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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wow congrats, you finally got a win in the first round after 17 years. Still doesn't mean much until you can advance deep in the tournament. After the way you guys looked against a team that should have been in the NIT, you won't go far. No worries, BYU has never been relevant in Basketball. You should be used to it by now.

Outside Utah Cougar

Re. Anonymous 131 p.m.

There are many BYU fans outside the state of Utah!


@Thank You Haters | 1:18 p.m. March 18, 2010
I sincerely hope that all of the "one and done" Ute Fans (aka Cougar haters) go back to their mommies crying their eyes out. They have suffered yet another blow to their fragile egos and immature emotions now that the Cougars won.

I don't know what your talking about crying to mommies. Is that what you do, anyway, a double overtime win against an unranked FOURTH best team in the SEC East. Very impressive, I must say, the bubble team gave the storied BYU Cougars a double overtime run for their money. And talk about immature emotions, seems that your attacking Ute fan because the Cougars finally won a game, GROW UP! Seems that your the one with the fragile ego, why else would you care what Ute fan thinks? Your exactly why I pick on Cougar fans, because you make it way to easy. All I have to say now is.... GO WILDCATS!


There are very few BYU fans outside of Utah.

Re: Anonymous | 1:22 a.m. March

If and when they expand the NCAA tournament to 96 teams, the Yewts will still be sitting at home.


That's fantastic!!!! GO COUGARS!!!!


I disagree. If they expand the NCAA tournament, the Yewts will definitely have a chance to make the NIT.

The Amazing Ute Fan....

The Ute fans continue to amaze me. The U basketball team is lousy. The U fan is lousy. Get over it Utes. BYU is simply better and has class.


To: Top 32 @ 11:15 p.m.
"Way to go BYU! You made the final 32 teams! If you feel this good after winning one game in the tourney you get a glimpse of what it was like for Utah to make the Final 4."

Way to go Utah, You finally went undefeated in football a couple of years ago and didn't win the national championship! If you felt that good after the season, you get a glimpse of what it was like for BYU to actually win a National Championship.

Give it a rest Ute fans. You didn't make it this year and the future is in doubt with your current coach. We embarassed you this year, so just get over it and hope for a better next year. If you want to live in the past, then everyone gets to live what they want in the past. The present is the only thing that matters.


Everyone is proclaiming Fredette as the second coming but truth is, if Loyd wasn't there, Fredette and the rest of the Cougars are watching the second round on TV.

Loyd was the player of the game hands down IMO.

Henry Drummond

Congrats to the TDS. Any win over the ACC is great for the conference.


Great game yesterday! Finally! And reading so many comments from Yewt fans is a reminder that Max Hall was right. And I agree with everything he said. Go Cougars!

Too funny

It's hilarious reading these comments from the whining utah fans trying to diminish BYU's win with their "logic" and whatever other reasons make sense to them (but to no one else). Their comments are absolutely DRIPPING with jealousy! Hey yewt fans are u guys and your clown coach and his team all enjoying the view from your couches? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Just lovin' it.

Go Cougars, best of luck in the next one against K State! That will be a tough game.


Great day to be a Cougar!

U of U Grad

I've seen some comments here about Florida being the last team selected to the tourney. While that may be true the implication is that this means they were the worst team of the 64 just because they were the final one picked. This premise is false.

The committee fills the top slots with the best teams and the lower slots with the lower rated teams who happened to win their lesser-known conference's automatic bid. This leaves the middle to be filled with the best of the rest.

Florida is a solid 20+ win team from a solid conference. The fact that the committee decided to include them in the NCAA tournament (instead of leaving them to the NIT) says a lot for that team.

Re: THEeyepatch | 5:35 a.m. Marc

Your fragile ego is showing

2 moreThan U

For what it is worth. KState played in the NIT last year and lost to SDSU by 18. Florida also played in the NIT last year and lost in the quarterfinals to the eventual champions Penn State.

We can beat KState. Go Cougs!

Re: Death to the Monkey | 5:07 p

Look out Yewts! The Monkey is looking for a new back to climb onto, and you are looking good. When was the last time you made the tournament? ...and last year doesn't count. If the Cougs can't count one-and-dones, you can't either.

Yeah, right

All the Cryin' Utes prophesying "one and done" coming back on here and saying "yeah, but it wasn't a good win, it wasn't a good team, yada yada yada" are just showing what poor sports they truly are.

BYU won, all games in the NCAA are good games, and it sounds like the utes are just jealous babies.

What about all of the #4's that get upset by #13's? Were they bad teams that should have won, or is it only the Cougars who you ever think are undeserving?

Yeah, right.

We won, you didn't even get invited. That's all.

Re: Utes still better | 4:41 p.m

You're team couldn't beat anyone right now now. They quit before they even took the court for their last three games. A coaching change is coming, and they know it.

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