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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Interesting haircuts some of those byu players had today. I can't believe Coach Rose let some of his players play with mohawks. Coach Rose needs to remind some of his players who they are representing when they play ball.


I'm so proud of the Cougars for their win today in the double OT! My heart is still racing! Way to go guys!

Sandy Cougars

Finally - on this one and how many years we tried? I say this game was luck just to get this stupid monkey off their back. Now just relax and we will see who is our next oponent (current score - N. Tex 10 and K State 16) - so we will see who is our next game going to be. Dave Rose need to have both Jimmer and Michael Loyd in the game more!


The Cougars FINALLY have a second game to play in a tourney. I really didn't think they were gonna pull it off...


Hmmmm..... loved reading the posts. Let's see, they had 1 opportunity and played well enough to give them another opportunity. That's how opportunities work. The Utes had, uh, wait a sec... I'm getting it added up now... "0" opportunities!! It must be boring to be a UTE this year. Party is in Provo if you want to come.... Y fans are gracious and will allow you to join in. Seriousely though, if we don't stop others from getting second chance points, we won't be getting a second chance. Some how, some way we have to box better and hold position. K State will focus on our struggles there and exploit it. I am way impressed with BYU's zone defense... they are just good. Maybe that will keep them in the next few games.

To: Heck Yeah!

Sorry dude. BYU isn't in the sweet sixteen yet. The tremendous 32, but you're a little ahead of yourself.

We'll be in the sweet sixteen when we take care of Kansas State.


Isn't it about time!? Finally!! Hallelujah!! Great game exciting and dramatic until the end.
Jimmer cannot be stopped. What is his last 3 game average like 35ppg? Unreal.
K-State isn't exactly destroying the Mean Green so calm down on the predictions that they will roll us.

I picked them one and done

I am back to take my stripes. Although I am a Cougar fan, I am very fair weather. I thought rebounding was going to kill me today - I can't believe how inept we were.

However, Loyd is awesome and there were many clutch shots down the stretch. Congrats Cougs. Here's to hoping, with this 17 year monkey off your back, you'll just play loose and have fun!


No more one and done! Yes!!! Way to go Cougars!


No one outside of Utah cares about BYU? Do I exist or am I a figment of my imagination? Are there Mormons outside of Utah?

Elite Eight

Despite blowing a 13 point lead...Jimmer then almost blowing the game, if only he had called a timeout to set up a play, instead of going through 4 defenders and turning it over BYU probably would have won in regulation. Anyway the monkey is off the back and the Cougars have a great shot to continue to advance maybe even to the Final Four.

As to the clown who said no one cares about BYU outside of Utah, yeah that's why BYU has been rated the #1 most popular school in the country!

Go Cougars!

The Truth

"no one outside the state of utah cares about BYU"

Actually, no one outside the state of Utah goes to the University of Utah. Quite the opposite with BYU.

RE: One and done

What was that? What were you saying? SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I don't care if BYU won by 30 or by 7 in 2OT. A win is a win and BYU WON! Not only that but they beat a team that hasn't lost a tournament game in 12 games. I don't care if it's a different team or not. We beat Florida, Utah is at home trying to figure out how they won't get dominated for another 5 years by BYU and the Cougs are playing Saturday! All you haters that say "lucky win" and "pathetic" all just lil' balls of hate that have nothing better to do but hate on a great BYU team that played an awesome game today! Nice job Cougs, let's do it again Saturday!


BYU Basketball plays on, still in the playoff to find the real national champion!

What a shame it would be if the season ended for all of today and tomorrow's winners! In football, that's exactly what happens, you are ONE AND DONE, WIN OR LOSE!

College Basketball has it right, BCS Football is broken :(

From Downtown LA

BYU. On top. Let's hope it lasts. Ha. These crazy UT fans, galvanating their hate all over the place. Funny. Pathetic. From all of us Downtown, great game Cougars, way to represent your school and your conference...


Anyone who says this was a lucky win is somehow a Ute fan and must be criticized? It's really just fact. Florida had the chance (more than one actually). I forget they don't teach common sense and critical thinking at the Y. Take your win and stop showing your insecurities by ragging on Utah.

Cougar Fan

Love my Cougars!!!

To Anonymous

No one outside the state cares about BYU-- is that why they outdraw Utah 3 to 1 in games outside Utah?

MJ in Florida

no one outside the state cares about BYU??? Most BYU alums live outside of Utah and draw fans from all over the world. What an ignrorant comment.

Ute Alum

Great Win Cougz!! Now hoping for the other MWC teams to get a W! and Utah State!

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