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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good game Cougars. Fans don't loose sight of what BYU just did. Let's not spew hate and forget about the acomplishments of the team. They didn't quit and kept fighting. The Coaches did great and Rose is a great coach. Haters will never go away, but remember your team might be on a roll now and we know that it won't last FOREVER...... Come on Boylen please get us there next year.

AGGIE Fan in Spokane

Nice work Cougars!!! Way to represent, there was a large contingency of Ags here in Spokane cheering on the Cougars, along with some Gonzaga fans cheering on the Cougs as well.

Great win, way to represent!

Bear Laker

Way to keep rpoise to stay in this game and win going away. I want to say more but this will be all for me today.

Re: Anonymous @ 1:09

I hope you're joking right. Did you not see the other scores today. Villanova was down the whole game to a 15 seed and needed overtime to beat them. ODU beat ND. A win is a win and BYU pulled it out.

Don't get too happy

No one id going to eat crow over a lucky loss to a Florida team that handed BYU the game.


Yeah Boy! Bring on K-State (if they win).

Did The Utes win in their W-NIT game?


GO COUGARS! What a game!

Give credit to Florida for playing hard. Those guys were huge! From a physical standpoint they were a tough team.

Finally the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in forever! Let's just enjoy the win.

Yeah obviously Kansas State is better than us, we know. Are we going to lose? Probably, but let's enjoy the win, seriously, this is big.

K State will be very tough to beat. I think the players need to enjoy the win, get some rest, get healthy, watch film, and put together a game plan for a chance to win against the Wildcats.


No smack from yewts. Your team is sitting at home...again!!

Holier than they!

It was the word of wisdom that pulled the cougs through O.T. It's a testimony to how blessed the righteous are over the wicked!
Go Cougars!!!!!

To: 1:09

Lame? At this level, anything can happen;a W in the National Tournament is a W. I don't share your assessment of "lame."

Simmer down

Wow, plenty of hubris around here considering what just happened: The best BYU team in 30 years just took 2OT to beat a Florida team that didn't even deserve to get into the tournament. Ease down on the calls for a national championship, at least until you get by K State.

And FYI, K State won't help you out by sending you to the line every 30 seconds and committing 22 turnovers. I predict a good old fashioned "rise and pout, we're getting blown out" of facepalmic proportions.


Looks like some people are just a little bittter that their team isn't in the tourny. Way to come away with a win, Cougs!

Re: Jimmer

He shot around 50%. I would take that.

I am an Aggie fan and was entertained. The rest of the games today are going to feel boring after that. Nice win. Congrats!


BYU took control a little in the second OT but was real lucky in winning this. This shows you how overated BYU is when they almost got beat by a team that most said shouldn't even be in the tournament. Well I guess eventually you get lucky. Enjoy the win because it will be short lived against Kansas State in the next round


Hello BYU Haters, trying to say something offensive to boost your own self esteem?.... Max Hall is still right, yall are CLASSLESS. Word.


I have no problem with you talking smack.
For example - Boylen's best recruit in 3 full seasons is Henderson - Now that is really funny.

But your comment:
Sure, we had a bad season, but watching this "amazing season" crash and burn is just as good. See ya back in Provo tonight cewgs!

But you really seemed more excited that BYU was going to lose than when Utah Wins. That is sad
Most BYU fans begrudging root for Utah when they played in the Sugar Bowl. It was good for the conference. BYU beating Florida is good for the conference.

Nice (from a Ute)

Glad to see the Cougars get that monkey off their back. Jimmer was very Stockton like around the cup. Still not sure they can make it to SLC next week.

post play?

Good to see the win, but the play from the front line drove me nuts. It's one thing to not score, but not boxing out and committing silly fouls is another. Nice win, though.

Dr. J.

Imagine you'e a Ute fan. You're pulling your hair out by now. BYU one-ups them in every way this year. Live in misery UU fans!


no one outside the state of utah cares about BYU

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