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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tourny time

Wake up people. Bash all you want, but BYU won!!! Florida gained my respect. They played some tough games this year and almost beat some top teams. They don't get blown out. BYU more than likely will get smoked by K-State, but hey, you never know during tournament time. BYU did get the monkey off their backs, so watch out. They could come be more relieved and play their style against K-STate.

and BCS?

Cewgs - be proud once you've done something impressive - like win one or two bcs games or go to a final four. One madness game. Not impressive


I'm an apologetic Lakers fan, tiring of the "Kobe show". Familiar? Spred it around and remember the game plan. Maybe you need to watch Stockton just a little more.. But congrats.

to all the haters

Florida was not the "last and prob most unworthy team in the tournament." They were a 10 seed for crying out loud. All the haters need to ease up on Jimmer and the Cougs. The guy had 37 points and BYU actually won a tournament game. There was no luck involved and if BYU sucks so bad how come they keep beating the Utes, who are sitting at home right now?


To all my beloved (NOT) BYU haters, BYU WON!!!!!!!!!! That must pain you greatly and you deserve every ounce of anguish.

And, lest you bloviate about the 2OT's required, may I direct your attention to 2-Seeded Villanova needing OT to beat 15-Seed Robert Morris and 11-Seed OldDominion beating 6-Seed NotreDame.

The March Madness mantra is Survive & Advance. BYU survived. YaaaHooooooooo! and BYU is advancing. Go Cougs!!!!!

I see how it goes

All the BYU hating yewts cluck and crow about BYU being one and done. Then when it doesn't happen and BYU wins it....'oh it was just lucky' and 'way to barely beat the worst and most undeserving team in the tourney'. Well yewties, what does that say about YOUR team that we clobbered at YOUR arena, if BYU is so lucky to have beaten a terrible team. Have fun watching your women gymnastics team, since goodness knows your basketball team is home picking their noses and watching BYU advance in the Big Dance.


I think not. Rose did a very good job of coaching against a very good coach. The BYU bigs learned they can rebound and play in the NCAA. They need to box out a lot better.

BYU occasionally ran their offense and still managed to win. BYU played pretty decent D part of the game.

Fredette is getting a lot of ink and much of it is deserved but he also almost lost this game by going inside and trying to draw fouls that he is not going to get in the NCAA. He has to adjust his game and run the offense.

Lloyd was awesome. He came to play and it was obvious. The rest of the team kind of went in fits and starts but at least the big monkey is off of BYU they should be able to loosen up. They have nothing to lose against KState.

BYU can not afford to be one dimensional relying on the PG to score the majority of the points. There has to be a team effort.

BYU bigs are better than most people realize. They are not great but they are adequate. Jimmer needs to run the offense.

BYU Grad, 1994

I can't wait until we get a chance to destroy Kansas State on national television.


Stay Classy yewts

Re: ONE AND DONE | 11:43 a.m. Ma

Quick, lock the windows. This guy may be looking to jump.

congratulations BYU

from a Utah State fan.

I hope the rest of the schools from our local conferences can beat some of these so called "power conference" schools..... go Aggies


BYU fans: Show some class and quit rubbing it in the Utes' fans faces. Give it a break.

We were fortunate to win and break the streak. Congrats to Jimmer and Lloyd who had fantastic games. Now we are the underdog again and can play like we have nothing to lose. Go Cougs!

BYU all the way!

Great finish! Now on to bigger and better things taking down overconfident K State (or maybe N. Texas with the way this day has been playing out).

To all BYU haters, get over it. The Cougars rock this season and deserve this win, and have a legit shot of making it to the Elite Eight (beat Kansas State and the next game is in Salt Lake City!).

Whoa Nellie

Oklahoma City — Cleaning crews at the Ford Center today discovered what at first appeared to be an old fur coat that was matted and dirty. Upon closer examination it was determined to be a 17 year-old deceased monkey.

Cougar Fan

Keep picking Syracuse or Kentucky or Duke to lose and they finally might. So what?

All this silly talk about best BYU team ever is such a joke. This is a good team. They had the luck of playing in a conference with crappy teams like Utah, Colorado State, and TCU.

That got them enough wins to get a high enough seed to have a chance to win. They overcame a huge letdown and some poor play to win.

In this tournament, winning in overtime is as good a winning by 20. Ask Villanova. Ask Notre Dame.

Another game is another chance to win. And another chance for Ute predictors to be wrong, this time for the 31st time this season.

How did I know...

...that all the haters would ignore their one and done claims and talk trash about the second round. What round are you guys in? Just curious.

Stay off the boards clowns unless you are going to admit you are pathetic haters.

Go Cougars!!!!!!

Michael Lloyd Jr. (MLJ)

With out him, BYU is mediocre at best. Happily Fredette can shoot the eyes out, but he is slow and can't jump. MLJ can shoot, is quick, and can really jump--what a man!!

Total rebounds: Florida 45 BYU 33. That is potentially a 30+point difference. Same as happened with New Mexico. No rebounding = no farther, just a fact.

Hey Ute fans!

There went your reason for living!

Utes Were Right

The Ute commenters were right. One and done...for Florida.

NCAA losing streak over: check.

Monkey off back: check.

Uties still mouthing off: check.

See you in Round 2 and beyond, Cougar faithful!

good work

BYU played tight with the lead. Now with a win, they'll play loose and have a good shot at beating K-state. This was a close game, but only because Florida made so many threes. BYU had to weather the storm of a hot shooting team and they did. BYU looked great most of the game. Jackson Emery is the MVP. His three toward the end of regulation saved BYU.

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