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Published: Wednesday, March 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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coach Whitt.....

I can't wait to see the Utes this year.

They have a great schedule and I think they will have a good team.

It's always interesting to see how the coaches shuffle around players to new positions - it seems to have worked out well so far.

Go Utes!!!


Very strong chance of going to our 3rd bcs game this year. This time it will be for a real national championship too, something the tds can only dream about. I'd say we have at least a 50% chance of going undefeated. Guaranteed we end the season ranked in top 10!

Go Utes!!

I 2nd That....

I believe this team has a strong chance of going to a BCS game! It always happens on even years like this year. Mark my words 2010 BCS busting again! It happened in 04 and 08 plus we have TCU and BYU coming to town which is a huge advantage unlike the odd years like last year the Utes played at TCU and at BYU. Can't wait til' they beat Pitt! GO UTES!!!!


Washington is pretty great.

I played against him in a BYU summer camp my senior year, and he absolutely disrupted our offense at safety. He is crazy fast, with a great first jump. Some of BYU's coaches (including Bronco) saw him during the game, and immediately went over and talked to him after the game.

I was really happy when he signed with Utah and I'm excited to see how he develops.

Go Utes!


I have no doubt we will be player for a third BCS bowl this year. The question will be if we can get a chance at the national title when we go undefeated again?

GO Utes


The only third number that the u will be playing for, is 3rd place in the MWC again.

"a work in progress"

Everyone knows what it means when your coach says "it's a work in progress", right?

Utah Mann

To my fellow ute fans: Let's just take it one game at a time fellas.

We will let the Y fans proclaim national championship after game one (ie last year after Oklahoma game).

One game at a time, nothing more, nothing less....


Ernest T. Bass

No doubt utah will be the best football team in the universe this year because last year they were so...dang...awesome.

Big Ben

Are we still in March? Sigh.......I can hardly wait for football! We should compete for a conference crown. Remember 2007? Everyone was telling us how our secondary would be no good because we were replacing Weddle and Evans etc. Well, we had RoJo, Joe Dale, and Sean Smith step up big time, especially in the latter half of the year. This year should be similar. We have the athletes. Get them on the field and we will be fine.

Too Much Early Talk

Isn't it a little early to be talking an undefeated season, BCS game, and a national championship? Especially after the coach uses words like "work in progress", "Baby Steps", and "Needs to come along". I hope the Utes are good this year, but stay grounded and real!! We haven't won a single game this season yet.


To: Too Much Early Talk | 4:02 p.m. March 17, 2010

I agree. Early talk of a BCS is left to tds (Quest for Perfection). Utah is grounded in reality and mental toughness - one game at a time mentality. We are the Utes not the Cougs. One game at a time folks.


Holy fire people. Stop with the early talk. You sound like a bunch of cougar fans. How about we lay off the pre-season national championship claims shall we? Leave that to the zoobs.

It's Okay!

You can keep talking!....Nobody CARES!


I agree that we as Ute fans should continue to excited about the possibilities but take it one game at a time.

Leave the delusion and boasting to the Kewgs.


This time of year isn't nearly as difficult as July for me. Serious withdrawls coupled with fall camp in the near future.

I love the talent the Utes have, and how the schedule sets up. It certainly is in the realm of possibility for another run at a BCS game, but to predict it is a jump. So many things have to break your way to go undefeated that predicting it a dangerous business.

At this point, based on players returning, how things broke down in MWC conference, I would guess the Utes would be favored in 10 of their games, possibly 11 depending on Notre Dame. TCU I would think would still be given the nod over the Utes at this point. But given who BYU is replacing I think Utah would be favored over them, at this point.

That being said, I look forward to it being played out on the field.

Go Utes.

nervous ute fan

Our schedule is favorable, I love the way Whit reloads. I am very nervous about our upcoming D.

Go Utes!!!


They will have the defense ready. Saw a practice last week and it is no joke. The coaches know what they are doing.

uh wee

Saw practice last week, and let me tell y'all, they look reall good..the defense (o-line vs D-line) battles are just like a watching a train wreck..the hits are vicious..they get after one another..I feel sorry for who they get get out the gate...

Enough Talk of NC

Preseason is BYUs time of year... Let them print t-shirts we need to focus on game one.

Go Utes!!!

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