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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Great excitement, Cougs!

The best coach lost today

We have average coaches. Rose almost laid an egg and got bailed out by players making plays. After FL called time out we had nothing special while FL went inside and got back in the game.
Even though we are average in coaching, this is a great win and good luck next game!

Re Striker

You do realize that Florida didn't make the NCAA tournament last year. The 12 wins in a row would sound really impressive if they had been there last year (which would mean they were the last one standing). That team that had 12 wins in a row is gone. You beat a team that was in the NIT last year


Funny how all you Y-haters are referring to a 10 seed as "the last team to squeek into the tournament" and "had no business being in the tournament." There were #11-16 in 4 different brackets all lower seeds than Florida. What are you saying, the selection committee jobs the seeds? No, couldn't be.

By the way, with that #136 seed in the West bracket the Utes are will on their way back to the Final Four! At this rate you'll be there when Rick Majerus' Great-Grandson is your coach! Keep it up.


Congratulations to BYU! You showed the national your mentality is strong! The game is so entertaining, I loved it! Double OT? No problem! We just WIN!

Nice Try

USU was one of the last teams in. I heard it straight from the head guy. There are some classes losers out there. First, you watch a team cheering for them to lose, then you go and post random stuff on their blog, and then you wait to see who comments to try to think of more negative stuff to say. You people are definitions of LOSERS! Seriously, be men and grow up. A simple congrats is good enough, or is that too hard for 4 year olds?


BYU will beat Kstate with no problem. All the hype and
jitters are gone. Jimmer will go for 30 plus.

Todd M.

Now we have the toughest game behind us, the Cougars will cruise to the Final 4. At that point, we should be tested but we will prevail. When's the downtown parade?

Thanks Utah Fans

After all of the one-and-done spamming from some very juvenile Utah fans ever since the season began, BYU fans have every right to vent a little.

That said,

Thanks to the Utah fans who are classy enough to put aside the rivalry long enough to congratulate the Cougars on a well-deserved victory!

Texas Cougars

If Florida was so bad, why were they not ranked 13 or worse? A win is a win, in OT, Regulation or 2OT! Not a fan of the hate among the Utah schools, but wins by the Mtn West teams in the tourney are good for all the teams in the Mtn West. Go Lobos!!

3-2 zone by K state

If they try and play the zone they are playing against N Texas against us in the second round I predict good things for the Cougars.

Nice win Y

but K State is going to roll you big time. Florida is a bad team and you were lucky to win.

Yo Jimmer, don't you have any confidence in your team. Pass the freaking ball dude.


I don't understand, I cheered for O of U when they went to BCS bowls, and now, when BYU is in the Big Dance, all the Utes fans act...classless... is it really because of the education differences?

Ute fan

I am I big Ute fan, but I am still glad that the Cougars Won. Good Job!

BYU's lucky???

Lucky is having a horrible outside shooting team play the game of their life from beyond the arch. Coming back from thirteen is lucky...

to all the BYU haters (angry ute fans). When you win in another sport besides woman's gymnastics this year, than you can talk smack.
Are you so hateful that you can't root for your own conference?

"one and done" is a closet cougar lover, just wishing his team was good at something...


To all|1:04 p.m. March 18, 2010
the utie prognosticators that predicted defeat, what do you have to say now? Where's the "one and done" chant now? BYU is THE dominant sports program in the state. Football (remember 3 out of the last 4), basketball (we go dancing and the U doesn't), what a great time to be a Cougar. I can't wait to read the brainless comments that will pour forth from the little uties who only want to try to be as good as the TDS. I'm sure they'll make Max Hall's comment seem even more appropriate. LOL!!!!


Defintion of dominate over the last 5 years:

BYU: 3 of 4 to 3-2 in Vegas AND 7 of 8 to 1-4

Utah: 2-0 BCS with higest non-AQ team under SOS rules AND 2005 Sweet 16.

Utah fan

as a lifelong Utah fan I attended two holiday bowls and rooted for BYU because a) they were our neighbors, and b) what is good for the conference is good for everybody. I don't see that kind of fan on either side of the rivalry any more. Utah fans (those who post here anyway) seem rabid and immature while the BYU fans seem childish and petty. A game won by the conference used to be good news for all in the conference...and a loss to the conference hurt us all. Now it seems more important for us to destroy our in state rival on and off the court or field, than it does to win and develop as players, and have fun. The first handful of post game comments were not cheers for the win but BYU fans trying to call out Utah fans for a giant "neener neener". So sorry that was all the joy you could derive from this win...it should be good for so many other reasons.

Who's we?

"Even though we are average in coaching,..."

Who's we? Utah troll!

Coach Rose is one of the best coaches in the country -- as soon as this season is finished and Coach Rose has the required five full seasons of coaching under his belt, he'll move into the Top 10 of winningest active coaches based on percentage of games won.

Average coaches don't win over 75% of their games.

Only a clueless fan would even think so.


Donavon is the most overated coach in the tourney he can't win with his own recruits.

Elite Eight

Time will tell if this is the best BYU Team ever. If Virginia hadn't had Ralph Sampson BYU would have won in 1981 and gone on to the Final Four, this team has everything that the 81 team did. One more and it is Sweet Sixteen in SLC and I sure hope any Utah fans at the E-Center will root for the Y! Just because I cannot stand the Utes in MWC games doesn't mean I didnt root for them in the Sugar Bowl or when they play in any non-conference games. The way this turned out may be a blessing in disguise and tested the team. I expect and hope they come out on fire and put away K-State early...BYU fans will also have the support of Kansas fans since they HATE K- St.

Go Cougars --> Final Four

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