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Published: Wednesday, March 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jack H.

Funny, When liberals complain about your programs, You tell us to change the channel. But if its something that offends you, anyone who likes it must be dumb or lacking IQ? Maybe its time to take your own advice.


beautifull succesfull people look down on the rest.PC- edness has not caught up with making fun of werewolves,vampires and demons. and They have to ridicule SOMEONE. you can still make fun of hilbillies,rednecks and fat people but George Lopez,Enrique Englesias and Larry the Cable Guy take care of them folks so its getting pretty hard to make fun of real life-gotta start making it up


Again... Do you actually report NEWS stories? Absolutely ridiculous.


"Funny, When liberals complain about your programs, You tell us to change the channel. But if its something that offends you, anyone who likes it must be dumb or lacking IQ? Maybe its time to take your own advice. "

These words and this criticism come from a conservative newspaper. :-)

To Rich | 8:03 p.m.

"Again... Do you actually report NEWS stories? Absolutely ridiculous."

Rich, are you speaking about Scott Pierce, the TV _CRITIC_? He's paid to give his opinion, not report or write about the news. This is a review on a TV show. What are you talking about?


Double digits? Cool, I'll probably like it then because I'm comfortably in the triple digit lane.

Hey 7:49 poster

Since when is Enrique Iglesias a comedian?


it's a TV show.
Scott Pierce has a right to his opinion.
Even if poorly written and inarticulate.


What a useless review. It's graphic and vulgar, so don't make your grandma watch it...

I, as the rest of the world, think it's funny and beautifully drawn.

double digits?

An average IQ is 100, so a person with a double digit IQ is below that mark. If you're going to insult a person's intelligence for their taste, at least be accurate.


This show isn't for you. The rating on the screen at the beginning of the episode would have told you everything this review did, but without bringing down the rating over on Metacritic based on it not conforming to values not held by the audiences for which the show is intended. Criticism is not about whether you were offended. On its most basic level, it's about what a work sets out to achieve, and whether or not it succeeds. As a review, the work on this page fails miserably. The reviewer is unprofessional in his approach and unwilling to get past personal bias. He makes no attempt to actually identify what the work sets out to achieve. Obviously working with one of those double digit IQ's he seems to prize so highly.

Poor review

I aggree it's not the best show ever, but this review is unfair. Clearly this guy just doesn't like shows that use this type of crass humor. Thats fine but it's like someone that hates movies, writing a review of the new Halloween.

Disappointing that metacritic included this waste of time.

Comic Book Guy

Worse. Review. EVER!


Get some taste you jerk.


I could care less about the crudeness, but the jokes are lame. Just a bunch of puns. I think people are getting fooled by the artwork, thinking that they must be watching something funny like "Super Jail," but that show doesn't resort to puns or pointless references, like chewing a piece of "Skin-A-Burst," or having evil Harry Potter show up for no reason to jack with a guys elevator ride. It's just a weak show and there isn't a whole lot there.


Little strange, but kind of like it.


i happened to have animated on that show and take great offense in the fact that you chose to straight out attack "Ugly Americans" rather than give it an actual review. i expected better from someone working out of Utah. well...not really. your type of close-minded, up-tight, hate-anything-that-makes-fun-of-religion thinking is EXACTLY what i expect. grow up. you're not going to like everything thats on tv, but you don't have to attack it.


Scott, you have no taste. What's more, this review stands as evidence that you lack the ability to cover for your own prudish squeamishness with real criticism of the show.... Oh, it's lame is it? How is this level of writing allowed at the Deseret News? I don't look to opinion writers for simple up/down snap judgements based on an inability to cope with somewhat edgy material. This review should be viewed as an absolute embarrassment for anyone affiliated with the Deseret News.


Ugly Americans is fantastic! Its on comedy central... were you expecting an Andy Griffith sensibility? This is why I'm glad I live far far away from Utah.

Colin Hankins

This is the most out of touch review I have ever read. I get that the show may not have been this guy's cup of tea, but to totally bash like this because you don't get it or it says something you dont agree with is just being a bad critic.

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