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Published: Friday, March 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That should read "Winning is everything", not "Winning in everything".

Yewtah Mentality

Our team has stunk for 5+ years but we used to be good, therefore, since your team stunk 5 years ago but this year you ate our lunch, we're better than you.

Huh???? Gotta love that Yewtah mentality!

Note to Y Haters - Give up the history thing. We know you USED to be good. The Sacramento Kings USED to be good. But you're not now. Nobody currently in BYU's basketball program was even around the last time Ewe were good. We're talking about today. BYU's BB program is far superior to Utah's TODAY. Im sure Boilin' will fix that though, right? ha ha ha ha ha Good one.


Funny how the DN censor posts anti-BYU comments and blocks the same comment directed back at the ankle biters.

Since when

does winning margin mean anything? Where is the rule that you are a lesser person, team or country except you win by a certain margin?

Who sets the margin? The haters? Bad idea that, from the postings on this site.

Hard to root for

The Cougs after the display shown on this comment board today. Yeah, you won, your school got a 17 year old monkey off its back good job! But you barely squeaked by a Florida team that was one of the last if not the last team selected into the tournament, and the way Kansas State is playing the team will be home in time to make a 9 am Sacrament meeting Sunday morning, so enjoy this one win. And further more, just because there are "BYU Haters" doesn't mean they are all Utah fans, I know plenty of fans from other schools that don't like BYU because of its fans and I can't blame em. And lastly, you don't need to remind Utah fans their team stunk this year, we are already aware of that, and reminding us makes us dislike you even more.

Day of Upsets/Tough Games

Not a good day for the higher seeds. All are having challenges - some have lost. Was ND overrated. How 'bout Nova - a 2 seed?

Good to see the BYU survive.


Sweeeeeet! Great game Cougs! Anyone complaining about Jimmer needs to go look up his FG%!!!!


Dear "one and done" commenters from the past 2 - weeks on every bball-related article featuring the Cougs or MWC . . .S-H-A-A-D U-P! And don't ever write in here like that again . . get a life!


It was close. However, it the NCAA tournament. All the teams are good and capable. I expect a lot of close games. Just ask 'Nova.

I hope the Cougars can come out a little bit looser for the next round. We can't miss those easy shots under the basket. Gotta figure out how to keep the opponents off the offensive boards.

It was good to see Lloyd step up again. Haws looked like he was ready to take that role also. And Jimmer... Wow! He does force some shots, but I think he's also looking for contact and an opportunity to get to the free throw line.

And foul shots... It would have been sad to choke this game away from the line in OT.

But... hey, the Cougars pulled through! Let's do it again Saturday!


As you can tell I am not a BYU fan. But I will have to admit that I cheered for them in this one. The better the MWC does in the tournament, the better the recruiting for the conference in the offseason. We need to put two teams in the sweet 16.

UNLV has the worst chance as we would have to play the #1 team in the nation next round. I like the chances of BYU and New Mexico right now. I watched K State play earlier this year. They are a good team but beatable. As far as San Diego State. Fisher is a bad coach. I don't think they have much of a chance.


Well, I see we have the usual number of ten-year olds posting. I wish everyone could just grow up. It's so sad when people can't just be happy for a team of guys who worked hard and won a game.

Go Cougars!


Jimmer is one of the top 10 best players in college basketball right now. He may be the best player in college basketball when it come to the ability to score from anywhere at anytime. He makes some bad decisions with the ball but he has the ability to score every time down the floor. Even about Wall you can't say that.

Where are

all the "one and done" comments? Ute fans have nothing to cheer for, so they just hate on the BYU. Shows that Max Hall was right on the money. Come on Ute fans, jump on the band wagon there's plenty of room even for little uties who want to imitate and be just like the TDS. LOL!!!!

Haters Are Sad

So, all you got to say is the Cougars were lucky to win??? Wow, you haters are pitiful. You can't just say, "Wow, Florida played a decent game because it's March Madness"? Too bad you're hatred blinds you. Good game, Cougars! Time for the upset that K-State's not suspecting. Wahoo!

Don't bag on Fredette

He is the difference and the entire team knows it. Watch the game, get educated, then start commenting. Oh and by the way, Utah is also one and done, but now it is the MWC.

Lucky? ... NOT!

Any win in the NCAA tournament is a good win

#7 BYU beating #10 Florida 99-92 2OT GOOD!

Already today

#6 Notre Dame lost to #11 Old Dominion 50-51
#2 Villanova barely beat #15 Robert Morris 73-70 OT
#4 Vanderbilt lost to #13 Murray State 65-66


#3 Baylor only beat #14 Sam Houston St 68-59

That's four teams seeded higher than BYU who failed to produce a more impressive win than the Cougars did over the Gators (in fact, two of them LOST!)

BYU's defense stopped Florida in regulation and the 1st OT, then the Cougars outplayed the Gators in the 2nd OT to earn a well-deserved win.

Come on

Be Honest cougar fans, you were all thinking one and done as your beloved Cougars choked away a 13 point advantage!!! All that aside, good win for BYU and the MWC (it is about time) I do agree with Idaho coug, I think Jimmer has recently got a sever case of Tavanaritous, (jack it up whenever, whereever and hope it drops. I hope he gets over it soon!!!!


Everyone knows Utah didn't make it to the Big Dance this year. Why must the Y dwell on that? Focus on your team

re: Capt. Smash

Go climb back into that hole you crawled out of Utah troll.

Typical Cougar

Now I know why anti-depressant use is so high in Provo. You can't even just be happy for your team. You turn everything into a BYU v Utah arguemnt. Can you say "insecure"?

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