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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Time to do the Wright thing! Go Claudia!!


Utahns love anythone who's famous or extrodinary and appears exalted above their hum drum lives. They'll vote a racoon into office if he was from Utah and famous. Utahns obcession with popularity is so boring. There's little critical thought here. If it's on TV is must be great. That's how you know the society is doomed - the people don't think. They follow. They'd follow a mouse over a cliff.

Voting actors and athletes into public office. Is this the best our modern society can produce to govern us into the future? Doomed I say.

go shawn

who cares whether bradley has a degree or not - the point seems to be he would be a good pol. Too bad the same cannot be said for 'super clown del' who only manages to make a spectacle of himself and the state. does his family ever become embarrased/disgusted by his antics or do they actually support him?

Houdini Re Bradley

Wasn`t much of a basketball player,I remember him at Snow.The only reason he made the pros was his size,7'6",Repubs only looking for someone with a name to win an election,regardless of his merits,too bad


No I am not wrong, he supports every liberal idea there is including illegal alien amnesty and voted to give them drivers licenses as well. You are wrong.



"I remember him at Snow[?]"

Uh, Shawn never went to Snow. He came to BYU from high school.

Bob N

Shawn would be an OUTSTANDING ADDITION to our State Legislature! We would be very fortunate to have someone of his wisdom, intellect, and, most of all integrity, to represent us.


Tim Cosgrove is indeed a very nice person. However, I have been dismayed at the way he has voted on certain issues important to me and have been hoping that the Republican party would find a good candidate to run against him. I have also found Tim to be unresponsive to emails and phone calls.

Enter Shawn Bradley. He's from my old home town and I've known his family all my life. They're good, honest, hard working, salt-of-the-earth people who are highly thought of in their community. I can't imagine Shawn being any different. I'm excited to hear what he says and hopefully give him my vote!


Hope you don't turn your back on the state like you have your hometown!!


What's the matter, "Bradley?" Did Shawn not spread his money around like you would have liked? What did you expect him to do, pay the rent on your double wide?

Sounds like sour grapes to me...

Dear Houdini

Apparently your mind disappeared. Bradley played his Freshman Year (That is the first year you play at a school after high school) at BYU, then went on a mission and went pro upon returning home (not returning to BYU before going pro) from his mission. The question is: How could he play at Snow and play at BYU at the same time? You better go searching for your memory because it is lost out there running around trying to find facts that don't exist.

re:who dini

After PROMISING to play for BYU.

Now, that doesn't bother me, but the fact the he broke a clear cut promise for his personal betterment might not mean something for a college athlete, but for a congressman is a different story.

The lies se tell come back to haunt us.

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