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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm a BYU fan, but if this is all they've got, they're really going to need to step it up in the second round!


Winning in the tourney is nice, how was watching that game from home Boylen? See you guys Saturday for our NEXT game.


BYU was lucky to escape this one. Jimmer is great, but looks half asleep. He better wake up to face Kansas State. Wow! we won't hear anything about the officials because BYU won.

SD Blue

The curse is broken!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Baby!!!!

Haters go home!!!!

Go Cougars!!!!!

99-92 BYU

Quick, keep an eye on the BYU haters. I'm afraid they may be looking for a window to jump out of.

RE:Escape | 12:56 p.m.

"Jimmer is great, but looks half asleep. He better wake up"

Could be a tummy ache.

Boss Button Rocks

Heart Attack Central.

Great win BYU!


Whoa Nellie

Good coaching move to pull JT down the stretch. After his first shot today I thought he was going to be a big factor. He almost was but thank goodness that didn't happen.

Louisiana Cougar


Great game for Loyd, who was so key to this win!

Another tough game for the Cougs. They need an inside presence. Keep fighting, men!

Loyd continues to amaze me!!!!!

To all

the utie prognosticators that predicted defeat, what do you have to say now? Where's the "one and done" chant now? BYU is THE dominant sports program in the state. Football (remember 3 out of the last 4), basketball (we go dancing and the U doesn't), what a great time to be a Cougar. I can't wait to read the brainless comments that will pour forth from the little uties who only want to try to be as good as the TDS. I'm sure they'll make Max Hall's comment seem even more appropriate. LOL!!!!


I would like all "One and done" people to please come back to the comment boards. It's no fun if you're not around to eat crow!


Congrats Cougars!

Same old

uties. Don't have anything to cheer for, so why not look stupid and just cheer against BYU. So classy those little uties who only want to imitate that TDS. LOL!!!


good job Cougs.. but you got lucky. Florida had the game in their hands both times at the end of the game and 1st overtime, but still doesn't matter you won. Good luck! would be awesome if you beat K-state


Loyd came through. He was MVP of the game.

One and done??

So are all of the naysayers going to get back on here and eat crow? Show some class and admit you were wrong!

to Jimmer Haters

You people are clueless. The guy is one of the best shooters in the league. Let's see today - 13/26 for 37 points. what a ballhog huh people? He should have passed more. HA

The only thing worse than you jimmer haters are yewtah fans.


Look at his shooting percentage, he really needs to spread the ball. He missed like seven layups. We don't win this one without Loyd. He played loose and poised the whole game. Should have pulled Jackson early and left Haws in, except for that three when we were down four he was abysmal today. Need a rebounding clinic for next game.

All that being said, it feels good to finally win!!


2OT to beat Florida? Lame


I am exhausted!!!

Thank goodness BYU pulled that out, would have been so disappointing. Should have been a 15-point win, but we are BYU, we take what we can get. Who says the Y can't win the close ones?

Rose needs to tell them to push the pace, no matter the score. They had a 13 point lead and lost it playing slow-down.

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