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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ainge had 42

Fredette's 37 in post-season is not a BYU record; Ainge had 42 against UCLA in 1981...get your facts straight DN.


Congratulations on the win. But I didn't like the haircuts some of those BYU players had. I can't believe Coach Rose let some of his players play with those mohawks. Doesn't BYU have an honor code or something???

One and Done Where are thou?

Proably in the hospital from the hate which most likely caused either a heart attacke or a stroke. Have a nice recovery.

Why?? JT

Why does Dave Rose insist on having Tavernari in close games at the end?? He single-handedly kills us. Two terrible, rushed 3 point shots, no defense or rebounding, and have you noticed that he will not, under any circumstance, dive on the floor for a ball? He bends over and half-heartedly slaps around at it, but he'd rather give it over to the other team than jump on it.

JT wants to be the hero, and he's willing to sacrifice the good of the team to get it. Can't wait to see him head off into the sunset.


So will "oneanddone" come back on Saturday as "twoanddone"?

Jimmer Jammer

We all know Jimmer puts himself in a tough position to force shots on a few drives every game. But the guy only set the all-time BYU post season single game scoring mark and made half his shots. What more do some of you want? We are extremely lucky to have him and more than lucky to have Loyd emerge as a great player as well. I would have liked to have seen Abuou play more. Like Loyd, he has BCS caliber athleticism allowing him to run and jump with the big boys - unlike JT and Miles.

Now if our bigs can step it up a notch (or three) we will be in for a great game Saturday!! Go Cougs!!

J in Iowa

LUCKY!!!! They won't be so fortunate against Kansas State!

@aggies beat you 71-61

"Shouldn't you be the bigger person and maybe just cheer for your teams success? Just wondering. "

Does that include the title of your comment also.

What a hypocrite.


Congrats on the win. I'm glad the Cougars won. My Utes won't always be down like they are now. A Cougar team that has won a tourney game in recent memory makes the conference stronger.

A Win is a Win

This was not pretty, but BYU played just well enought to win. I agree with prior posters that BYU should have won handily. Questionable shot selection at times, horrible job on the defensive boards, and periods of less than stellar effort (another slow start) could have ruined this game for BYU (and would have ruined BYU if they had played a better team). Why is it that BYU seems to routinely sleepwalk through the first half of games? I have to believe that Coach Rose harps on this. If BYU can muster event decent energy to start games, they would be much better. Loyd has proven to be the guy to jumpstart the team over the last few games. I like keeping a consistent starting lineup, but the moment things start to get stale on offense after tipoff, Loyd should be off the bench. Saturday is a new game. Thankfully. Let's hope they can bring the intensity at the start because they will need it.


Nice win Cougs...against a team that isn't even ranked.

Congratulations anyway.

AK Cougar

Great game for Cougar fans. The players played their hearts out, the Florida team played their hearts out. Both teams made some runs and brought the game back to close compeition. Florida could have won but didn't when they missed their shots, but BYU's D made them take tough shots. Both teams played very well.

Jimmer and Lloyd are an amazing tandem. Lloyd brings so much energy and quickness to the floor and Jimmer can hurt the other team on the drive or from 3 pt. land or by assists to his teammates. He did both today.

Congrats to the Cougars. They played straight up, adjusted to Forida's man to man defense and pulled out the close one. 2 OT's, what could be better for the fans who paid to watch this one?

Go Cougars. Rest well for Saturday's game. Thanks CBS for putting the game feed on live as it is the only game I was able to watch all year.

Congrats to Coach Rose who adjusted the game plan to counter Florida when he had to.

Pocatello Cougar

Someone needs to explain to me who this kid is in Michael Lloyd Jr.'s uniform. Until two months ago, he was just another scrub who played in blowouts.

He is the most exciting player I've seen in a BYU uniform since the days of that floppy-haired kid who wore #22 back in the late '70's and early '80's.

I was very worried about lossing Haws to his mission next season, but having Lloyd in his place might just make the team even better.

Does anyone know if we have any good missionaries returning next season?

Wow. Glad we got that monkey off our back.


What has happened to Jackson Emery?

Outside of one steal and one three he was no factor on offense. His defense was not up to par. At times he appeared to be lost out there. If Emery plays a regular game, BYU wins by 15 in Regulation.

Jimmer and Michael were sensational.

Miles, Davies, Noah, Tyler, JT, and Abouo will have to be at the top of their games Saturday.

Congratulations Coaching Staff.


Go Loyd!

Loyd rescued the game in multiple clutch situations. I'm loving this team. Somebody has a bad night, a team-mate steps it up and brings the W.

Grats Cougars!


So on both the Trib and DNews boards, the theme emerging is the same. BYU was lucky, should have won by more, and Florida is pathetic. Honestly, you BYU-haters have no shame. There is no depth to which you will not go to hate the Cougs. First they wouldn't win. Now, they didn't win by enough. Your methods of retreat and retrench, retreat again and retrench are pathetic. Actually, it's comical.

Speaking of comical, the first two callers into 1320 KFAN after the game were BYU haters who both used the phrase "one and done". Utes can't even do math now! Unless they decide to forfeit the game against KState, it's gonna be at least two and done.

You Utes are truly and genuinely pathetic. I'm beginning to think Max had a point.

RE: BYU Student

Bet it was fun with a 1000 plus. Was it loud in there?


USU Aggies--we're all gunning for you now. Good Luck


Great Game for the Cougs. What a 3 point shot by Emery at the end of regulation to pull us within one. That was my key shot. Loyd saved us in the first half. And where were the refs? I saw numerous fouls, but very few calls. Once Boynton was fouled out Gators did not have a chance to dance.

Good luck to USU, TxA&M is a very good team.

Even on a bad day for Jimmer, the others rose and shouted. Way to go Cougs. Sorry utes, next year we will be even better.

Let us see what KState has. Remeber the Cotton Bowl when they said KState would beat us?

Re: Aggies beat u

Are you kidding me. Go back and look at the beginning posts. All BYU haters. When they shoot off their mouths they are going to get it shot right back at them. Many more BYU hater comments than comments bringing utah down.

Alaskan Ute

Congratulations. Well done.

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