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Published: Wednesday, March 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is why I want one of my children to become president, so their family history (and mine) will be done by professionals.

Good Job Mormon church!

What a neat thing for the church to do. I really admire Harry Reid. What a wonderful man from small town Nevada, schooled at the college in Cedar City, UT, a mormon and a democrat. I am so pleased to see an LDS person who is a high ranking democrat who cares so much for people and health care reform. These articles help bridge the divide between the parties and show that the church has members who support not only President and Mrs Obama. More respect - less hate.

John Pack Lambert

To the 11:45 commentator,
The White House stated it was a private event and that is all they are going to say. Mrs. Obama has chosen to not say what she thought of it. It is much better for a reporter to admit that a person said nothing than to guess what they thought.

John Pack Lambert

To Hans,
If they started this project at the time of the election, it could well have taken this long. If it had started at the time of Obama getting the nomination, it could have taken this long.
For African-Americans like Mrs. Obama whose families have been in the US for many generations, it often takes quite a bit of looking to gather information. Many of the most useful records would have to be sought out at multiple locations, others would have to be found by looking through censuses and paying close attention to who lives by who.
If you want to do something right it takes time.


It's nice to read a positive news article, and this certainly is one!


Best article today. That's really cool the LDS church has done this for them. Honestly, I'm an atheist, so our beliefs are quite different, but I thank the LDS church everyday for it's massive and extensive geneology. I found out my great grandfather was an lds missionary and I have lds roots. It's nice to see a nice gesture like this. Hands down the lds church has paved the way and continues to in geneology.


Hey Hans, have you ever thought that the people who prepared Michelle Obama's genealogy didn't just snap their fingers and poof -- a genealogy all ready to go? Perhaps they didn't give the genealogy at the same time because they were still working on it. African-American genealogy is rather difficult to do and requires intensive research.

Shawilli -- reread the article and think to yourself, "hey, all of the quotes are coming from Sen. Reid and none from the church." Yes, that's right, the free publicity came from Reid's office, not the LDS Church. The church did this as a courtesy, not for free publicity.


We should give Mrs. Obama a break. She may feel it would violate separation of Church and State if she made a public statement about the gift; or she may not want to give free PR to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for some reason (after all, there aren't too many Democrats among LDS voters).
Maybe they are trying to make a break from all Christian religions, after the Rev. Walsh fiasco. I read that they have not attended any church since Obama won the election, although they did take their vacation during Ramadan, whatever thay may mean.
Pres. Obama has referred to "my Muslim religion" on more than one occassion, so maybe they are trying to return to his Muslim roots, and fear it would offend the muslims, to make public her interactionsd with other churches.


To Moracle: My goodness! That's a lot of supposing.
To most others: I agree with "Please". Politics is not even involved here. It is a great gesture of good will that the LDS Church has done for several U.S. Presidents. As I recall, there seemed to be a lot of political bantering when the LDS Church gave President Obama his genealogy, as well. Too bad.

E. Klinche

Seems nice.

Good job.


Boy...the things you people come up with...LOL..!


I want to know why the Brethren are devaluing credibility by hobnobbing with criminals like dirty Harry Reid and other Obamunists. Reid and Pelosi should be doing time for illegally twisting the sacred constitution, making bribes, kickbacks, secret meetings, back room deals. All under the guise of "we just wanna help you". Shame, Shame, Shame.


i agree with JanSan it sounds like michelle obama was not even impressed with the absolutely awesome gift of VOLUMES of geneology... that is a tremendous amount of work, dedication the LDS church members put into such an extraordinary gift! maybe we are being mislead right now because the reporter doesn't have all the facts, but i sure hope michelle realizes and understand the value of this amazing gift...BTW i am an obama fan and voted for him, this is disappointing in the First Lady... God Bless the LDS church which is truly an instrument of peace and doing a wonderful job of enlightening the world.


to em-- that's a perfect reason for wanting one of your children to be president! love it. what could nicer than getting your family's geneology handed to you on a silver platter from the prominent geneologist themselves, the LDS church!

to anonymous atheist -- very gracious of you to compliment the LDS church, you are an exceptional example of an honest to God good person!


Atheists are good people...so are agnostics. I do genealogy and I think it is wonderful that the most prominent genealogical library in the world prepared her genealogy. Why can't we simply respect the fact that there are people of differing opinions?

Eleazar U. Ikpegbu

This is great and wonderful. The Church is for every one. Both high and the mighty and small and down. The family record presentation to the US first lady is a good one. The church is true and I know it will all my heart.

Don White, Windermere, FL

Hans may have never done genealogy. For hundreds of years it has been nigh on to impossible to do Black genealogy. But the Mormons, who have some black members, when they became available took old military records - many yellowed, in an almost unintelligible pen scratch - and formed a unit to read these. They took, say nine people. Each read the record and they actually, in some cases, had to vote on what the paper said, it's that difficult. Then they may have come down to two versions of a word or a sentence. Then they narrowed it further with many people reading the same words. Finally they came to a consensus. That is how difficult doing genealogy can be. Original records were hand written. Not everyone had perfect penmanship, even in military or court record offices. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should be congratulated for undertaking such a terrifically difficult project. Had Obama become president thirty or even twenty years earlier, his and Michelle's records would not comprise five volumes - maybe only one. Three cheers for the church - and for the Obamas for wanting to know their ancestors.

Judy McKinstry

The church gives these books to all the dignitaries and I am so glad they do so that if they are prompted they may also do more geneology. There are so many families who are looking for people so by giving the geneology to people like this they may be able to help us find more if they enter names that are not in the books. I am glad they continue to do this as finding our family members is so important to me.

dee CO

WOW you guys can seriously get worked up!!!
I'll give it some of you tho. Now, granted these are
THE most photographed and interved presidential family in
American history! They have had PR storms for a beer and
Are on my TV more the Weather. So they both (at either delivery)
should have taken a moment to say thank you and a photo for history!
Besides for this perpuse but for their own family momeries after they leave DC
But come on,let's not kid ourselves here. We all know
the church still freaks a lot of people out! Its possible she didn't
know how to handle it without upsetting other people! They are also well
Known for that aswell!
So yeah, her press secratay should have advised her more
Appropriately. But all in all it was a gift.
Q? Its the "beer summit" Guy a professor of genealogy or somehow conected with
Genealogy .com?
As a side note:
And ANY african american history is extremely difficult to find let
Alone compile consistante information! So amazing work to who even worked
On this project!
If it helps THANK YOU!

Dee, CO

Ps.please search the archives.
When President Obama was given His genalogy there was articale given.
Where you can see a lovely pichure of him as well as President Monson and others.
I believe in the oval office. So focas on more important issues then a photo or quote.
Please! However, in that Articale his is quoted as follows:
Said Obama: "I enjoyed my meeting with President Monson
and Elder Oaks. I'm grateful for the genealogical records
that they brought with them and am looking forward to
reading through the materials with my daughters.
It's something our family will treasure for years to come."
He sounds greatful to me! But read the hate posted at the end
Of that artical.... I don't know if I would have said much either
and I am proud but newer member of the church myself!

Seriously settle down! With love! Dee

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