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Published: Wednesday, March 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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There is a very simple way to verify this. Check you healthcare coverage compared to last year.
Did you recive MORE coverage?

Or less?

If less, then something is wrong with our current system and needs to change.

Thank you Obama.

This is good news!

We're shouldering more of the financial burden for fewer families. That's the way it should be. That's why fewer people pay more taxes, and more people receive free or low cost benefits. Let's remember, just because people in UT failed to pay insurance premiums, they were NOT denied healthcare. We should be proud of the fact that as a state, Utah is showing the rest of the country how it should be done. Now, ON TO OBAMACARE!!!

Socialism Save us

I guess this means we either have to go to socialized medicine or die when we get sick.

America great

I thought the US had the best insurance in the world. I guess the lies the GOP have been spreading don't match up to reality.

mostly pay more/ expect lee

"Utahns paying a lot more for much less....."

Paying a lot for much less.

This certainly applies to HOUSING.

Rent is RIDICULOUS for what you get.

(Who are you landlord bloodsuckers?? Someone told me some supposedly "faithful" Mormon retirees who have 'rental properties' are some of the worst abusers of sticking it to/bilking young couples and young families--and then blithely explaining their predatory ways with a smile, "whatever the market will bare".

And some prices for homes are equally ridiculous.(And I'm sure greed is the explanation here too.)

Milk, on the other hand, is a real bargain.
(Dairy Farmers/Dairy distributors: A+
Greedy Landlords/Greedy home sellers: F)


Watch, people are going to protest this AND protest any goverment changes on healthcare.



On top of what this story reports is the fact that many of us who DO have insurance have been switched over to high-deductible plans. So we are paying more in premiums for less coverage. For example, my husband, who works for a Fortune 100 Company, has $400 a month deducted from his paychecks for insurance, and then we have to pay $2800 out of pocket before the insurance company pays ONE CENT in claims. So unless we have a big chunk of money saved up front, one trip to the emergency room will put us in debt on top of having to keep paying those premiums. And then we have to pay 10% of the next 10,000 in claims, for a total liability of $3600 a year--on top of the $5000 we pay in premiums.


And Utah cries louder than anyone other state that that's EXACTLY what they wanted!

No to HealthCare reform!!!
(sarcasm, off)


We have Americans being sold on voting against their interests by slick propagandist playing their fears.


Hey Anonymous - have you read the healthcare bill? No, you haven't because they won't let anyone read it! Do you know what it does or how much it costs? No, you don't. My healthcare insurance is better than last year with no cost increase My insurance company offered more choices this year. I of course, get up everyday and go to work and I have never thought the government could do a better job taking care of me (and my family) than I can do myself!

NO Thank you Obama!


I knew we would finally hear that we need no health care reform of any kind- I am sooooo glad the Utah Leg. and our Utah federal legislative group is protecting us from reform- I am glad I pay more for less- this is what captilism is all about- sell at the higest price you can for the least product and enjoy the profits- oohhhh wait maybe that is what we call a market failure- wake up- wages have been stagnant for the average Amewrican family since the mid 1970's and your buying power has been erroded by health care costs more than anything over that time but you insist on voting rich and living poor- very sad when our health outcomes in the US are equal to most developing countries but our expenses per person are almost twice as high as any other country- no reform needed just keep it as it is- thank you to both of our far sighted senators- 3 representatives and almost the entire Utah legislature- ohhh wait do they get publically funded health care- yeap and they are doing nothing to stop that- wonder why????

healthsavings account

We increased our portion of our health savings account to $6,000 this year, this will probably be the last year we can do that. Any one who did not take avantage of health savings accounts while they had the chance were fools. If you still have a job your taxes will put you in the poor house. Get on the pell grants program that is coming with this bill, because you will be far better off in school than working, if you are lucky when you get your degree, you may be able to bribe your congressman into getting you a government job. For 70 years in India, the only good jobs were with the government and the railroad, bought with big bribes. You can bet the US will have at least 50 years of cannibalizing the wealth of the country. Any bureaucrat will be the top of the heap.


Obama's health reform is not socialized medicine - just in case that's what you meant. In socialized medicine, government pays for ALL care, pays the providers and runs the hospitals and facilities. I'm from the UK, so know what socialized medicine, our system there, is all about.

Republicans like to characterize any attempt at health reform that is pro the American people as "socialized medecine", because of American fear of socialism and communism


'Report: Utahns paying a lot more for much less health insurance'

I choose to see this as:

'Report: Utahns paying more for much less health insurance, BEFORE goverment healthcare.'

So, in conslusion, we are paying more, now, before Obamacare.
I choose to see Obama's healthcare plan as the solution.
Not more of the same problems we are faced with.

No Government

Wake up people. Yes, the health care system needs to change, but not with a public option!!! You may not pay the insurance premium, but you will pay for it in your taxes for years and years to come. Look at the long-term, not short term. Deal with Tort reform, that would save millions in administrative costs for health insurance. Oh wait, many politicians are attorneys, so they would never do that. CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Obama's plan is a joke. Less government please!!! I have lived many places in world, and trust me, our health care is the best. What does the government run efficiently? Very little.

re: PCCitizen

My work-provided healthcare is undergoing more premium increases, larger out-of-pocket maximums, and a shrinking list of services/medication being covered.

I get up everyday and go to work also, to my Utah government job. And am sick of watching insurance companies make money hand over fist by continually increasing costs to us.

Being healthy is not something you should have to put a price on.

A true public option is the only tool that will ever add enough competition to stabilize these costs.

Thank goodness a President finally has the fortitude to try and start the process of saving healthcare for the middle class. Because we all know that Republicans will do anything in their power to end any and all healthcare reform.


Anyone in Congress who opposes health reform, given cost burden to US & abuse of taxpayers & small businesses by unregulated health industry, is not voting with head or heart, but politics.

@ PCCitizen

I am so glad that your world is so perfect and you have no need of the occasional helping hand.

I sincerely hope it stays that way for you and that all of your children are equally lucky.


...your buying power has been erroded by health care costs more than anything over that time...

According to a prediction by the healthcare insurance industry, by 2015 $1 out of every $5 you have will go towards healthcare.
And this is BEFORE Obama's goverment option. Not AFTER.

Hey PCCitizen -

Um, actually, if you know how to use the search engine on your computer, you can find both the Senate version of the healthcare bill (H.R. 3590) and the House version (H.R. 3200).

You can also do searches on the U.S. government, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives websites to see what the bills say.

But - if you actually bothered to do the research and look at the facts, what would you have to complain about?

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