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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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BYU is hardly considered the dominant 'sports' program in the state...

Only in the last 5 years has BYU basketball shown consistency and been a regular Top 25 team.

And the U went to the Dance last year, if you remember back that far.

When the Y is going to the tournament every year and winning 1-2 games each time, then we can talk about some form of consistency. Dominance requires the body of work that teams put together over long periods of time (like the U from 1992-2004).

just remember...

30 win season!!! Sweet!!!!


Congratulations cougars! That was a great game. Keep up the good work and continue representing the MWC.

to Todd M.

The only thing more classless than a typical classless yewt fan is a typical classless yewtah fan pretending to be a BYU fan. We all know BYU will lose to K-state. Two and done sounds a whole lot better than "almost .500"

It's ok though, you guys are "rebuilding" huh?


Well done cougars

RE: Max Hall wannabes

Jimmer hates you too!

Utes still better

Stop the shouting. You won one game. Pretty weak if you celebrate after that. You're just barely better than the Utes this year - during a rebuilding year. We would have beaten Florida too


A win is a win, but the team has got to play defense to advance any futher.

Two comments???

From the same guy about haircuts?

A mowhawk is fine. Just looking and begging for something to slam an emerging star about.

Let's just be happy he didn't trip an All-American from behind, or smack someone in the face...

(wait, that was a different team that represents well with returned missionaries, and class, and all that).

NCAA, ya take the win and keep going.

ball hogging

I'll take Jimmer ball hogging and an NCAA tournament win any day of the week over the entire Poote season. Hey Poote fans? if you were watching. BYU wasn't the only team to squeek by today. a W is a W. Prepare for K-State and see what happens.

Yewt whine

"BYU should have beat them by more." "BYU got lucky". "Double Overtime?!?!"

It's the NCAA Tournament!!!

My favorite run to watch was back in 1983, NC State with jimmy V, Thurl, Whittenburg, Lowe, Charles, etc. son the close games all the way to the title.

6 North Carolina State 69
11 Pepperdine 67

6 North Carolina State 71
3 UNLV 70

6 North Carolina State 75
10 Utah 56

1 Virginia 62
6 North Carolina State 63

E4 Georgia 60
W6 North Carolina State 67

W6 North Carolina State 54
MW1 Houston 52

Ute fans, just go back in your holes while BYU keeps the W's coming!


Utah fan here ...

I hate swallowing my pride like this, but good game. Jimmer's wicked cross over to step back and nail the 3 point shot is nearly indefensible. Lloyd come through when most of the team was panicking. And Florida was no pushover.

Thank you for not embarassing the MWC and getting that 7 game 1st round losing streak monkey off your back.

K-State will be tough ...

Death to the Monkey

No more Monkey jumping on our backs!!!!


I've heard it said, and have always believed, that BYU 'is' the University of Utah. As good as it feels to get that Gorilla off our backs (17 years) it feels even better knowing that the 'U' is reeling in jealousy. The tide has turned and the cycle now favors the Cougars.

Great to see Kenny, Digger and Vitale giving tons of praise/props to Rose and his courageous band of Cougars, over on ESPN. With the Cougars owning Utah anymore, it's only fitting that they knock off K-State then finish off their Final Four push in, are you ready for this, Salt Lake City.

It is great to be a Cougar! 'U' fans, this is what it feels like to be in the NCAA Tournament and to be owned by your arch rival!

Stay tuned.

Re: Yewt Whine

Interestingly there was one game in there that was not close.

6 North Carolina State 75
10 Utah 56


Utes still better | 4:41 p.m. March 18, 2010
Stop the shouting. You won one game. Pretty weak if you celebrate after that. You're just barely better than the Utes this year - during a rebuilding year. We would have beaten Florida too
I guess if you consider winning 16 more games (and counting) barely better and loosing by 20 on your home court then you know something I don't.

Re:re:re: Aggies we beat u

Who said anything about hate????? They spout off and we can spout off right back...it is called talking smack. And if YOU are so offended by it don't come on our boards.

I totally agree with the person calling you a hypocrit. Your title is really trying to rub in our face. I like USU but it is fans like you who make me want to cheer against your team. Don't ever think you are better than us until you come and play on OUR home floor....after all the U beat you didn't they.....

Seattle Stephen

Being the last in the tourney doesn't mean being the worst team. Florida might have actually been the last team selected as an at-large team, but (for example) they're better than the automatically qualifying WAC champion.

Florida is a decent team, no doubt about it. Anyone who says otherwise is simply a hater. Top 25 team? No, probably not, but a very good team anyway. BYU did a good job beating them. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. They're just jealous that their team is busy eating Twinkies and watching the NCAAs from the couch instead of from the court.


I am very glad the "one and done" mantra is now dead and gone. The 800 lb monkey/gorrila is off the cougars' backs. For the last 17 years I kind of related with Chicago Cubs fans.

I prognosticate that since the monkey is now dead, the cougars will actually play much better in round 2.

The next game is against a very good Kansas State team that ranks in the top 10 on offense and defense. The Cougs will need bring their A game, but Kansas State will need to bring their A game as well. The fact is simply that both teams are very good.

BYU vs. Kanasas State could be the most entertaining and exciting game of the tournament.

It would behoove all MWC fans to actually root for BYU, UNM, SDSU and UNLV. The MWC is and will continue to be compared to the "major" or "big" conferences. We, as a conference, have an opportunity to open eyes and hand teams from the majors their backsides on a silver platter. Think about it.


Tar Heel fan

My Carolina tar heels are history for this year,
but will enjoy watching those sky blue BYU uniforms as they continue to pull off exciting games.

Go Big Blue BYU

Who cares

WHO cares about the Aggies? They are so starved for attention that they nip and nip and nip until you just want to turn around and kick em in the face.

Bottom line is they are the WAC and BYU (and Utah for that matter) is the MWC. Two different conferences, two different worlds.

I could care less if USU wins or loses.

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