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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good to see politics hasn't become circus in utah.


Anybody is better than Cosgrove who is as liberal as they come, he shouldn't represent this district.

Ute Fan

Shawn Bradley is a class act. Very honest and kind person. Something Washington does not have or I cannot see it. These are the people I will vote for.


more power to Shawn and what a sight he will to behold inside the State Capitol. A 7 plus footer politician.......LOL!! Go for it Shawn....


I hope you have more substance than many of the current politicians in our state. If you have any skeletons then get them out of the closet now. Try not to be a lapdog for those who want to us your fame to further thier agenda.


is the most decent and kind person serving in the legislature. He is a real champion for our children. Nothing against Mr. Bradley, but Tim Cosgrove deserves re-election.


A legislator we'd look up to.

Ute fan, you DO understand he is running for office for the state legislature, not for a federal position?

Things are looking up

Shawn Bradley running for office?? Sounds like a pretty tall order to me. But he may reach new heights. He certainly does have high aspirations. I just hope his campaigning isn't over our heads because this isn't going to be a slam dunk.

Cali Marty

Shawn B. Go For itttttt!!


"Gibson may be retiring from the Legislature, but he has decided to run for the Weber County Commission instead.

"I decided it was time to serve a little closer to home," he said. "I'm hoping I can make a bigger difference to the everyday lives of those who live in my community."

It is more likely that he decided that the pay for a County Commissioner was better then the pay for the State Legislature and decided to get a pay raise.


I know Shawn Bradley and his family and the jokes here are from small-minded people. His mom, Teresa, and his dad, Reiner, are two of the nicest, most honest and down-to-earth, GOOD people I have ever known. Make jokes about Shawn's size if you will, but he would make a very good candidate.


hey observing... I don't think they meant anything by it with the tall jokes... lighten up! I thought they were pretty funny! Shawn sounds like a great guy, and I'm sure he has heard jokes about his height before!


Does he even have a college degree? I know he left after his freshman year to go on a mission and then went straight to the NBA. Did he go back to school after the nba?

Worked with troubled youth

I imagine he earned his degree sometime... I know he has been working at a school for troubled teens or something like that. I think the guy is a class act. Go Shawn!!!!


Do you need a college degree to run for office? I don't think so!

No Degree Required

One need not have a college degree to run for office. Just FYI.

come on

Give the utahn's a rest shawn.


Good luck SHAWN from Australia...

Yes we still remember you :-)

Great Politician, Maybe

At first I thought Shawn Bradley in politics would be a bad idea. Remember his temper and immaturity? Always arguing with refs and opponents, etc.

Then I realized that maybe that's the kind of person needed in elected government sometimes, someone who will fight for constituents and not take "no" for an answer. This could work.

Cosgrove Fan

I know Tim Cosgrove, and he has done a great job representing the citizens of Murray in the Utah legislature. He is knowledgeable, fair, honest and ethical! He listens to his constituents and runs for office on his own merits instead of slamming his opponents who have tried smear campaigns against him in the past. I have nothing against Shawn Bradley, but I hope he will not earn votes based on his name recognition, his size, or just because he played for the NBA.

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