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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A Win is a Win..

Seriously people. Come on! In this tournament a win is a win. Anyone surprised at the Cougars needing double OT to beat Florida needs to take a look at the Villanova/Robert Morris game earlier. The 2 seed nearly lost to a 15 seed. In fact, Robert Morris outplayed Villanova, but Villanova got lucky. Does anyone think less of Villanova now? I doubt it. Anything can happen in this tournament. Enjoy watching the tourney without no one to support and only teams to cheer against ute fans.


Re Re aggies beat u

so being hated justifies hating back? that's awesome coming from a byu fan. really, why not just be happy in winning?
and to the guy spouting off about the title of my post: just simply stating a fact. I wasn't hating or anything. Just being happy that the aggies beat you. just happy with a win, nothing more.
but I guess if you get offended that easily, that's cool. good luck the rest of the way.


Barely defeating a BAD Florida team means K-STATE is going to destroy the Zoobs !

Go Wildcats !

Max Hall Wannabes...

BYU= classless even in victory. Makes it hard for this Ute to cheer on the 2nd best team in the MWC.


Congratulations BYU...way to represent the MWC!

Now, let's see, BYU won the game so there are no comments about poor officiating. Of course this also means that BYU fans in attendance had no reason to throw trash on the court. So...Cougs and their fans were on their best behavior last night. CONGRATULATIONS!

to Simmer down | 1:27 p.m

Looks to me like you're the one who needs to simmer down. Who is calling for the national championship? Stop making mountains out of mole hills in an effort to discredit the win and let BYU fans celebrate a great game.

Congrats Cougars!

30-5 Baby! 30-5

Great game and gutsy play to win in double-overtime.

I see all the Utah fans/BYU haters already trying to minimize a great BYU win by calling it "lucky".

The reality is, BYU played tough D at the end of regulation and at the end of the 1st overtime to deny Florida an easy game-winning shot.

If that's what Utah fans call "lucky", then they're just as clueless as their team has been the last 5 years.

The one-and-done monkey now sits squarely on Utah's shoulders. Enjoy the ride monkey!

BYU fans will simply enjoy the ride as far as this BYU will carry them.

Again, Congrats COUGARS!

Good luck against Kansas State!


Congrats BYU. I love your fans. Utah is down, but they have also won 17 NCAA tournament games between BYU wins. I do have conference pride, but I'm not particularly fond of the fan base. They are proving it today. The Utes will rise again. Good luck on Saturday, you will need it.

@Marks 1:46

Probably "twoandthrwo". Or more likely "tooandthroo".

Cougar Blue

We won, but boy, where was the defense? It was horrid and nearly cost us the game. And I love Jimmer, and he is good, but he really did have the other guys just standing around too much. Share the ball, your teammates can shoot too.


Glad BYU won but I can't see them getting past K-State. We'll see on Saturday but this game took a lot out of our kids. Good Luck!

Crow is Yummy

UTAH DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE DANCE! Come on haters...bring it! Look in the mirror. Oh wait, first ya gotta pull yourselves off the COUCH first.

It doesn't matter that BYU will win only one game in the tournament this year. Thats more than Utah did. HELLO!

re: JB

What's worse, facing this tough economy or being a Ute fan? Ute fan, easily.



I bet if the Utes played Florida 20 times we would win one time.....maybe

Go Utes!! I have the Utes to win the whole thing!!!


When is Utah playing? Oh...Nevermind. Ha ha. GO COUGARS!

OT good?

Some may call me crazy, but I think that going to 2OT and winning will benefit BYU more than if they had won comfortably. It proved to the team that we can overcome a big comeback, keep our poise, and pull the game out in OT. If Florida hadn't come back and if we had won comfortably, the team could have been more complacent the next game. I think playing a tight game and winning will be a good boost for the team.


good win cougars....thanks to those who offered congratulations. to the coach of the cougars...you have a remarkable athlete in #10. If it wasn't for him you would not have won this game. i have cheered for fredette since he first started playing for the "Y". he is a great ball player but all of us need to be grateful for loyd for continueing on to the next game. he came on really well and has had some great games. let him play a little more coach. if jimmer is tired like comming up two feet short on his three's give him more rest. jimmer when you have three tall defenders standing over you with nowhere to go next to the basket, think for just one second about that little #4 out there all alone that shoots 50% of his three's. you are a great player, but just make your friends around you a little better players themselves. after all how good would you be if they didn't get you the ball? no i am not #4's father! good luck, on saturday. you put a smile on my face today.

re: Max Hall Wannabes

How was it to cheer on the 6th team in the conference. Below .500 team, doesn't make the big dance.

Makes it hard for this Cougar fan to cheer on the 6th best team in the MWC. Especially when they done make the big dance.


Ainge had 37 against UCLA in 1981..so Fredette tied his mark.

Johnny Moser

glad to have this one behind us. NCAA BBall tourney tradition glad to have broken. Kids can settle down now and play ball. Lots of pressure off their backs now and they can do what we have seen them do all year.
Look at the freethrows in the last 7 minutes of regulation and then all through the OTs. Our 90+% FT shooters missed more in that time than they did in all of February and March combined. That won't last. I expect the next game with KSU will be alot like this one, down to the wire and Cougs win it. Final 4 BABY.

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