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Published: Wednesday, March 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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So what did she think? Who gives a care what senator Reid thinks. Article was lacking.

George B.

That is great! Every one should know more about their family history!!

What in tucket?

I see it this way: every human being that ever lived if only for a few minutes is important in the scheme of things.

re: um

Did it occur to you that because this is an LDS Apostle, maybe the reporter couldn't get all the information he needed right then, and wanted to get the news out?

In this age of "I need this now" information, I'd be willing to bet that we get more information as soon as the reporter gets it.

Hope she saw Welfare Square

I hope she got a chance to visit Welfare Square or the Humanitarian Center. That's where the really cool stuff happens! Blessing lives all over the world every day, regardless of religion.


To "Hope she saw Welfare Square" at 1:05 p.m. Read the article!!! It was presented in the WHITE HOUSE. Unless they have a Welfare Square or Humanitarian Center in the White House, she would have to come out to Utah.


That is great that the LDS CHurch did this for the President's family.

Monsieur le prof

The Church did not use this as a photo-op, but as a gesture of respect to the First Lady, behind closed doors. If she wishes to reveal how she feels about the gift, she will do so.

I would think and hope that she would be genuinely pleased. Those volumes represent a large amount of time and effort. I don't remember her husband's response to the same gift back in 2009, but I haven't checked the archives.


What a wonderful gift. Why the delay? It should have been done at the time they took office. But at least they finally got it.
It is wonderful to see the hard work of Brother Reid and the currant administration in bringing the United States into the current century and cleaning up after the Bush/Cheney mess.

Senator from Nevada...

I like the Senator from Nevada. Hmmmmm. I am a graduate of... and world traveler... and grandfather... and combat veteran. Sane and sober.

I like Harry. What's the problem? Is he tooooo independent? Does he support the President?

oh my gosh, that is shameful isn't it. tsk tsk


I also would like to know what her reaction was.

Wheras I realize that this is not a poto op for the church.. still it is a lot of work that went into this and I think that out of common respect she should at least acknowledge the gift and say thank you to those who worked so hard on it.

From the way the article was written it makes it sound like she is not really that impressed with this gift.

re: eddie

I thought the White House was Welfare Square.


to re:eddie Loved your comment. It made me choke on something I was eating.

RE Hans:

Cleaning up after the Bush/Cheney mess will look like a picnic some day looking back. The mess being created now may be impossible to clean up.

Senator from Nevada.....da..

What's wrong with Harry Reid?

How about #1 he does not REPRESENT those that voted for him.

#2. Pushing what He and his Party want down America's throat, when they don't WANT IT?

#3. Nudging America closer to Socialism.

Get a clue.


Yes, the White house being welfare sqaure was quite hilarious.

to JanSan

The article was written based on what may have been a slim report from the participants on an even that just happened (today?). There is nothing in the article to indicate--or even hint--that the First Lady didn't thanks those involved or that she did not appreciate the gift.

And as for the newspaper reading public, no one needs to provide a press release to the public to indicate how that person thanked others for a gift. If I receive a birthday gift, I am obliged to thank the giver directly. I don't need to announce my feelings to the world, "Dear World, I want you all the know that I thanked X and Y for the gift they gave me."

This is just a tiny little article based on scanty info. You need not assume the worst. Of late, we have become well aware of how much of the story the DN sometimes misses or leaves out.

@Senator from Nevada

1 - Reid IS representing those who voted for him. He's not representing you. I doubt you voted for him.

2. Many people (like me) are against the current health care bill because it does not go far enough. BUT...if it's the best we can get right now, I'm for it. I AM INCLUDED IN THE "DON'T WANT IT" Republican polls....wrongly attributed.

3 - You have no clue about socialism. But I'll be thrilled if you deny all government income (SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, fed/military retirement, etc). Tell your parents YOU are now going to pay their medical bills, because they are "socialists".


I guess it must have been a slow news day at the DN, does anyone really care if Michelle Obama got her family history handed to her? I for one was not.I am much more interested in news that matters to more than just the Church trying to get some free publicity and make a real impact in more lives than just Michelle Obamss.


it's a nice story about a nice gesture of good will. All of you politicos need to just give it a rest.

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