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Past actions should not detract from legislator's service, speaker says

Published: Thursday, March 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I applaud their efforts.


You applauded him just AFTER he admitted this crime. You applauded the criminal.


you can make mistakes, move on and still serve. what is wrong with that? everyone makes mistakes. this was a serious mistake, a gross mistake...but if he did his job then applauding that is fine - are you people so stupid to suggest that they applauding his crime?


All we need is another closed-door session. Thanks guys--That really helps your credibility. Are you giving all the privileged few a secret password or do they have to use their Captain Midnight Secret Decoder Ring to know the exact location of your meeting?

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! We're (the public, that is) not welcome as can be!


The truth

I do not know what there is meet here about,


Maher said herselgf they DID NOTHING.

And it all happend in private, 30 yesrs agao, so NOT even a lewdness midismeanor may even apply.

it is all long after the statute of limitations have expired.

so even if you possibbly file a lewdness charge it could and would not apply,

and all happen 30 years ago!

they dis NOT applaud him for addmitiing some follish behavior,


they applauded him for his years service in the senate,



Clark specifically asked Garn to stay in the legislature before he led the applause by saying "We hope you will remain with us." He can spin this as much as he wants but, David Clark's speech said the wrong things and the standing ovation was outrageous. I will not be voting for any Republican incumbents this fall because they are ethically corrupt and the handling of the Garn confession is proof of that.

@ In truth

Where did you get the idea that Garn broke no laws? Although he and Maher both say they didn't have intercourse, Garn almost certainly broke the law by giving alcohol to a minor and then taking her to a hot tub joint where they both got naked in the tub together. To make things worse, she was not only a minor, but was his employee. Although Kevin Garn may have later changed his ways and become a great guy, there's no question but that his earlier conduct went beyond simple "mistakes." I feel sorry for him, but I don't pretend he's innocent.


Nice work, Speaker Clark. I was listening on the web when you led the ovation for Garn. There was nothing but admiration in your voice for him — and you failed to condemn his actions.

It is no coincidence that the live audio feed of that presentation is not on the tapes accessible at the legislature's home page. It was a public speech given on taxpayer's time and yet it is gone. I wish the public could hear it. Clark's tone with Garn was literally effusive.


To "The Truth",
I must assume you didn't graduate from law school persistent to the grammer used in your statement. What he did IS illegal when it involves a CHILD. If he had been locked up 25 years ago when he should have been there would have been no public service to applaud. The rest of the criminals in the State Prison System weren't given 25 years to try and amend their mistakes. The law is the law - and we need to protect CHILDREN. I believe Clark should step down as well - let him join Garn!!!

GOP Lobbyists

ARe you going to let Dayton, Curtis, Walker, et. al into the meeting? After all, the are HEAVILIY invested in Garn and the outcome of this tragedy.

Corrupt Legislature

What a mess! I am not voting for my representative in the legislature after seeing his picture in the DN taking part in the standing ovation. Everyone keeps calling it a "mistake". It's much more than a mistake. Young teens cannot consent to back rubs and hot tubs naked with men who are 30! We have laws against that. I'm happy they are even meeting to discuss this big PR problem. What a bunch of hypocrites we have in the legislature. I'm sure voters will not forget the DUI and the hot tub ovation when they are at the polls next election.


I hope that in the wake of this meeting they issue a strong statement against Garn's actions, and harshly critizing themselves for the raucous applause and standing ovation. It was despicable. I hope Garn and Maher can both get the closure they need from this incident.

What I want is for the legislature to apologize for their actions (standing ovation). It was wrong. Garn's admission took no courage. He was forced to confess because Maher produced proof (Garn's emails).

If you want to thank him for his service, do it privately, after publicly condemning the action (not necessarily the man) and calling for him to resign. I encourage all to write their representative and express your outrage. The state publicly lists their emails, which can be found using a simple internet search.


As well they should. Their actions were inexcusable. Giving an enthusiastic standing ovation to a man confessing criminal activity with a minor is not worthy of such applause. I hope they will now have the courage to admit they were wrong, apologize for not calling on Garn to resign, and promise to enact real ethics reforms. Without such a promise, I will be signing the Ethics petition currently being circulated.

John Pack Lambert

In the published transcript of what Garn said provided by the Deseret News there is no mention that he or the "girl half his age" were nude.
I am not saying this to dispute it, I fully realize that since then it is pretty clear Garn has admitted that detail.
I am saying it to point out that the reaction to what Garn said has to be considered in light of that fact.
I still do not understand the standing ovation, but we must scritinize based on what the people knew there then, not based on what they know now.

Bookend disaster

This year's legistlative session will life in infamy, regardless of what bills they passed. Open with a Killpack DUI and end with not only Garn's confession, but with the legislature's botched handling of it. Hopefully these guys have a wake up moment in their little meeting and at least publicly critize themselves, even if it will be less than sincere.

@john Pack Lambert

That's all fine, as long as they now demonstrate the correct behavior- harsh criticism of his action, and sincere apology for their own mistake.

Just what we need!.

Nothing like a closed door meeting to plan the best possible reaction that will score the most political points (does the GOP need political points in Utah?)


at this point I'm not sure an apology would really mean much. First impressions are hard to replace- they would need to convince me that the meeting was out of a sincere desire to correct action, rather than a political calculation to score points.

Only 6 days?

Hard to believe they didn't hold out longer. Seen if the media and public dropped this issue. Maybe they actually think they made a mistake in applauding him.

Time will tell.

@Trowe | 7:50 p.m.

They must have gotten quite a few calls to force them in to this meeting.

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