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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good job

Good job Zoobs. Now act like you've been there before and stop running your mouths.

Better lucky

than sitting home!


is still pretty lame if thats the best you can ever do tds

Iowa Cougar Fan

Great win, BYU. Jimmer is AMAZING!

In contrast to many others on the board, I think BYU does has a shot at K-State. There are a couple of nice matchups that favor BYU. It will be especially fun to watch the guard play.

On a different note, I must congratulate Northern Iowa for a great game and win over UNLV. Voice of Reason, if you are listening, I hope you are big enough to congratulate UNI after all your trash talking.

Mar 18

I think Jimmer should dribble more.


Wow, all of the BYU posts seem to be obsessed with the Utes! Come on, enjoy your win. It's been 17 years, and 7 first-round exits since you won an NCAA game. Since that time, the Utes have played in 5 Sweet 16's, including a national championship appearance. And you've won exactly one tournament game. I think if I were you, I'd hold off on all of the trash talk until you've won in the NCAA tournament with consistency.

Voice of reason

I hoped you would comment...Yes, congrats big time. I didn't see the game, but saw the score. You called it. To quote Frank Barone..."Holy Crap!" Let's push for SDSU now...they look like they could use it.

Cougars Fan

Great win Cougars! Jimmer and Loyd were huge in this game. People who hate on Jimmer are completely clueless, he is an incredible player. If he decides to come back next season the Cougars will be very tough to beat again.

Hey 9:02

Hey 9:02, my question is why is a Ute even Reading the sports page right now?


needs to reign in Jimmer and pull him from the game when he goes into 1 on 5 mode. It is his responsibility.

We looked best today when Jimmer was on the bench. Florida is the worst at-large team in the tournament. We would have beat them by 25 if we had been in mid-season form.

The only way we have a chance against K-State is if Jimmer sits.


Great coverage by Mr. Winterton as always. Thanks for the images.


First - I'm not a Jimmer hater. I love good fundamentals. While Jimmer had a very good game overall, nobody can tell me that he doesn't hurt the team when he starts trying to do everything on his own. It causes the rest of the team to just stand around. He was trying too hard to draw fouls and as a result, he made some bad decisions at a pretty important time in the game. Hmmm, I am suddenly having flash backs of Karl Malone.

A good win for the Cougs. They need to be able to come up with an answer for K State's bigs. Very athletic. Rebounding is less about talent and jumping ability and more about desire and fundamentals. Good rebounding fundamentals unfortunately seem to be lost.

My suggestions:
Push the ball when it's there for you.
Show patience in your half court offense and pass the ball around.
Block out, block out, block out.
Play relaxed.

Good luck on Saturday.

After watching

TX lose in OT and NM nearly lose to MT, not to mention UNLV losing to NIowa and SDSU to TN, BYU does not look that bad.

In fact they are getting a lot of comments on radio in Houston.

I am not sure if Fredette decides to do it all himself because the offense gets stymied by the right defense or if he stops running the offense?

Loyd also was a one man show also. Donovan (FL coach) is very smart and made several moves to stop BYU. Rose did a good job of coaching and adjusting.

The BYU bigs HAVE to box out. If they get position they will do fine on rebounding. Hartsock played pretty well. The bigs have got to realize they are good enough, they belong. BYU plays a Euro style of ball. That can be a problem for teams used to a traditional style.

BYU appears to be a blend of the Jazz with their fast break and PHO with their run and gun.

It would really help if BYU actually ran the offense for more than a few minutes. The D was sporadically good.

Top 32

Way to go BYU! You made the final 32 teams! If you feel this good after winning one game in the tourney you get a glimpse of what it was like for Utah to make the Final 4.


all you want to BYU!

You deserve it!

And don't pay any attention to whether that bothers the juvenile little Utah fans who've been spamming your blog with their incessant "one-and-dones" all season long.

The BYU hater's sacred cow is dead.

Utah is now the most pathetic basketball program in the state.

Weber State Alum


What would happen if Byu actualy had offensive plays, played some defense and could rebound. They might be a real good team. Good for you to win. Jimmer is the real deal, but my heck, run some set plays involving all five players. I have heard of a box and one on defense, not on offense. You cougars really need a good coach.


With all due congratulations and respect to Coach Rose, why was Michael Loyd the #9 player on the team?


Congrats to BYU on the tough win! Keep hanging in there. KS is certainly beatable.

Good luck to Utah State in tomorrow's game!

re: Rose...

When you've coached your first Junior Jazz team to a winning record, maybe then, you'll be qualified to make an intelligent comment on Dave Rose's coaching.

Until then, please just keep quiet about when and how Coach Rose should use one of the best players in the country.


Only thing I can think of is he likes certain players and that's who he wanted on the floor, regardless of what others were capable of. I've seen it this year with Davies and Miles, Abuouo and Haws and Loyd and Fredette. Other players were better certain games and he either didn't like it or can't adjust as much as he should and took them out and didn't let them back in. Certain things happend that forced his hand in relying on new guys and they came through! Good for them and hopefully Rose will stay with the better group, not just the ones he thinks he likes on the floor.

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