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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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the upsets! Love the playoff system. March madness is great!

Don't get used to it cewgs

It will be another 20 years before you win another madness game.

My guess - you'll end up 4th/5th in the league next year.

New Mexico

Yes I know starters are returning. You've been "blessed" by the refs in half of your games though. Reality next year.

Voice of reason

Hey Coug's...here's a challenge. Let's please just ignore the negative comments. As we acknowledge, we just give credibility to the ignorance. It's starting to get out of hand and is actually quite embarrassing for both sides. We have enough to worry about with K-State tomorrow. Let's not allow them to contaminate our experience. Think about it...

Iowa Cougar Fan

I agree wholeheartedly with the comments by Voice of Reason (5:40). The comments and bickering back and forth do nothing but show lack of maturity and thoughtfulness. Some are almost silly and have no basis in any type of factual data (e.g., there are few BYU fans outside Utah).

I am not now and have never been a Ute fan, but I would certainly be rooting for them vigorously if they were in the tournament and not trying to diminish a win or think I am somehow promoting my team by belittling someone else.

BYU will have a tough contest and will certainly be the underdog, but I think they are going to surprise lots of people with their toughness. Yes, they really do have a chance to win.

Unfortunately, I am afraid my UNI team doesn't have much of a chance in their next game unless at least 2 outside shooters become almost unconscious and hit well over 50 percent from beyond the arc. One can only hope, but defense, not offense, has been their trademark this year (#2 overall). In the big dance, you also have to get hot at the right time.

RE:The upsets that are happening

You won't see Wofford play Duke. Duke is playing Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Happy?

Mar 20

K-State has "no chance" against Jimmer the Dribbler.

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