Comments about ‘Mormon church gives first lady Michelle Obama volume of family history’

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Published: Wednesday, March 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Thank you to ALL those who spent their time,effort & engery on this GIFT! Including the writter of
This articale! I appreciate these kinds of pieces & would hate for the negitivity to stop them from being
Written again! Offened or not, it was a wonderful loving thing to give to their family!
Just some food for thought! Found some inspired words,religious or not!I think 'beliefs'can be said for 'actions' too.
“When WE do not do what is right or when
OUR OUTLOOK is dominated by skepticism ,cynicism, criticism & irreverence
toward OTHERS and their beliefs,the Spirit cannot be with us
We then act in a way that the prophets describe as the natural man."
Robert D.Hales
Loud mouth Dee

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