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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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we have a great coach, he went to the final four when he played...in fact, he was in the championship game. you can coach so much the rest is up to the players. yeah!! go byu!!!it was fun watching some rm's running around out there hooping!

RE:Utah Fan

No neener neener at all. The call out was to the hundreds of Y-Haters who have been chanting "one and done" relentlessly for weeks now.

Even if BYU loses on Saturday the new chant will be "two and through, where were U?"

Uath fan

The UTES are better than b.y.u.


Although Emery's three pointer was huge, I think he is being negatively effected by Jimmer's "ball hogging." The thing I loved about Lyod today was that he wasn't worried who had the ball, or if anyone was hogging the ball -- he flat out took it to them whenever he got the ball. The efficiency of his touches were huge. Emery could improve his game by not thinking so much (obviously my opinion) and following Lyod's aggressive example.


There are some fans (or maybe trolls) that are really strange. They slammed Max Hall all season long yet he ended up one of the best QBs in BYU history. They slammed John Beck his whole career yet he is good enough to be in the NFL and now they slam Jimmer who is the best player at BYU since Danny Ainge.

He scored 37 points and shot 50% had 2 steals 3 assists and a block. If you think that is bad then you know nothing about basketball.

Also, it was a lucky game - for Florida. They played probably their bast game of the year and still lost.

Chris in Texas

Wow! Fantastic game, Cougars! Good luck Saturday.

Portland Coug

Fantastic game. Sweet victory. Some observations:

First, major props to Boynton from Florida - he really played out of his mind today. He left it all out on the court. Without him, Florida folds up with 8 min to play and loses by 20.

Second, Fredette is clutch - I just love to watch that guy play. I wish he was more comfortable with his mid-range jump shot, so he wouldn't be so focused on drawing contact when he drives. A few 12-ft pull-up jumpers would actually lead to more contact when he actually does drive inside.

Third, without Loyd, BYU doesn't win today. Pure and simple.

Fourth, unless K-State can either shoot the lights out from 3-point range or they have a dominant big man, I expect a very close game on Saturday. Should be another good one.

GO COUGS! It feels nice to have the Queen Mary off our backs.

Why does JT even play?

If it isn't obvious by now that JT is as bad as Miles than Rose is clueless. Freddy, Lloyd Jr., Emery, Hartsock or Davies, and Haws is the lineup to get things done.


In the second round in 1981, #6 BYU played #3 UCLA.

The biggest difference 2010 BYU will have to face is that 1981 game was played on a truly neutral court on the East Coast, far away from BYU and UCLA.

In the second round in 2010, #7 BYU will play #2 Kansas State in Oklahoma City, only a few hours drive from Kansas. Not only are the Kansas State fans in Oklahoma City, but the Kansas fans as well.

The Cougars will have to deal with a raucous Kansas State crowd as well as a very good Kansas State team to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

The Cougars are good enough to beat Kansas State, but they're going to have to play their best game of the season to beat the Wildcats.

Sure is quiet...

...up here at the U.

re: Utah fan

your right! At Womans gymnastics. At Football and B-Ball, not so much. But that's OK. Mommy will read you a nice bedtime fairytale later, about the little utie that could.


THe problem is you have to play Kansas State. BYU squeeked by florida who I think was not that good this year. Surely not the florida teams of the past.

re: Uath fan



As a former Utah resident now out of state and as an alum of neither school, I can honestly say I cheer for both BYU and Utah. I missed Ainge's dash in '81 (mission) but stood and screamed at the TV when the refs robbed the Utes in '98 (remember Mottola's "charge", anybody?) The rivalry is quite a spectacle--and the way the fans go at it is kind of like watching UFC--nasty, violent and I LOVE it! Yes, it's a game--and the whining and bickering back and forth (by a minority, I think) is a wonderful, vibrant part of it. Mom, if you don't like UFC, change the channel!
Now, as for the Cougs, go for it and give all of us a thrill Saturday--but I think it will need to be more than the Jimmer dribbling show then. By the way, his defence was a big factor down the stretch today, it you were watching.

re: Typical COugar

"Now I know why anti-depressant use is so high in Provo. You can't even just be happy for your team. You turn everything into a BYU v Utah arguemnt. Can you say "insecure"?"

Umm I think it was the Utah fans bashing the Y for "squeeking by" that turned it into a Y/U argument

Most of us Y fans are happy about the win - but if you want to be insecure AND bitter - that is your deal, not mine


Very nice. Great, exciting game to watch. Loyd Jr. and Fredette performed some great hoops action. Congrats on the end of the "one and done" curse.

Ball hogging

Without Jimmer's "ball hogging", BYU wouldn't have gotten past Florida.

Did you ever consider that it was Jimmer's "ball hogging" and the effort that Florida was putting into stopping Jimmer, that opened the door for Loyd?


The current utes team couldn't win the WAC.

Vegas Ute

Way to go Cubers. It did my heart good to not see you get knocked out in the first round like usual.

I'm still a Ute but I'll give you prop's.

Remind me again

A "W" is a "W" and an "L" is an "L"...

That's the way it is, win and you play, lose and you go home. That's right Mr. NONE AND DONE, who went into his hole real fast.

To those of you watching from your couch (The Utah coaching staff, players and fans), the NCAA tourney brings out the best of every team, including Fla. and their twelve game win streak. Those Fla. players gave everything they had, and came up short.

BYU has a great team. Now they can focus on winning games.

Jimmer is a stud. I wonder how many nights Kobe, Michael, et al. shoot 50% (not comparing players, but shooting percentages).

What a fun season, what a fun four years not to be a yewtie cewtie with all their slogans and smack, and only one win on the turf to claim head to head.

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