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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I wouldn't want to roll around on the floor of any locker room I've ever been in....

Life long Utah fan

Loved the game way to go kougs! I can't wait to watch you next week I got you deep in my bracket. And go new Mexico!!


BYU and UNM win! SDSU plays Tennessee close. UNLV loses to Northern Iowa? Where's a home court when you need one?


Florida plays in the SEC not the ACC. Still respectable. I'm sure you're a big basketball fan and that was just a typo. The 'A' and 'C' are on the same side of the keyboard as the 'S' and 'E'.

As one of the "few" BYU fans outside of Utah, ignoring all the people in my ward and the other 3 wards in my city which also include 2 or 3 Utah fans, it is releaving to finally beat an east coast team in a big game. Living on the east coast most people out here have no respect for any western school.

To all the Anti-Utah comments and generalizations: go after the haters. I don't mind that, but don't say all the Utah fans are that way. I'm friends with every Utah fan I know and often we watch the rivalry games together. It's all in good fun. It has nothing to do with religion or simply being better people than others or being better fans. Does anyone imagine Elder Holland or Elder Oaks ragging on President Monson after this game? Give it a rest.

What's all...

...the fuss about? Basketball is as boring as watching paint dry. It's a joke. All you folks getting excited over basketball need to get a life.

Nyer @ 9:45 a.m.

I think basketball is more exciting that watching paint dry. I think most humans agree with me, and by most humans I mean very, very, close to 100% of humans.

Whew! 2 OTs to Win!

One game in 17 years makes you the best! I'm impressed with the way the zoobs blew past Florida. And those who are talking about final four. . . . . . well no comment.


One and Done,

How Messed up Emotionally did BYU winning that game leave you??

I am a Ute

whose basketball team looks and plays like, well, I should not insult the Delta Rabbits, but here I go, the Delta Rabbits could beat this team, and look much better also. How about some new uniforms for the Utes folks...send them a donation as they languish while watching the Y move on in the NCAA playoffs.

Re; THEeyepatch

Where did you learn how to spell? The UofU?

@ What's all... 9:45

what color of paint? Don't throw out a generalization like that...I really like watching the red stuff but I would take basketball over plain white! Seriously, I am a Utah fan who graduated from Fresno State and roots for BYU when they are not playig Utah. I took a lot of flak for bad mouthing Trent Dilfer when he talked smack about BYU after the game his (and my) senior year. I just don't understand why fans of two schools that, in reality are very similar in academics, sports, and even demographics, have nothing but poison to share with each other...where is the love?

Fragile egos

There are only two reasons why non-BYU fans would even want to comment on an exciting NCAA tournament win for the Cougars:

#1 To congratulate the Cougars on a well-deserved win

#2 To try to minimize the win because of jealousy, hatred, and to protect their own fragile egos

True fans are #1

theEYEpatch and "one-and-done" are prime examples of #2

Wyo Fan

Congrats to the Cougars! Coach Rose is a class act, and he and his team deserve this win. Good luck against K-State.

BYU fans

When you spew hatred at your rivals how is that considered "bringing others to Christ" or the program is a "missionary tool"?

It's pathetic to see byu fans stoop to the level of Utah fans.

Remember who you represent.


I read nothing of Utah in the article yet half of the posts are about BYU v UTAH. As I blogged earlier..."great job BYU" and I mean it. It is so painful to watch the hate and ridiculous responses about a BYU basketball game. Utah wasn't even there so ignore them and big News flash...BYU won...give them props.

Incidentally there is a great article about Utah's NCAA and NIT national championship in 1943-44 and overcoming racial barriers - it is in the most recent sports illustrated.

Go AFA Falcons

Mature Utah Fan

On behalf of my fellow mature Utah Fans I want to first contratulate BYU. You represented our conference well.

Second, I appologize for the less-than-mature and jealous Utah fans. They will grow up some day.

Go as far as you can and represent the MWC and the state of Utah well. I for one will be cheering you on.

Final Four talk

It wasn't started by the Daily Universe (BYU student paper) or even the Provo Herald but by national sportwriters looking for a news angle. So far, courtesy of BYU, it's working for them. It could happen if all of BYU's 7 or 8 top players bring their "A" game. That's why they call it "March Madness."

This tournament is great...

..even small teams get a shot.

Sure wish Football did the same.


That comment is about as smart as saying "If Boynten wouldn't have played for Florida BYU would have won by 30." Duh Loyd played superb, but that's what he's done for several games now. We've come to expect that punch off the bench. If he and Fredette can play well tomorrow and we can get some kind of contribution, anything, from Tavernari and the 3 bigs (Hartsock, Miles and Davies) inside BYU might actually stand a chance against K-State. If it's just the Fredette/Loyd show though it will likely be a long game...and Ute fans will hit the comment boards proclaiming their basketball program as better than BYU's again, like they have all season. Whether it's 31-5 or 30-6 tomorrow it will still have been a far far far better year in Provo than up on the hill! But hey, go ahead and keep hanging your future on Boylen's coaching. See where that gets you.

The upsets that are happening

are crazy nonsense! Expand the field beyond 64? I say no, they need a BCS system! I don't want to see Wofford play Duke!!

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