't important to you. I'm not trying to be preachy, but given the circumstances I think I am justified in pointing out that their priorities are mixed up from what they usually are, and should be. A simple matter of convenience is not more important than obeying commandments and setting good examples in my eyes.


To "To Anonymous(2):" Some things are indeed necessary to pay for on the sabbath, but I don't think this is one of them, and I don't think the examples you cited should be used to justify this. I'm not saying they shouldn't have done this at midnight, I'm saying they should've chosen another day, or at least not sold tickets (which is what bothers me most of all). The only thing that was disrupted was TRAX, and that was only beyond the station at City Creek, for a few hours. It wouldn't have been much different at all had they done it some other day. This wasn't an urgent need, or a matter of major inconvenience, as you project it to be.

@ Anonymous 4:31pm

For one ... you are sounding extremely preachy.

Secondly as it was pointed out this type of project would have been extremely difficult to do on a weekday night.

I really don't think the church fell short of any expectations. I've seen General Authorities outside of the SLC area in restaurants on Sunday. Does that fall short of my expectations of them? No.

Look at the bigger picture.

to anonymous

The sabbath is there to make better the life of man. Man does not serve the sabbath.

I imagine that the construction company watched traffic patterns from night to night and found the least intrusive time.

I'm a contractor (not construction) and have worked for the Church on many a Sunday. I also enjoy watching KSL on Sunday, and have visited Temple Square more times on Sunday than I have worked for the church on Sunday - a lot.

I'm grateful for the church employees and contractors who work Sundays to make it a better day for me. I don't have grandkids yet, but I imagine they'll enjoy that bridge for years to come.


only in Utah...


I am looking at the bigger picture. There is simply no evidence to suggest that it would've been drastically worse had it been done on another day. I haven't seen any logical claims here that would explain why it was justified for the church to compromise the example it is supposed to set.

And once again, the example you gave is just in now way equatable. Just because the sabbath is broken in one circumstance (regardless of whether or not it is justified) does not make it right to do so in another.


The reason for doing it on a Saturday night into Sunday morning is due to TRAX having a later start time on Sunday, which gave the construction teams additional time to place the bridge, demobilize and then get all pedestrian walkways back into place. If this had been done on any other night,there was a potential that TRAX service would have been interrupted the following morning. So Sunday work was required.


Sunday is not the right day for this (no matter the time of morning)- we are taught bet than this. I would think the Church would have better tact. I am a little dissappointed on where exception are seen fit.


Did I miss the part about the Church being the ones to put this up?


I would bet that whoever was in charge of making the decision on when the bridge would be set knew full well the decision they were making. I would also bet they had approval from church leaders. For those of you who were disappointed in the church for allowing this, get real. You sound like the people who got mad at the Savior for helping others on the Sabbath.

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