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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Did anyone happen to see

That the House minority Leader David Litvack completely disagree with Rep. Hansen. The KSL story states "Litvack praised Clark for what he says was 'unprecedented access and a great working relationship' for Democrats during the session."


I completely agree! I don't think any other profession would applaud a colleague guilty of crimes against a minor.


I don't get this. Why should the Speaker resign over Garn's indiscretion twenty-five years ago?


While i was infuriated by the applause of the House for Garn, I have to seriously laugh at this call coming from Hansen, The laughingstock of the House. This guy does nothing. He hasn't had any legislation pass in years and does nothing but point fingers and criticize others. Wake up Neil and resign so someone who will work for us can have your seat!

Single Dad

Somebody smells blood in the political waters. Let the frenzy begin.


I agree - everyone that stood and applauded Garn on the floor of the people's House should resign.

Utah politicians should, above all, show the highest attention to integrity and ethics, and preserving the importance of the people's house.

But what we usually hear is the same old lame excuses and arguments made by gentile politicians.

The Rock

I read the headline: Utah Dem calls for speaker to resign!

My heart accelerated and I felt a wave of excitement sweep over me. Could it be that James Matheson was calling for Queen Nancy Pelosi to resign?

One could only hope.

What a let down.


Yeah, this wouldn't make sense unless Pelosi got naked in front of a 15 year old girl.
Guess what? She didn't.
Not a very clear story here.


I'd like to call for all of you guys to resign.

You are all equally guilty.

Fair and Balanced

Sorry Rock, Nancy Pelosi will not and should not resign. You see- on the federal level we have more balance - unlike here in Utah. Any political system works with better with balance - too many Republicans or Democrats is a problem.


I think it would be great if the whole legislature resigned. We'd all be better off.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

That's all good and fine that Ogden Democrat Neil Hansen calling for House speaker David Clark to resign over Kevin Garn scandal, HOWEVER, whose demanding also that Bennett quit?. Utah is having its caucuses next week. People will be picked as delegates to go to the State Convention. At the convention, if Bennett cannot get 60% of the delegates to support him, he will either be defeated at the convention or be forced into a runoff. Bennett's campaign is encouraging its supporters to show up at the caucuses and lie as best they can to become delegates to the convention. Right now there is a heavy anti-Bennett bias even within the official Utah Republican Party. Having Bennett's supporters come in and claim to be wholly undecided or hostile to Bennett could help send his brigade to the convention to protect him. Desperate men do desperate things. We have the video of Senator Bennett’s son encouraging supporters to hide their allegiance to the senator to increase their chances of becoming a delegate.


Oh, brother. How ridiculous.


I agree with Sammy. You all need to resign. What made me sick, is you all patted yourselves on the back for a job well done. What a crock! The tobacco tax was the last straw for me. I will vote against every incumbant this year. Including the Gov. Also everyone up for re-election in Washington. Crooks.

The reason is

Hansen knew that Garn had committed criminal activity while a member of the legislature years earlier - was, in fact, guilty of child abuse and had never been tried for that offence, and his votes on matters for the last week of the legislative session should not have mattered. Besides, he was also afraid of what has been come to be called the bookends of this legislative session - Killpack at the beginning, and Garn at the end, holding up the sham of an "ethical" legislature. What an absolute joke. I think, to make them feel good about themselves, we ought to invite Roman Polanski and a few hundred Catholic Priests who have all done the same thing Garn did to come to our legislature to receive the praise and adulation for what they have done from an obviously receptive crowd. If it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander.

Resign Or Face The Result

Now more than any other time voters throw out, meaning vote out "Every" incumbent here in office in Utah and also nationally in the next 2 elections. These people have degraded our lives with their deciet and lies and we need new blood. The new ones that replace the gray beards need their feet held to the fire or they will serve "1" term! This whole representative thing is a farce, and benefits the pockets of the elected primarily. Out with every incumbent voters!


we have balance in Washington. You live on what planet.


We have a reponsibility to enforce the laws of this country on those who break the law.

Garn did break the law. By getting naked in front of a 15 year old girl.
Peolsi, did not.

It's time.

Investigate Garn. Time to move on from the story of applause following remarks made by the speaker. I would imagine his colleagues will vote him out as speaker when the chance is given. This incident was unfortunate, embarrassing, and ridiculous. But, time to move on to a new story. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before our legislators give us another CNN news worthy scandal.


Just wonderful how our legislature once again made this state the laughing stock of the nation!! Standing ovation for illegal acts with a minor, everyone who applauded such behavior should resign and our state must begin anew. The reality is, the robotic voters will re-elect and even praise those who condone such behavior!!

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