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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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die hard

WOW!!! that was a great game and even greater win!!!
Looks like Jimmer may be able to make a check playing some ball!!
Those were no slouches guarding him.
Why do some of you respond to the EEWT stuff on these blogs??
Does anyone care what they think or say, REALLY???


You are classy, I hope Utah turns things around next year, the rivalry is so much more fun when we give each other a good fight! Good luck! Go cougars!


A win is a win and if we can do it again on Saturday then good for the Cougs. Should be a great game. K-St is good and I can dream a little more. That's what all true fans do. As for the haters, just keep on hating and predicting, who cares. Sure BYU may lose sometime but at least we are representing.

Lots of Congrats

on this board from Ute fans and Aggie fans. No Cougars seem to be able to read those ones though; they only seem to reply to posts they can find something to get offended at. Pathetic. Well congratulations anyways - to the BYU basketball team. Reading this board makes it hard to be happy for the fans, but congrats to the team. You guys played tough.


I have read the "lucky" comment several times on this sight. If the Cougs played that bad against a lesser team but still came out on top, just think if they played really good the next 5 games. You never know what could happen. One phrase to remember "It is better to be lucky some times than good". Nice job BYU. Good luck to you and all the rest of the MWC. Take it to the so called power house conferences.


Yes I am a Ute! Boylen is terrible and we need to revamp a lot!

BYU is good in a weird way. Fredette doesn't make ANYONE better and you NEVER have good post players. Your coaches are riding a wave and are lucky. Mark my words, if Jimmer scores 30 Saturday, BYU will lose by 15.

Oh, and you were SO CLOSE to losing this game in regulation and OT. You might walk tall and have the typical false pride, but you know you almost choked the game away, and the coaches should feel the pressure.

Ute fans

keep on proving Max Hall correct, and they always will

great game cougars

Coach Rose and BYU knew all you yewts were sitting at home on your couches before heading into work at McDonalds just waiting for them to lose so you can justify your awful team so they decided to let Florida catch up and take it into a couple OT's. No biggy, BYU wins and covers.


The fact of it is yewts, while BYU is winning in the tournament your team of slow, unathletic and worthless white boys lead by a fool as a coach are sitting at home wishing it was them. Green with envy and lack of class utes.

@I am not a Coug Fan

O no! we "almost" lost the game! gasp! O wait, we won. It doesn't matter that we "almost" lost.

That was so cute

Kewgs win in the 1st round. Awe so cute.

They have finally snapped their 17-year droubt. Cute.

Did anyone mention tney needed two overtimes to do it against an aweful opponenent?

So cute.

Get Therapy

Poor Ute fans. All they can do is watch the few Utah wins they've saved on the DVR, and Boylen's rant. And disguise their self-loathing with their criticism of a team that's on a whole other level. And pay $100/hr. for professional help. It's sad, so sad, to sit their trashing a team that schooled you, and is in the tourney.

Finally Done

In a round about way the 'Y' finally has beaten Urban Meyer. It's nice to get that monkey off our back too.

Urban who?

Being Cute (yewtie cewtie)

No, now cute is when a family gets their picture taken, walking along the beach, pants rolled up, barefoot in the sand, while the kids are shoveling sand into a bucket.

Sort of like I picture the yewt coaches right now, walking barefoot in the sand with the players running and splashing each other, Henderson hitting one in the face without their seeing it coming, Drca tripping one from behind, while the fans are shoveling something, not sand, onto these boards.

Thanks to "Utes4Ever | 5:07 p.m." for your compliment, and you're welcome for us not embarassing the conference. That was nice of you. And thanks to you yewts also for not embarassing the conference by being invited to the NIT or the CBI.

See, things are fun when they are civil.

It's fun being cute, I guess, as you break Florida's 12 game win streak, and prepare for the second round of "Big Dance". Wish you yewts were here.

BTW, what is a droubt?

I know this. BYU has won a game in the Tournament. When is the last time the yewts won a game? How many years now? 5?

Sorry for your cutelessness...


RE: #1


Please no more airport celebrations for another 1-0 team.

Congrats to BYU but please lets not get carried away about final four talk.

What is almost losing?

What is almost winning? I looked it up at ESPN, and CBS Sports, and it's not there.

It seems they only keep track of wins and losses.

And there was no mention of "lucky wins"???

Joe Paterno once said "I'd rather be lucky than good".

I wonder what lucky is. Did BYU win and find a quarter, meet a cute girl, or pull the 6 on the river to make a "gut-shot" straight?

Both teams missed shots. Were those that BYU missed bad, and Fla missed "lucky"?

Wou;d you Ute fans run home now. Your moms are calling.


We keep beating Utah, they keep barking.

Hey, Bar-B-Que at my house, then we can all watch the game on my Big Screen HDTV!!! Because our season is still going!!!

Everyone who has posted is invited!


"RE: #1 | 7:11 p.m. March 18, 2010

Please no more airport celebrations for another 1-0 team."

How about three parades for a football team that beat a 4-8 UNM team 10-7? Can we do that, because we need utah's permission, because they got dem selves da class. See the suit dat Boylen wers. He was married in dat suit.

And Holmoe was not equating the win to a Superbowl. He was equating the wait-time for a goal to be reached.

Serious, yewt fans are a dense group.

Provo Airport

#1 | 5:12 p.m. March 18, 2010

"It is great to be a Cougar! 'U' fans, this is what it feels like to be in the NCAA Tournament and to be owned by your arch rival!"


Simmer down Zoobies, its only one game just like OU last fall.

Why is it that the Zoob nation now measures success as winning its rival?

3 of 4 and 7 of 8 is meaningless if Utah has #2 ranking and Sweet 16 during that period. I don't think any Ute will trade that for 3-2 in Vegas and a 1-4 in the dance.

Congrats to BYU but reality check is Saturday for reference see FSU @ LES.

Eating crow.

I am a lifelong U fan, and yes...I am eating crow. I honestly thought the Y would lose this game, especially at the end of regulation and during the first overtime. I don't know why I watched the game...it's kind of painful to watch the cougs have such an amazing season, and now to make some noise in the big dance. ESPN was going wild over Jimmer, although I would say Loyd was the real hero.
As for my Utes, I really thinks its time we let Boylen go. I just don't see our program going anywhere over the next handful of years. In the meantime, I guess I'll pull for the conference.
Here's to the MWC!!!

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