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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Great game. Fun to watch. The cougs stepped up. 1st round victory and talk about mental toughness. Saturday will be harder but I sure love watching my cougs in the second round. March madness, anything can happen.

some old guy

Even if they lose on Saturday, they will be able to respond to the haters with "2 and through, but where were U?"

Suck it BYU haters

One and Done haha guess you were wrong


Wannabies? Two is better than U!

Utah Alum

How do you cheer for the Utes then, with all of the classless comments coming from your fellow Utah fans?

Utah fans = classless, even when their team isn't even playing

Congratulations BYU on getting that monkey off your back and for representing Utah and the MWC well.

Go USU Aggies, Rebels, Aztecs and Lobos.


We're mighty short on "One and done," comments here. Congrats Cougars!

Lifetime Ute

Congrats to Cougs and their fans!

Keep it going and make our state and conference proud.

And to you bitter fellow Ute fans - zip it! BYU is our brother and New Mexico and other MWC teams our our cousins. You ought to be supporting them.

Warm regards,


By 17

Right Now Kansas St. is handling North Texas by 17. I would say that is handling them. BYU better be very prepared.


Scoreboard always has the final word.

Now, you BYU haters, go turn on your local talk radio station and complain about "how" BYU won.

Scoreboard says BYU advances.

Scoreboard says Yewt fans are sitting home.

Scoreboard says 71-51 at Yewtdome

Scoreboard says 26-23

Scoreboard says 99-92 (Florida fans, you are awesome!!! It was fun sitting by you)

Scoreboard says a 30-win season!!!!

Scoreboard says Jimmer scored 37 on 50% shooting, Lloyd score 26

One thing about the scoreboard, it could care less what you say, it only cares about what you do.

@ Simmer down 1:27

“Ease down on the calls for a national championship…”

Umm, are you delusional? Who ever mentioned a national championship? I swear 90% of the stereotypes put on BYU are completely fabricated by Utes with fragile egos.

WOW Mark

Did that take you all day to try and write that? Really original.

Capt. Smash

I am happy for BYU I am also glad they have some black kids on the team. I wish the football would sign more black kids!

RE:Max Hall Wannabes

Good, then don't. There's plenty of room available in the Yewtah cheering room today. Wait, they're not playing anywhere this post season, are they! I almost forgot.

Buh Bye loser!


Just curious, what are you doing on the BYU comment boards if you hate their fans so bad anyway? Go comment on a Ute Basketball article instead. Oh wait, THERE AREN'T ANY.

Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa


He who scores the most points wins! Scoreboard! Nuf said!

Utah fans

Utah may have won 17 games between 1993 and 2005, but Utah fans haven't learned how SHUT their traps and stop talking smack when their team is down.

Utah has tanked, while BYU has become one of the best teams in the MWC over the last 5 seasons.


BYU fans: Cheering the states most current win!
ut fans: Sitting on the couch wondering why they spent months saying one and done anonymously and sitting on the coach in hate.
USU fans: Being followers of ut fans and now dreading their team must match their dreaded one-sided 'rival' and pray for a win.

Any way you put it, BYU is the best team in the state!!!!! No one can argue that. They just defeated a team who had 12 NCAA wins in a row and the coach who has two recent championships. No team will beat that for a long time!!!!!

Go Cougs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Barely defeating a BAD Florida team means K-STATE is going to destroy the Zoobs !

Go Wildcats !"

I sincerely hope you're not talking about Weber State, you know the Weber State who blew the Big Sky Championship to Montana, and then lost in the first round of the NIT. Yeah, go Weber!

For all of you who are talking trash about barely beating Florida. What about Vanderbilt losing to Murray St., Notre Dame losing to Old Dominion, and Villanova beating Robert Morris by 3 in OT. Two upsets, and another near upset. Hmmmmm. There's a reason they call it March Madness. Anything can happen. Upsets and near upsets are the norm. Winning in everything.


Double OT win is all the more sweet, as a Ute fan I was glad to see your victory. You should all enjoy the win, but what is with all the negative comments toward Ute fans? Those who choose to comment in that fashion rather than savor the victory are proving that they are just haters themselves. Perfect example of the many is anonymous @1:52, and Max Hall. Now knock out KState then ENJOY the victory.


Love the posts from down utes and aggies. What losers.

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