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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Moronic Y-Haters

I guess all you "one-and-done"-ers can start dishing up your plates of crow.

Score Board

What a great game! no more one and done, must be painful to watch if you where rooting for the other team. non and done, non and done, non and done. Can't wait for next year to see how Michael Loyd, Jimmer and Embry play together. Hope the other three MWC teams do well today!

The Spiker

What an embarasement for the haters. Almost every post is from one of you drooling for a BYU loss. You are pathetic in your envy and hatred. By the way, Jimmer complainers, he shot 50%. Great game for Lloyd.

congrats zoobs

it took you double overtime to beat the last and prob most unworthy team in the tournament. I hate you and even I thought that you would win easily. Narrow win against a bad florida team, oh well you will get killed by k state. so enjoy dancing in the streets of provo like the oklahoma game. I mean you deserved it, best byu team ever and you were lucky that florida ran out of gas.


Lucky break. BYU looked pathetic


BYU looked listless. This was a lucky win

Good Game

BYU escapes but I don't see them beating K-State in the second round.

Ute fan

Well done. Loyd Jr. is a beast. Jimmer is pretty solid too. Finally give me something to cheer about. Congrats boys.

Thank You Haters

I sincerely hope that all of the "one and done" Ute Fans (aka Cougar haters) go back to their mommies crying their eyes out. They have suffered yet another blow to their fragile egos and immature emotions now that the Cougars won.

Fredette is great

He played well and hit his shots when we needed it.


It was the Loyd and Jimmer show.

Y hawk

Wuuuuhooooooo! Way to go Cougs!!!! Not that the local press did their best to remind you about that one and done streak! It's over! Now I hope the local press will congratlulate you as much as they hyped you!

Great game to start the tourney. Love the Fredette wave!!!

The Spiker

What an embarrassment for the haters. Almost every post is from one of you drooling for a BYU loss. You are pathetic in your envy and hatred. By the way, Jimmer complainers, he shot 50%. Great game for Lloyd. Heart attack of a game.

Aggies beat you 71-61

Congrats on the win. It was obvious though that BYU has trouble when the other team has a decent post game. BYU was fortunate that they made enough plays down the stretch to not lose in regulation and the 1st overtime and then to win it in double OT. Good luck the rest of the way. Hope my Aggies can show you how to beat A&M.
One question though: Why do many fans here always have to bring down the Utes? Shouldn't you be the bigger person and maybe just cheer for your teams success? Just wondering.

re: anonymous 1;09

No lame is NOT being in the tourney!


Ahh it really is fun - even when the "One and done" people are gone. They really aren't Utah fans - just somebody trying to bug anyone they can. They are probably busy searching for a soccer article so they can razz the soccer fans for awhile.

Great win BYU, you did what you were supposed to do. Now go out and play tough against Kansas State.


Congratulations, Cougars. Great effort in both OTs.


Sorry if it took 2OTs to beat Florida, but how many OTs did it take Utah this year to win its first game in the Big Dance? Wait, they didn't even go. HA HA HA HA

BYU Student

YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH! Even though we can't cram into the Marriott center, we squeezed 1000+ students into the Wilk to watch BYU finally put this game away. Jimmer with 37 points and 50% shooting, Loyd with 26 points and 70% shooting. Loyd is a MONSTER. This man took control and scored all the points in the first overtime. And Jimmer sealed it in the second with two treys. I love you, Jimmer, and Senor Loyd Jr. EAT CROW! We got this one!

good game

Don't like the odds against Kstate. Should have blown out Florida especially after forcing 21 turnovers. The game should have never sniffed OT.

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