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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Work hard this summer, win the MWC, and beat Utah. Win your bowl. Our sports are looking real good right now keep it up Cougars.


I'm always happy to hear the athletes be true to their school. I don't think it's necessary to always put in a dig against Utah every time BYU sports are mentioned. They can stand on their own. Utah can do the same. The fans don't score any points, they just watch and cheer. I'm just proud that BYU won the game.


Could you have been more patronizing, Mendenhall. I don't think so. Now we know he works out, has lunch, interviews players. Who cares. Yuck


Huh? Never mind...

RE: Yucky comment

How was Mendenhall being patronizing? Apparently you care enough to read the article, misinterpret it and then write a lame comment about it.


Obviously "Mr Sorry" is a UTE. What he considered patronizing, I considered interesting.


Great story of support and brotherhood...way to BYU Basketball...More important is Kaveinga learning the ropes about becoming a Cougar and getting all that SC hype out of his system...

Re: Sorry

Wow, Mendenhall has a life, BIG SURPRISE!!!

It just talked about where he was during the game, it was nothing more than that.

Some Ute fans take every opportunity to spin ordinary things in BYU's articles as something bad.

"We would like to get new grass this year."

"OOOHHH! So now BYU's trying to look good with all their fancy new stuff? BLEEAH!!!"

"I think BYU has a shot at being good this year."

"OOOHHH! So now BYU is God's chosen team? BLLEEAAHH!!!"

Cougars Fan

Its always cool to see athletes and coaches from a different sport support other team sports. I am most happy for Dave Rose after battling Cancer all offseason and then finally getting over the hump and winning that first round game. Hopefully they can keep it going and find a way to beat Kansas State

Go Cougars!

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