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Cougars end 17-year NCAA tourney drought

Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Alaskan Coug

GREAT win, learn from todays mistakes, now that you have this monkey off your back go out and win another one. You can win Saturday, relax and have fun doing it. GO COUG's

Wyoming Fan

Way to go Cougars!

byu fan

what a great win. congrats.


The pressure is off now we are the underdogs.

RE wyoming fan

Thanks for your gracious thoughts... Maybe next year we get 5 teams in and Wyo will be there too.


BYU's mistakes versus Florida:

Unforced turnovers = 4 total; 1 first half, 2 second half, 1 first overtime; NOT BAD! But, points lost would've prevented overtime!

Missed easy layups = 9 total; evenly distributed throughout game. Lack of focus on some of them. Even making just one more of those would've prevented overtime.

Bad shots early in shot clock = 0. Wow! Good patience. Way to run the offense! (Florida itself had several of those.)

Dumb fouls = 4; two in each half; none in overtimes. Not bad, but shouldn't be happening.

Bad passes = 2, only in first half. VERY NICE! Way to take care of the ball.

Traveling calls = 2, only first half. Respectable.

Dribbling out the clock forcing bad shot = 2, both in second half. Acceptable, except that they helped getting into overtime.

All told, 23 miscues, evenly distributed throughout the game. Consistent, at least.

I'd give BYU a B+ for this game.

Now, against K-State, no chance of winning if BYU doesn't play a cleaner game.

BYU will need their A game to beat K-State.

Japanese Fan

I love the cougars!

Non-sports fan

I am now a sports fan! Go Cougars


Talk when you have something noteworthy to talk about, like a final 4 or a BCS win(or two)

Go utes!

Go Utes!

Go get'em in the NCAA. Oh wait...
Go get'em in the NIT. Oh wait...
Go get'em in the stories of past glory days... well, there's always that. Don't forget to tell us about your national championship during WWII.

?Super Bowl?

Congratulations on the win but, 1 win at an NCAA tournament is nothing like winning the Super Bowl. I think Steve Young winning the Super Bowl was much better than this win. Can expectations have fallen that low. Maybe BYU should look for a new AD if 1 win at the NCAAs is the standard. This team should be expecting no less than regular sweet 16s.

Re: Cewgs

Thanks for you cool comments. Last I checked your beloved Utes are at home. Not even the NIT wanted your pathetic Utes! If you want to dig up the past in either sports, then lets talk. Oh wait, I bet you will have a time limit on what BYU can bring up but your final four from 12 years ago is still valid!

byu fans...

please ignore the haters. Don't call them ute fans. They are not ute fans, just BYU haters. All most none of the haters even know how the utes did this year. The real ute fans are laying in the closet in the fetal positions crying like babies. These slugs posting the hate are BYU haters not Ute fans. Lets not give them the milk they so badly need.


nuff said

Classless ute fan

just had to show his fuzzy face! No more one and done, lil bro. But there is still none and done!

How's that jc transfer hunting working for u?

Mar 18

I think Jimmer should dribble more.

not a TEAM

How the kuwgs win is a little odd. If Lloyd isn't sprinting for a layup, Jimmer is dribbling, and dribbling, and dribbling to get off a shot. To shoot over 25 times is not fun to watch. Either the whole team can't shoot, or Rice is a terrible offensive coach (contrary to points scored).
I am having fun watching other TEAMS play and compete to win.
Has anyone wondered what happened to JT this season? Answer: Jimmer. When the team passes the ball around JT can shoot in the flow of the game. JT follows the circle of life and his energy flows with a TEAM game. When he stands around to watch Jimmer dribble and shoot, he becomes an average player, which is what all other players have turned into. (all starters are doing less at the end of the season because Jimmer has taken everyone out of sync.)


go cougars

(go away haters)

re: not a TEAM

Didn't Rice come from UNLV and USU? You would think he would have learned more. Regardless, you are right, this offense is not pretty. When the national 'experts' comment on BYU in the pre-game, they cite all the BYU media talking points about great passing and team play. When the 'experts' comment after seeing BYU, you never hear those compliments. They will say Jimmer is talented, but the 'team' or sharing comments are lost in the evidence.
None the less, go BYU!

Is Haws hurt?

Is Haws suffering from his eye injury still? Why didn't he play in the second half? Charles and LeMont didn't get in either. Where did our depth go?

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